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Gökhan Arli

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Web Developer

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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July 23, 2017

Gökhan fell in love with web development when he moved from desktop apps to web development and was able to fix problems in a few minutes and deploy in another minute. Customers and end users were pleased with his agile way of work. Since then he's been working with startups and corporates—helping their vision to come to fruition step by step and by keeping them in the loop constantly.



Preferred Environment

Git, Linux, MacOS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Heroku, Trading

The most amazing...

...thing I’ve done was to architect an app in Rails 3.2 (to write the core components in Rails 4+) and to lead the Spanish team in completing the project.

Work Experience

Web Developer | System Architect

2004 - PRESENT
Sylow Web Development
  • Architected a knowledge base system.
  • Migrated the code bases from Rails 2/3 to Rails 4+.
  • Created shell websites using APIs from payment providers, content providers, and traffic providers.
  • Wrote and designed test frameworks/suits for a big Java migration project.
  • Created a reusable core for new web application.
  • Trained new team members and reviewed their code to keep them up to date with the technologies that we were using.
  • Migrate Rails apps from 2/3 to Rails 4.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Haml, Ruby, Capistrano, Unicorn, RSpec

Web Developer

2003 - 2004
Hotel Concepts
  • Developed a 1-page web app working in IE.
  • Created an integration with the Delphi API and supported API.
  • Implemented features and fixed bugs in Delphi.
  • Created a test suite in ASP.NET for the API.
  • Supported a POS system with our software.
Technologies: Delphi, ASP.NET, Classic ASP

Application and Web Developer

1999 - 2003
Elsevier Bedrijfinformatie
  • Developed publishing software in Delphi.
  • Built an eCommerce website in ASP to sell our published products.
  • Created internal tools to speed up workflows interacting with Microsoft Word.
  • Developed an application for external clients to use our forms interactively with MS Word.
  • Trained my colleagues on web development, including Perl and PHP.
Technologies: Classic ASP, Delphi

Maintaining a Legacy App

I came on board to maintain an existing Rails application. They needed:
• Updates how their PDF invoices generated
• Update how their Elasticsearch plugin works
• Creation of an alert system to notify the owners of anomalies

Razor Scooters

Razor has internal web apps to manage its content and documents.
I performed the following:
• Upgraded the apps from Rails v3 to v6
• Upgraded their PDF document creation using Prawn:
• Updated their background jobs, added notifications
• Updated their UI and used Bulma

Anonymous Client (via Toptal)

This project started as an upgrade project from Rails 3.2 to Rails 5. This company built a bridging SaaS between high schools and universities in the USA. At that point, I had upgraded a few Rails projects, so they wanted me to upgrade their libraries and Rails.

It was supposed to be a month-long project, but they were pleased with my work, so they hired me full-time to work on the website/project.

I was writing custom code for new clients as their needs could not be fully automated, even though we had a base level automation for student sign-up, course registration, reporting, and invoicing.

Anonymous Client (via Toptal)

A client came to me asking for a feature for their already successful web application. Their senior developer was busy building a payment system and their feature request was to build attachment upload to S3 with JavaScript for their messaging system.

I built it with my favorite JavaScript library, DropZoneJS.com. The only challenge was that they were using Rails 3.2 but that was not an obstacle in the end.

AroundYou (via Toptal) | Troubleshooting

The client had a project consisting of building several microservices with different Rails versions; there were few bugs and timeouts.

I cleared out all their tasks in Jira, one by one, from SEO redirects to JavaScript calculation errors to server timeouts.

Google My Business API and Facebook Pages API (via Toptal)

I was asked to build a feature to integrate Google My Business, but I refused after seeing the current codebase because it would have been a wasted effort to build a feature for an unstable core. They also asked me if I wanted to develop the whole app from scratch and add the Google My Business integration.

In the end, I built the web app, and we developed it until the last phase, which was the implementation of themes with a UI designer working on them.

