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Jan Mikeš

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Infrastructure Architecture Developer

Prague, Czech Republic
Toptal Member Since
January 8, 2019

Because Jan understands how important is delivering business values, he focuses on effective code delivery process. His own startup taught him, how to validate an idea, prototype and build MVP in a short period of time, as well as scale the product up. He also helps companies move to a cloud, building an infrastructure, automatizing and optimizing development processes, and passing this know-how to others. He loves to speak about CI/CD publicly.


Velvethy & Mikes Corporation
Docker, RabbitMQ, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP
Docker, Elasticsearch, Node.js, Firebase, RabbitMQ, MySQL, PHP
Ansible, Docker, Gearman, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PHP




Preferred Environment

Git, PhpStorm, Docker

The most amazing...

...thing I have ever built is a RADIUS server with the captive portal from scratch, allowing Wi-Fi authentication and authorization for tens of thousands of users.

Work Experience


2013 - PRESENT
Velvethy & Mikes Corporation
  • Developed and directed hundreds of web applications.
  • Transformed small regional based company into a strong European company with partners across the ocean.
  • Introduced and involved the tools for project and company management.
  • Led and educated the colleagues.
  • Built a comprehensive cloud infrastructure.
Technologies: Docker, RabbitMQ, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Technical Architect

2019 - 2020
  • Introduced UUID as a replacement for integers ids and led database migration.
  • Implemented Symfony/messenger component and used it for existing domain code.
  • Detected and cleaned application from dead code.
  • Upgraded PHP and composer packages to the latest versions.
  • Dockerized project and automated deployment of containers.
Technologies: Docker, Elasticsearch, Node.js, Firebase, RabbitMQ, MySQL, PHP

Software Solutions Architect

2019 - 2020
  • Migrated whole project to PSR-4 autoloading.
  • Improved logging and monitoring, introduced and implemented Sentry error logging.
  • Constantly took care of response times, profiled PHP code, solved bottlenecks, and improved performance.
  • Created automated CI pipeline running tests and static analysis after each commit.
  • Led team to cleaner architecture using well-proven design patterns. Introducing them to the team and implementing afterward.
Technologies: Ansible, Docker, Gearman, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, MySQL, PHP

Co-founder and CTO

2015 - 2020
  • Communicated with the investors and successfully obtained an investment.
  • Exhibited at Web Summit as an Alpha Startup.
  • Completed an intensive training in Silicon Valley for startups.
  • Completed a Grow with Google program and participated in many Google Launchpad for Developers events.
  • Supported Czech PHP open-source community.
  • Managed the whole cycle from an idea to a scaling product.
Technologies: Redis, Webpack, React, Node.js, RabbitMQ, SQLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, PHP

Team leader

2018 - 2018
Apploud Digital
  • Introduced and fully implemented CI/CD, completely automatizing deploys on 150+ projects.
  • Designed enterprise projects' architecture and infrastructure.
  • Communicated with crucial customers and directed their projects.
  • Moved the entire company from Bitbucket to Gitlab (300+ repositories).
  • Introduced regular weekly stand-ups to share know-how.
  • Optimized code delivery process for front-end and back-end teams.
  • Developed bunch of open-source packages.
Technologies: Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Gulp, Node.js, MySQL, PHP

Back-end developer

2013 - 2013
  • Acted as level 3 technical support.
  • Developed an internal tool for cron jobs management and monitoring.
  • Implemented Doctrine ORM to the team and replaced the active record pattern.
  • Modernized existing PHP application introducing unit tests using PHPUnit and Composer.
  • Took care of deploys.
Technologies: Node.js, Grunt, Bash, MySQL, PHP

Lead full-stack web developer

2011 - 2013
Helsinki Group
  • Coded responsive HTML layouts.
  • Lead junior fellow developers.
  • Developed internal CRM software for keeping company data in the cloud.
  • Maintained company codebase and infrastructure.
Technologies: Node.js, Grunt, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML

Full-stack web developer

2009 - 2011
Vivid Solutions
  • Coded HTML layouts.
  • Communicated with clients and incorporated their requests and feedback.
  • Created own framework using PHP + Smarty.
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Full-stack web developer

2007 - 2009
  • Acted as level 1 technical support.
  • Was responsible for bug fixing.
  • Coded HTML layouts.
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


I Co-founded Rector. Rector is an open-source software written in PHP and based on AST (abstract syntax tree).

