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Ibrahim Rashid

Ibrahim Rashid

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Member since September 2, 2014
Over the past five years of working as a full-stack software engineer for a variety of clients, Ibrahim has worked on various technologies to develop web and desktop solutions for startups and SMBs. He has extensive experience in software design and development with the latest technology and standards and is familiar with modern deployment environments and server administration issues.
Ibrahim is now available for hire
  • JavaScript, 5 years
  • Python, 4 years
  • Flask, 4 years
  • Django, 3 years
  • Nginx, 3 years
  • AWS S3, 2 years
  • AngularJS, 2 years
Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
Preferred Environment
Unix, IntelliJ IDEA
The most amazing...
...thing I've developed is an outstanding solution for an SMS-based survey system capable of processing multiple participants in several surveys simultaneously.
  • Full-stack Software Engineer
    2013 - PRESENT
    • Developed an instant data export web app which transfer data to third party vendor (S3, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, Dropbox, etc..) from many data sources (CSV, JSON, etc.).
    • Worked on a Flask-based challenging portal named
    • Developed an authenticated website on-demand crawler to build an API for mobile applications.
    • Built a user-friendly online portal to check Bangladesh Railway ticket availability.
    • Configured an email server and designed an email-to-SMS sending system capable of sending single and batch SMS via email.
    • Designed and developed a video sharing portal called LiveDHK.
    • Worked on an extension of a Tornado-based SMS gateway portal to develop a SOAP-based API for App Dragon clients.
    • Designed and developed a WordPress notification plugin. Similar to Facebook notifications, it notifies authors about user activity on their posts.
    • Created two WordPress plugins for viewing recent posts and comments while viewing relevant authors' posts.
    • Wrote a WordPress plugin to mark read/unread comments based on the user's last visit to that post.
    • Developed a local payment gateway plugin for a WordPress WooCommerce framework.
    Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, Node.js, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, Ionic
  • Software Analyst
    IPVision Canada, Inc.
    2015 - 2016
    • Contributed expertise to a custom RUDP protocol with binary API format.
    • Provided extensive optimization of an AngularJS application.
    • Contributed UI and UX works in a social networking platform (, i.e., real-time chat, feed, comments, etc.
    • Optimized the AngularJS framework for handling real-time data.
    Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, Java, Web Sockets, ChatServer
  • Senior Software Engineer
    Appdragon (
    2013 - 2014
    • Developed a mobile health care portal using Python Django CMS. It includes patient registration, diagnosis and questionnaire submission, and role-based user management. The API was developed to support mobile apps.
    • Developed a company's business website.
    • Acted as team lead on a web development platform and trained junior developers.
    • Consulted on the design phase of an SMS gateway development to develop the system.
    Technologies: Python (Django, Tornado, Flask), JavaScript, HTML5, Nginx, PHP
  • Software Engineer
    Appdragon (
    2013 - 2013
    • Developed a solution for SMS-based surveys. Multiple surveys can run instantly with multiple participants per survey. The system response via SMS is almost instantaneous. Optimized the full system by distributing tasks in processes.
    • Learned an already-developed system for restaurant listings, reviews, and offers. Developed and extended the system for further needs.
    • Deployed the system to a live server and configured the DNS.
    • Trained a co-developer about the good practice in web development.
    • Developed a secure-batch SMS and email sending module using secure file transfer protocol and an SMS and email sending gateway.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Nginx
  • Senior Developer and Researcher
    ICodeBD (
    2011 - 2012
    • Parsed Craigslist for developing a customized search engine called
    • Developed a business review portal. The portal's main features include business listing, profiles, reviews, rating, and comments.
    • Developed a video webcasting portal that can show seminar video presentations with slides synced with the video. (See
    • Learned development with PHP framework and CMS.
    • Learned WordPress development.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache
  • Core Web Developer
    ICodeBD (
    2010 - 2011
    • Created a local business review site called Trafixs.
    • Developed an online voucher solution module.
    • Developed API for a job site called
    • Developed a translator project that uses Google Translate to translate large documents in multiple formats. It translates documents in chunks and merges them together for a final document.
    • Developed a WordPress plugin called Auto Tag Post which automatically tags posts after analyzing the post content.
    • Developed a WordPress plugin that automatically adds a category to a post after analyzing the post content.
    • Developed a WordPress plugin that reveals more info from a post after a user shares the post in social sites.
    Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Apache
  • Instant Exporter (Development)

