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Ivan Makeev, C++ Developer in London, United Kingdom
Ivan Makeev

C++ Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since October 28, 2013
Ivan is an algorithm developer and research scientist (PhD) with a strong mathematical and algorithmic background. He is interested in complex projects related to various aspects of computer science, specifically in deep learning, computer vision, and video analytics.
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  • Mathematics, 13 years
  • Algorithms, 10 years
  • C++, 10 years
  • OpenCV, 8 years
  • Computer Vision, 8 years
  • Deep Learning, 3 years
  • Python, 3 years
  • TensorFlow, 2 years
London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Windows, Python, MSVS, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've made is a 3D reconstruction engine from a regular video stream for an advanced post-production platform used by cinema artists and VFX creators.


  • Senior Research Engineer
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Researched and developed video compression algorithms.
    Technologies: C++, Python, Matlab, CUDA, OpenCL
  • Associate Professor
    2006 - PRESENT
    Saint-Petersburg State University
    • Maintained research and development activities in computer vision, image processing, and automatic control.
    • Participated in a number of joint international research projects.
    • Taught graduate level courses: image processing, differential equations, and control theory.
    Technologies: Matlab, C++
  • Research Scientist
    2011 - 2015
    Intel Labs
    • Conducted research and development in image processing and computer vision.
    • Investigated state-of-art algorithms and analyzed their applicability for real-world problems.
    • Implemented proof of concept solutions.
    • Disclosed my own ideas for patent applications.
    • Analyzed 3rd party patents.
    Technologies: Matlab, C, C++, OpenCV, PCL, IPP, TBB, MKL
  • Senior Developer
    2009 - 2011
    • Created a cross-platform desktop application (Adobe AIR) interfacing a cloud-based media encoding service via an API.
    • Created a custom Flash video player (
    • Created a media uploader Flash app.
    • Consulted back-end developers on encoding standards and codec settings.
    Technologies: Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR
  • Algorithm Developer
    2009 - 2011
    Imagineer Systems
    • Led algorithmic development for an Imagineer Mocha Pro - one of the most popular tools in the field of post-production and VFX, widely used by cinema artists.
    • Developed a high-performance computational engine solving a number of computer-vision problems.
    • Integrated solutions with a variety of 3rd party software, including Adobe AfterEffects, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema4D, and The Foundry Nuke.
    Technologies: C++, Matlab, Python
  • Senior Developer
    2006 - 2010
    Russian Web Service
    • Created a platform solution for 3D modelers including plugin utilities extending Autodesk 3DMax, render farm management tools, real-time data feed processors, 3D viewers, and more.
    Technologies: C++, Autodesk 3DMax Script, Lua, HLSL


  • 3DLook (Development)

    Body measurements using mobile phone camera. Deep deformable models for human body pose and shape estimation.

  • V-Nova (Development)

    Deep learning for image and video compression. End-to-end trainable image compression architectures under challenging real-time constraints.

  • Observe Technolgies (Development)

    Deep recurrent fully-convolutional real-time architectures for simultaneous object detection, classification, and tracking for applications in aquaculture.

  • BorisFX (Imagineer) Mocha (Development)

    Post-production and VFX platform widely used by cinema artists. Implemented algorithms for precise object tracking and structure-from-motion.

  • Snappr Photo Analyzer (Development)

    LinkedIn profile photo analyzer for Snappr.

  • (Development)

    I created a cross-platform desktop app (Adobe AIR) interfacing the world's largest encoding service.


  • Languages

    C++, Python, C
  • Frameworks

    Machine Learning, Boost
  • Libraries/APIs

    OpenCV, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn
  • Other

    Image Processing, Computer Vision, Data Structures, Deep Learning, Mathematics, Algorithms, Digital Signal Processing, Statistics, Data Analysis, Numerical Methods, Problem Solving, Time Series Analysis, Network Programming, FreeRTOS, Sensor Data, Bayesian Statistics, Analytics
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, 3ds Max
  • Paradigms

    Augmented Reality, Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms

    Linux, Windows


  • PhD degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science
    2005 - 2008
    Saint-Petersburg State University - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Master's degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science
    2000 - 2005
    Saint-Petersburg State University - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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