Rector helps developers with refactoring and instant upgrades of their applications. It can do many things, few examples: update code to be compatible with the latest PHP version, detect dead code and remove it, improve code quality by applying clean code rules. It is used by thousands of PHP developers all around the world. Rector Github repository is regularly appearing in Github trendings projects.


For one of my friends, I created an open-source tool to automatize activity and presence checks during his home office. The tool connects to Microsoft Exchange server in intervals and if it finds an activity check, it follows it, using headless Chrome. Technologies used include PHP, Docker, and Microsoft Exchange Web Services.


I created and maintain an open-source tool to detect commits that slowed down your application and called it Slowpoker. Technologies used include PHP, Apache Benchmark, and Git.


I created the Docker images for application + related services. I created a Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD pipeline with deployment to the cluster, allowing preview apps to be created automatically during the code review stage.


Entry.do is ticketing and entry management SaaS, focusing on reducing waiting in lines.

As CTO I have ultimate responsibility for managing the IT team, guaranteeing to deliver business values in time and maintaining the infrastructure. I built the whole backend part by myself. The back end consists of more than 20 microservices. I created adapters for many third-party service providers (etc. invoicing, mailing, payment gateways) which can be connected by users. I am also publishing pieces of non-business code as open-source packages whenever possible. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony, Slim), Python, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite, RabbitMQ, Memcached, and Docker.

Digital Queue

Entry.do's Digital Queue is a unique way how to not wait in a line to an event - you can book a specific time of your attendance, guaranteeing you an instant entry. If your desired time is not available (already full), you can purchase the "line-skip" for a reasonable fee.

I developed the back end (REST API) for Digital Queue with a focus on performance. The application is autoscaling and ready for huge peaks. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony, Slim), MariaDB, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and Docker.

Face Recognition Based Check-in

I developed a prototype application that tries to recognize person via face recognition. The prototype is connected to the ticketing service provider's API (Entry.do) and during the checkout process, the customer connects his Facebook profile, then portrait photos are downloaded and used for recognition - so the obtained ticket is paired with his face. Technologies used include Python, PHP, OpenCV, and Docker.

Sparta iD

Sparta iD is a single sign-on (SSO) portal for fans of AC Sparta Praha - the biggest Czech football team.

I was responsible for the whole project, including communication with the customer. I closely cooperated with frontend and QA teams. The backend part was built all by myself in PHP - OAuth2 server, REST API, data synchronization with Salesforce CRM. I set up the continuous deployment process to 3 different environments - dev, staging, and production. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Slim, Symfony), MySQL, and Redis.

AC Sparta Praha

AC Sparta Praha is the biggest Czech football team.

I developed and implemented OAuth2 client for authenticating users with the Sparta iD single sign-on. I introduced CI and CD to the project allowing automated deploy to 3 different environments - dev, staging, and production. As well I was providing code reviews, helping to increase code quality and discover bugs. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony), Elasticsearch, MySQL, and Docker.

Apple Museum Ticketing

I built an online ticketing service with a connection to the turnstiles for Apple Musem - the biggest private collection of Apple products in the world.

It was crucial to sync e-tickets with the physical turnstiles on the venue, I wrote WebSocket server for communication with the hardware. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony, ReactPHP), RabbitMQ, MySQL, Memcached, HTML, LESS, JavaScript, and Docker.

Video Courses Platform - Eva Kiedroňová

Eva Kiedroňová is a recognized author of a unique method of child care and stimulation of the infant in accordance with its psychomotor development.

I developed a video rental (training courses) platform with 2-factor authentication and provision system. I also coded a responsive layout. ACL with multiple roles allows the client's back-office team to monitor usage, manage content, and upload new lessons by themselves. The application is capable of issuing invoices in PDF and has internationalization and multiple currency support. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony), MariaDB, HTML, JavaScript, LESS, Bootstrap, and Docker.

Fér Makléři

Fér Makléři is online real estate brokers comparing tool.

I dockerized application, allowing more effective CI and deploy process. I handled testing and bug fixing and also developed new business intelligence features in the admin area for more effective business decisions. I helped with implementing A/B testing. Technologies used include PHP (Symfony), RabbitMQ, HTML, SASS, Node.js, and Docker.


