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Fahad Murtaza

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress Plugins Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Toptal Member Since
October 30, 2019

Fahad has been developing software since 2003, gaining expertise in LAMP and, more specifically, WordPress. He has also worked with Zend and Symphony framework and is currently focusing on Go and Python. Fahad has provided solutions using a number of JavaScript technologies including Node.js, Angular, React, Ionic, and Flutter.


Pantheon, jQuery, JavaScript, Optimizely, Go, React, Docker, Node.js, WordPress...
Python, Node.js, Angular, Go, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, SQL...
Property Finder
WordPress, Symfony, Zend Framework, HTML, CSS, Docker, MAMP, LAMP, PHP...




Preferred Environment

PyCharm, WebStorm, Android, iOS, PhpStorm, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've developed was the website for Stanfield Real Estate.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2013 - PRESENT
  • Created new features and optimized existing focused on quality work and better test practices. Wrote tests, which helped our clients grow their business.
  • Worked with MEAN stack and built iOS applications using JavaScript technologies. Also did extensive WordPress development.
  • Completed 300+ projects in testing and software development.
  • Facilitated a data-driven approach to scaling and business growth by writing A/B, split, and multivariate tests.
Technologies: Pantheon, jQuery, JavaScript, Optimizely, Go, React, Docker, Node.js, WordPress, PHP, WordPress Themes, SQL, Python, iOS, Android, WordPress Plugins

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017
  • Engaged as a full-stack engineer developing software with Golang, Node.js, and Angular.
  • Contributed to the microservice-based architecture comprised of many services.
  • Developed with Angular and other front-end technologies.
  • Migrated some of the code from AngularJS to newer versions.
  • Developed the new features following biweekly sprints. Worked as a full-stack software engineer working on a distributed architecture supported by microservices.
Technologies: Python, Node.js, Angular, Go, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, SQL, WordPress Plugins, React

Software Engineer

2014 - 2015
Property Finder
  • Refactored the legacy code and cleaned up the old interfaces to create modern and responsive ones. Designed a new blog for all countries.
  • Developed the back office with Zend and a number of front-end technologies.
  • Removed the old legacy code for all countries, took the lead on two of them and migrated from v2 legacy to a standard v3 code.
  • Collaborated with DevOps to make the development better and improved the new developer onboarding experience.
  • Developed the front end for the back office single-handedly based on visual help from the graphic designer.
  • Integrated the front end with the back end code and APIs on multiple countries' websites.
  • Created Property Finder's blog with a new design used to date.
Technologies: WordPress, Symfony, Zend Framework, HTML, CSS, Docker, MAMP, LAMP, PHP, WordPress Themes, SQL, JavaScript, WordPress Plugins

Software Engineer

2010 - 2013
Research & Development, Oman
  • Developed apps on LAMP architecture.
  • Worked with different platforms and CMS systems delivering customers CRMs and CMS.
  • Contributed to various client websites based on the ideas around information architecture.
  • Worked on Brand Oman's CMS which allowed them to manage different brand identities to be used as STandards throughout the country.
  • Worked with Drupal CMS and expression engine.
  • Converted graphics into working apps.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, LAMP, WordPress Themes, SQL, WordPress Plugins

Stanfield Real Estate

Worked on the full stack of the website and developed multiple tools to help real state agents close deals worth millions. This went on to get a million dollars in funding and started a new company. I am proud of what I did here.


JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, Python, Go, BigMachines Query Language (BMQL), TypeScript


NPM, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, Optimizely, MAMP, Adobe Illustrator, Zend Debugger, Photoshop 2018


WordPress, WordPress Theme Design, MacOS, iOS, Android, Docker, Pantheon, LAMP, Drupal 8


WordPress Plugins, Software Development, WordPress Design, WordPress Themes, Gravity Forms


Node.js, React, jQuery, Google Maps, Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API, Google Maps JavaScript API 3, Google Places API, Google Civic API, YouTube API, WordPress API


Angular, Symfony, Django, Zend Framework, Symfony 3



2002 - 2007

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering

Comsats Institute of Information Technology - Pakistan