Devin McInnis, Full-stack Developer in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Devin McInnis

Full-stack Developer in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Member since July 20, 2021
Devin has 8+ years of experience on the front end and back end and 3+ years as a technical product manager, growing the largest GitHub integration to a $5 million seed round. After starting as the third engineer hired at Axiom Zen (Dapper Labs, Cryptokittes, and NBA TopShot) he was part of the founding team at ZenHub, where he was a technical lead and product manager for five years. Devin leads by example as an independent and accountable contributor with project and team management experience.
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  • ZenHub
    Product Management, Agile Project Management, Backlog Management...
  • ZenHub
    JavaScript, Node.js, React, CSS, Webpack, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Chrome API...
  • Axiom Zen
    JavaScript, Node.js, Client Management, Express.js, CSS, Front-end...



Vancouver, BC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CSS

The most amazing...

...accomplishment of my career was building an MVP for project management within GitHub and scaling it into ZenHub, a profitable company with 200,000 users.


  • Senior Product Manager

    2019 - 2021
    • Managed the product backlog for three multidisciplinary teams distributed across six international cities.
    • Led development of the web app, browser extensions, and on-premise product for SMBs and forward-thinking teams within Fortune 500 companies.
    • Defined and established product design and development processes built around iterative, Lean software development principles and collaboration with customers, stakeholders, and executive teams to deliver impactful results based on company KPIs.
    • Improved system response times by 65-90%. Performance improvements included rebuilding internal APIs, developing caching strategies, and addressing scaling issues.
    • Prioritized upgrades based on severity, customer value, and business importance.
    Technologies: Product Management, Agile Project Management, Backlog Management, Product Roadmaps, Webflow
  • Lead Software Engineer

    2016 - 2019
    • Built and managed a team of six engineers, including hiring, Scrum meetings, 1-on-1 professional growth, thorough code and quality assurance reviews, and technical solution architecture.
    • Owned visual development of web and browser extension platforms within GitHub’s native UI. Pitched the idea and led a front-end refactor from Backbone.js to React, increasing developer productivity and technical onboarding by 30%.
    • Led the development of a payments dashboard and license-governance gateway for user accounts based on the Stripe API to provide invoicing, discount administration, and user management.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, CSS, Webpack, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Chrome API, Git, Express.js, TypeScript, REST, API Integration
  • Software Engineer

    2013 - 2016
    Axiom Zen
    • Joined Axiom Zen as the third engineer and fourth team member and scaled the company to 60+ people. Established culture initiatives and created the foundation of company values and processes.
    • Managed technical development of seven products and six launches. This included leading UI development of mobile and desktop web apps across a team of 12 developers for Timeline, which was #14 on Apple’s Favorite Apps of 2015.
    • Set up operations for a new satellite office in Santiago, Chile. Hired and established the initial team of eight while winning access to the StartUp Chile accelerator program.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Client Management, Express.js, CSS, Front-end, API Integration


  • ZenHub

    ZenHub is GitHub’s largest, developer-friendly project management tool for software teams. ZenHub adds product roadmaps, Scrum and Kanban boards, and a suite of powerful Agile reports generated directly from real-time GitHub data.

    As part of the founding technical team, I moved quickly into a technical lead role overseeing the majority of features, including payments, account management, the entire reporting suite, and developing the UI and its interactions.

    Later, I transitioned into a product management role where I redefined the product's core personas and managed releases of major features. These features included a product roadmap powered by GitHub Issues and automated cross-team workflows through Kanban boards, eventually leading to a $4.7 million seed round.


  • Languages

    CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, TypeScript
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, Chrome API
  • Tools

    Git, Webpack, Google Analytics, Ghost, Figma, Notion
  • Paradigms

    Agile Project Management, REST
  • Other

    Product Management, Backlog Management, HubSpot, Miro, Front-end, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), API Integration, Product Roadmaps
  • Frameworks

  • Platforms

    Mixpanel, Webflow
  • Storage

    MongoDB, PostgreSQL


  • Certified Scrum Master
    MAY 2018 - PRESENT
    Scrum Alliance

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