1bid1.com | eCommerce

I installed payment modules for this project, including cryptocurrency payments, direct-to-seller, and credit card processing. I also updated the UI and designed a database for transactions/orders. My final contributions were the creation of PDF invoices from the HTML templates on Heroic.

Innovation Factory | KPMG

I was hired as a senior developer to build the base for the new version of PIT. I migrated the new framework (Trailblazer) to the core of the latest version.

Our current stack includes Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, S3, background workers, and Elasticsearch.

Truefie SaaS for Photographers

I joined the project as a senior developer to finish the work they had been doing since last year.

The codebase was mature, but they wanted someone to quickly finetune what was left to make the web app meet production quality. I also mentored a junior developer.

Sound Toast | A Collaboration Platform for Musicians

This is an online platform for amateur musicians where they can work together remotely to make music.

I worked on this project as an architect and developer. I managed the HTML5 and Flash team. I also developed the back end in Rails, using services for it to be able to access the APIs.

Fitmo | Personal Trainers

This is an online platform that facilitates personal trainers to connect to their clients, create training sessions, and track them.

We used Heroku and Backbone.js for the responsive design. We also used Resque and Redis. Our platform had an API for the front end and mobile devices, and we could separate the business logic from the front end.


We worked on the mobile websites at Govannon and built APIs to connect to the payment providers, content providers, and traffic providers.

We also started building the APIs, so we would be able to create shell websites that connected to our core app. We used various technologies in addition to core Ruby, Rails, Redis, Sphinx, and others.

We run our system in several countries, and it supports multiple languages.

Center Parcs | Pierre Vacances

This was a migration project, and I was the lead developer in creating the test suite for the web service so P&V could handle the booking for Center Parcs on their website. We used Rails 3 with MySQL for this project, and I also implemented scripts in SoapUI.

Several .NET Projects

I built several websites using ASP.NET (C#). They share some functionalities, so they are categorized together:
• Crkbo (URL: Crkbo.nl)
• Beloningsmonitor, front-end work (URL: Beloningsmonitor.nl)
• Delongingsmonitor (URL: Debeloningsmonitor.nl)
• HR Select, front end (URL: Hr-select.nl)
• Convoy (URL: Convoy.nl)

My responsibilities and the technologies that I used:
• Built a CMS for admin and members.
• Built a membership system.
• Used the MVC framework to separate content from business logic; I also used XPO: ORM mapper.
• Rewrote IIS modules for SEO-friendly URLs.
• Implemented a web service to collect data from third parties.

Trust ID

I built a reporting tool so that we could follow a user's states and statistics. I also integrated a simple ticketing system and built a billing/invoicing solution for the client. I also contributed to the user management part of the project.


I worked on both versions of VisiWeb (version 1.0 and version 2.0). The client already had a Windows application that he was selling to his clients, and they asked me to develop a web version of it but to keep the user interface like a Windows application.

I developed VisiWeb with ASP.NET (C#).

My client's team developed a web service to keep the business logic isolated from the Windows and web versions. I used XML/XSLT heavily for this project, and Ext JS libraries made the user interface very similar to a Windows application.

Built a Trading Bot for Binance Futures

I was trading on and off and decided that I had to take emotions out and experiment with trends. Therefore, I built a trading bot to trade my new never-discovered-by-anyone strategy. I used API from www.lunarcrush.com to decide which crypto to trade and used binance futures API to trade.

It was a fun experiment, but the results were not what I wished for.


JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, SQL, Haml, XML, Delphi, Perl, Unicorn, Java, C#, Pascal, Prolog, Lisp


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Bootstrap, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC


jQuery, Ruby on Rails API, Google My Business API, Sidekiq, Binance API, Vue, Vuex


Agile Software Development, Microservices


Heroku, Linux, MacOS


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Memcached, XML Parsing, Elasticsearch, Redis


APIs, Agile Software Testing, Trading, Software, Data Engineering, Programming


Capistrano, RSpec, Git, Visual Studio

1990 - 1996

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Science

Bilkent University - Ankara, Turkey