Haider Ali, Software Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Haider Ali

Software Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member since December 1, 2021
Haider is a software engineer with 8+ years of experience developing web, mobile, and real-time applications specializing in eCommerce, distribution, consolidation, and fulfillment centers. His areas of expertise include Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and React. Ali excels at writing readable, extensible, reusable, and well-tested production-quality code. His industry experience is backed by a bachelor's degree in computer science.
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  • Desertcart
    React, Redis, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Sidekiq...
  • 1st4Connect
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Engine Yard, MySQL, APIs
  • Fuzati
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), MySQL, Redis, HTML, Ruby ERB, Cloud66, Ruby, Back-end



Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Preferred Environment

MacBook, Linux, eCommerce

The most amazing...

...eCommerce platform I've developed is Desertcart.com, which has a catalog of 100 million+ products and ships to 162 countries.


  • Software Engineer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Designed and developed the COD payment method on the checkout page, which increased the number of orders by 20% per week.
    • Initiated Desertcart (DC) fulfillment warehouse services, such as storage, inventory tracking, order management, unpacking, packing, delivery, and order tracking for third-party eCommerce platforms.
    • Implemented order processing pipeline at company warehouses to process product unpacking, picking and packing. Scaled the pipeline to 15+ distribution, consolidation and fulfillment centers across 4 different countries.
    • Integrated APIs from courier companies, such as DHL Express, FedEx, USPS, and UPS, to automate shipment creation and tracking. Also, developed a rule-based system that determines which courier service is the most cost-effective for a given shipment.
    • Designed and developed the Plus Membership feature, a recurring subscription shipping service for customers. To date, 7% of the total customer base has subscribed to the service.
    • Implemented a system-wide one-time-password (OTP) API to access system resources, such as login, password reset, third-party order pages, checkout confirmation, and COD order confirmation.
    • Designed and developed a bank deposit transaction (BDT) payment method on the checkout page, which increased the number of orders by 5% per week.
    • Implemented a highly scalable, system-wide, easy-to-use, extensible, and multichannel (SMS and email) notification module, using Sidekiq.
    Technologies: React, Redis, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Sidekiq, Ruby on Rails (RoR), APIs, API Integration, SMS, Email, OTP
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2018
    • Served as a developer and made key architectural and technology decisions for Student-Alert, a workflow management and communication tool for schools and parents.
    • Worked on fieldzipper.com, a location-based mobile resource management tool that allows businesses to locate, monitor, and communicate with their mobile field workers.
    • Implemented a highly customized, drag-and-drop form-builder API to receive form data and use webhooks to forward the submitted data.
    • Built a staging and production environment to automate deployments and speed up the development process.
    • Collaborated with numerous clients and management on requirements analysis and specification documents.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Engine Yard, MySQL, APIs
  • Web Developer

    2014 - 2015
    • Set up a horizontally scaled mobile app back end, using HAProxy, Nginx, and Redis to add new instances during runtime to mock a Heroku-like dynos scalable system.
    • Developed and deployed online web apps using Ruby on Rails and AngularJS.
    • Led the development of an online Catholic conference and speaker talks platform from scratch.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), MySQL, Redis, HTML, Ruby ERB, Cloud66, Ruby, Back-end
  • Software Engineer

    2013 - 2014
    • Scaled a web-based, bulk SMS management tool to run extensive SMS campaigns for 4.7 million users across Pakistan.
    • Implemented the back end of a mobile social network platform. This involved implementing and customizing XMPP's Tigase implementation for front-end web and mobile clients.
    • Maintained a matriculation result announcement service over SMS short code and used Redis and caching to scale the system for more than one million users.
    Technologies: Java, Redis, XMPP, Tigase, Openfire, Sockets, Back-end, SMS


  • Desertcart

    Desertcart is an eCommerce platform that has a catalog of 100 million+ products and ships to 162 countries. I designed, developed, and maintained new features and refactored the existing codebase. When I joined the project, Desertcart had 100,000 customers and delivered to four countries. Four years later, the company has 2.5 million active users, delivers to 162 countries, and has an expanding warehouse network in four countries across the globe.

  • ItemFinder

    ItemFinder is an eCommerce search engine that allows users to search for any product and return results from multiple stores, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target. I started this as a weekend project, and it received an overwhelming response on different social media websites. The project is currently in development and has a long list of to-do features.

  • Farmgirl Flowers

    Farmgirl Flowers is a retail gifting, flower, and event company based in San Francisco, California. I built the back end while serving as a senior software engineer. I focused mainly on integrating with The TaxJar sales tax API, courier companies' APIs, and fraud order detection.

  • Student-Alert

    An educational platform that connects students, teachers, parents, and school management. As the back-end lead, I was responsible for building the product from scratch. I also helped the company launch and scale the product.

  • SMSall

    An SMS-based public group chat platform in Pakistan. As a back-end developer, I played a pivotal role in helping the company grow from an SMS-based platform to a mobile app-based public and private group chat platform. This transition contributed to the company's selection into the Blackbox Connect program for startups.

  • Pavlok

    Pavlok is a behavior training device that vibrates to reward good behavior and administers an electric stimulus to train away bad behavior. As a back-end developer, I wrote APIs and managed the production system on Heroku.

  • Barber.ae

    Barber.ae is an online salon booking platform that allows users to search, book appointments, and rate salons via web and mobile apps. I started the project from scratch and built the back end, front end, and React Native-based mobile apps for Android and iOS.

  • Naive Bayes Classifier

    Naive Bayes is a classification algorithm that uses a Naive-based Bernoulli and the multinomial equation to classify documents (text) as ham or spam. I wrote this for an assignment in an information retrieval course at my university.


  • Languages

    Java, Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python
  • Frameworks

    Ruby on Rails (RoR), XMPPFramework, React Native
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, Databases, Elasticsearch, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), SQL Performance
  • Other

    eCommerce, Scraping, API Integration, Programming, Operating Systems, Search, APIs, AWS RDS, Optimization, Warehouses, XMPP, Tigase, Openfire, Cloud Computing, Data Structures, Architecture, Algorithms, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Back-end, Front-end, Classification Algorithms, Naive Bayes, SMS, Email
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Sidekiq, Ruby on Rails API, Ruby ERB, Sockets
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Web, Heroku, Amazon EC2, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Engine Yard, Android, iOS, OTP
  • Tools

    Cloud66, RSpec, Capistrano
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), Scrum, Agile, Compiler Design


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2013
    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST) - Lahore, Pakistan


  • Redis Labs | RU201: RediSearch
    MAY 2019 - PRESENT
    Redis University

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