I developed many new features for HotelQuickly's admin area, allowing hotel managers to enter their deals more effectively and promote their available rooms in a new unique way. As well I acted as tech support for other developers, helping them to discover and fix bugs. I brought innovations to an existing PHP application, like unit tests, Doctrine ORM, or composer. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework), MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Grunt.js, and Node.js.

Strojový Park

I built the Strojový Park - P2P industrial machines lending service. It allows you either to search for machines in a given city and lend them or to list your available machines for a reasonable fee. There are multiple pricing options, which differentiates how many machines you can list and what informations you can provide about yourself/your company. I developed some interesting things using Google Maps API and geolocation, etc. showing results only in a given radius around a map pin. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony), Elasticsearch, HTML, LESS, Bootstrap, and jQuery.

Directa Czech

Directa was the first online trading broker in Europe.

I built for them a responsive website with fully manageable content via CMS. I also created an account opening form, which is connected to the Italian back-office, previously the only way to open an account in Directa Czech was to fill paper form. Technologies used include PHP (Nette Framework, Symfony), HTML, LESS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Docker.

Real Estate Websites Component System

I developed a component system for Lexxus Norton - seller of luxury real estate, allowing the creation of real estate websites within a few minutes.

I created a set of private composer packages, that can be used independently to build a fully working website without a need for coding. All of the content is manageable through the admin module. The most interesting component I created is Pricelist component - it communicates with the ERP system and is capable of importing/exporting XML feeds or download them directly from the FTP. I emphasized reusability and extensibility. Technologies used include PHP (Symfony) Node.js, Webpack, and MySQL.

Ticketing Smart Contract

I have written Ethereum smart contract during the HACK/TIXX hackathon event. This smart contract was designed to prevent fraud in ticketing business and to diminish the black market. I have understood the problem, analyzed the market, proposed the solution, and implemented it. Technologies used include Solidity and Node.js.

FX Mustang Automated Trading System

I created an automated forex trading system called FX Mustang in cooperation with the best Italian forex traders. After the full release of the system, I ported it to three platforms - MetaTrader 4, Multicharts, and Visual Trader.


PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, MQL4, HTML, SCSS, Less, C++, Python, Bash, C, Solidity, Swift


Nette, Symfony, Slim, Bootstrap, PHPUnit, Guzzle, Mockery, OAuth 2, Twig, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Silex, Gearman, CakePHP, Laravel, React Native


jQuery, Doctrine, Salesforce API, Pipedrive API, REST APIs, SendGrid API, Dotenv, RADIUS, ReactPHP, Google APIs, Braintree API, PayPal API, MooTools, Node.js, React, Vue


Composer, Xdebug, Blackfire, Git, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub, GitLab, Sentry, PhpStorm, Postman, SendGrid, Phing, Docker Compose, Deployer, Adminer, PhpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, Papertrail, Cron, RabbitMQ, Gulp, Grunt, Subversion (SVN), Braintree SDK, Sublime Text, MessageBird, Logging, Adobe Photoshop, NGINX, Let's Encrypt, Asana, Trello, Jira, Webpack, NPM, Ansible


Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), DevOps, Clean Code, Test-driven Development (TDD), REST, Responsive Coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Docker, Linux, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Mailgun, Heroku, Firebase, MacOS, iOS, MetaTrader 4, Ubuntu, New Relic, Apache2, WordPress, Kubernetes


MySQL, MariaDB, JSON, Database Migration, MongoDB, SQLite, NoSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Memcached, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse

Industry Expertise

Trading Systems


SOLID Principles, Algorithmic Trading, Code Architecture, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Gaming, Domain DNS Setup, Profiling, Open Source, Infrastructure Architecture, Ajax, Single Sign-on (SSO), Monorepos, Message Queues, OAuth, Linux Server Administration, Entrepreneurship, IT Management, Public Speaking, Conference Speaking, Lecturing, SSL Configurations, CRM Systems, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Single-page Applications (SPA), Kubernetes Operations (kOps), Apache Benchmark, Performance Tuning, PHP Performance


Grow with Google for Startups



Startup with Google Academy



Go Global training, San Francisco

US Market Access Center


Developing Web Applications in Nette Framework

Nette Foundation

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