    - Export your table data by one click to third-party providers like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Salesforce, or Google Spreadsheets.

    - Client dashboard for tracking uploads and provider authentication status.

    Technologies Used: Flask, Core JavaScript, Circle CI, Amazon S3, Salesforce API, Dropbox API, Google Spreadsheets API, AWS IAM API

  • RingID Social Networking Platform (Development)

    An advanced social networking platform that supports combined features of Viber, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and others.

    This project was developed using a custom communication protocol based on RUDP and has improved data and battery consumption benchmark on mobile calling.

    P2P call | chat | file transfer

    Technologies Used: AngularJS 1.4, JavaScript-based raw byte packet processing, web sockets

  • Mobile Health Care Solution Portal (Development)

    A remote healthcare solution portal built with Django, jQuery, and Bootstrap and providing API support using a Django REST framework.

    Portal Features:
    1. Role-based user management
    2. Patient management
    3. Condition/disease management
    4. Scheduled alerts
    5. Messages/push notifications
    6. Customized questionnaire system
    7. Customized event notification

    Technologies Used: Django, jQuery, Bootstrap, Dajax, Django REST Framework

  • (Development)

    Challeng is the viral fundraising platform that's rewriting the rules of charity. The challenger (Admin) challenges celebrities to do something and users gives pledges to encourage him/her to do it as, if he/she does the task, all pledges will go to a specified charity.

    Tech used: Flask, Postgre, SQLAlchemy, Sass, Stripe, Heroku, Amazon S3, Celery, RabbitMQ, and more

  • Tornado SMS Gateway Application SOAP API (Development)

    Developed a SOAP 1.1 API serving for Tornado Application. It's an SMS Gateway application. The API serves the following features:

    - List/create/edit/delete department
    - List/create/edit/delete originating address
    - List/create/edit/delete templates
    - Send bulk and single SMS and email

    Tech Used: Tornado, MySQL, Sybase, SOAP1.1, SOAP UI, Celery, RabbitMQ, and more

  • SMS-based Survey System (Development)

    An application for the creation and distribution of market research surveys.

    - Easy survey creation with an unlimited number of questions.
    - Various question types (Yes/No, Scale, Net Promoter).
    - Parallel participant processing.
    - Interactive UI support.
    - Report generation.
    - Interactive results.
    - User access limits for company moderation.
    - Auto callback.
    - Download results for offline processing
    - Free to end-user option.

    Technologies Used: CodeIgniter, jQuery, Bootstrap, Linux, Cron Job

    More details at

  • Richmond Fellowship Webcasting Website (Development)

    Video webcasting portal to show live presentations with slides synced with the presenter talks.

    The key features of the application are:

    1. A simplified login and registration process; users can register with minimal information and log in with just an email address.

    2. Seminar functions; Users can create/edit/delete seminars, upload videos of seminars to Vimeo, upload presentation slides for a seminar, synchronize the slides with the video, browse seminar lists, and view seminar videos with automatic slide changes set to the video time frame.

    Technologies Used: PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Flash/HTML5 Video Player, Vimeo API

  • Restaurant Listing Portal (Development)

    - Reach out to thousands of potential and existing customers using mobile marketing.

    - Distribute mobile vouchers, upload photos, menus and offers and watch your bookings increase.

    - APIs for iPhone and Android App that lets restaurateurs promote their restaurants to discerning diners, anywhere, anytime, whatever they're doing.

    PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Apache, Cron Jobs

  • Voucher Solution (Development)

    Voucher-based online payment gateway. It is an authenticated system that allows the user to buy a voucher of the price of your intended product/service. The system gives a voucher code while securely hiding the credit card credentials. The voucher code can be used at many sites that accept voucher code as a payment system.

  • Email2SMS Sending Script (Development)

    A Django module to interact with local mail servers and collect incoming emails and send them through an SMS gateway.

    1. Single SMS send as
    2. Batch SMS send via attachments
    3. Email based notification support
    4. Monitoring system

    Technologies Used: Django, Cron Job, Postfix mail server, Dovecot, Roundcube

  • WordPress Plugin: Smart Notification (Development)

    Adds Facebook-style notifications to your WordPress site.
    Authors are notified if someone comments on their posts.
    The commenter is notified if someone replies to his/her comment.

  • WordPress Plugin: Mark Unread Comments (Development)

    Marks comments based on the viewer's last visit. It is a lightweight plugin to mark unread comments. Comments are marked based on cookies, so there is no server side overload. The unread comments marker is automatically removed after timeout.

  • WordPress Plugin: Keyword Optimizer (Development)

    A WordPress plugin that helps you to automate the SEO process. It adds tags, categories and highlights words based on your post's keywords. It randomly styles your words so that it looks good to the readers. The plugin uses various keywords providers such as "" and "yahooapis" to get keywords for a post.

  • Timezones (Development)

    A simple application built to list time zones with AngularJS and Django REST Framework.

    - User registration and authentication
    - Time zone management with filtering
    - Bootstrap 3 Angular UI
    - REST API

  • Addico SMS Gateway Portal Demo (Development)

    An SMS gateway demo application to send SMS, built with Flask, Facebook API, LinkedIn API, and Twitter API.

  • Bangladesh Railway Ticket Availability Status (Development)

    - A Python scraper designed to crawl the status from railway authentication-enabled website

    - The web portal is built with Flask, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

    - The Flask API was developed for supporting web apps and mobile applications for Android & iOS.

    Mobile Apps :

  • SFTP2SMS Solution (Development)

    Send batch marketing emails/SMS to customers with this solution.

    The key features of the application are:
    - Send Batch Emails to customers
    - Upload your emails to our SFTP server, and our application will send those emails to corresponding recipients.
    - Communicate securely, as the application uses SFTP protocol to communicate.

    Technologies: PHP, SFTP, SOAP

    This solution has been developed for Appdragon.

  • Ibrahim is a mentor in the Toptal Global Mentor’s Program. This program is a partnership between Toptal and General Assembly to provide high quality mentorship for students from minority and low income backgrounds who are looking to begin their careers as professional software engineers. Ibrahim shows commitment to diversity in tech by mentoring a General Assembly student every week for a year, covering everything from coding tips and tricks to advice on making it in the industry.
  • Languages
    HTML5, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Java, C++, Sass, CSS3
  • Frameworks
    CodeIgniter, AngularJS, Flask, Django, Redux, Flex
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Facebook API, Google Maps, jQuery Mobile, React.js, Dropbox API, Salesforce API, React-redux, AMQP, LinkedIn API, Twitter API
  • Tools
    Firebug, MySQL Workbench, Nginx, PyCharm, Bower, Sublime Text, Chrome Developer Tools, WebStorm, Sublime Text 3, Apache, Vim Text Editor, NPM, Shell, Adobe Photoshop
  • Platforms
    NetBeans, Linux, Mac, Celery eCommerce, Heroku, Linode
  • Misc
    Unix Shell Scripting, VPS/VDS
  • Paradigms
    Pair programming, Design Patterns, Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Storage
    MySQLi, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, NoSQL, Oracle 11g
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology - Dhaka, Bangladesh
    2008 - 2013
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