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Lucas Mancini

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Toptal Member Since
July 20, 2015

Lucas is a software engineer specializing in front-end and mobile app development with over a decade of experience. He has taken on various roles in his career, including managing greenfield projects, leading diverse teams, and working for startups and corporations in stealth mode. He has also contributed to open-source repositories. Lukas's skill set encompasses excellent communication abilities and proficiency in Agile methodologies, and his knowledge is backed by a computer science degree.


TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Styled-components, Material UI, Storybook...
Amazon Web Services (AWS), React Router, Travis CI, GitHub, Asana, Yarn, Sass...
Altitude Networks (acquired by CoinList)
Zeplin, Chartist.js, React Router, AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, Travis CI...




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, Android Studio, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a CLI app with a steganography mechanism allowing the user to hide secret files and messages in images without changing their appearance.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Developed a design system from scratch using Storybook and the Material UI library. This project provides a library of components that can be consumed from different applications within the range of solutions the company provides.
  • Worked on a greenfield project that launched an MVP version within six months and that later onboarded some real customers to try the beta version. Used a monorepo for the project, and the UI was built with Vite and React.
  • Executed the rebranding of the company's image. A new logo, color palette, and fonts were introduced, so all the user-facing products were migrated to follow the new brand.
Technologies: TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Styled-components, Material UI, Storybook, Yarn Workspaces

Front-end Tech Lead

2019 - 2022
  • Effectively managed the front-end team comprising approximately three developers responsible for a complex eCommerce system. This system involved a responsive React single-page application implemented using TypeScript and Redux.
  • Designed a new hiring process for the front-end team, including candidate screening and interviews.
  • Conducted performance assessments and optimizations for the application in accordance with Google's Core Web Vitals guidelines. These efforts aimed to enhance loading times, interactivity, and layout stability.
  • Played a key role in the development of the next-generation version of the system, featuring a dynamic routing mechanism and pages built using a consistent atomic design approach.
  • Contributed significantly to achieving PCI compliance for processing credit card payments. Additionally, successfully integrated new payment methods, including PayPal and Zip.
  • Orchestrated the integration of a push notification messaging system and deep links for both Android and iOS apps.
  • Implemented an automated event capture system to provide input for the machine learning algorithm utilized in the recommendation engine module.
  • Participated in prioritization and was in charge of the planification of tasks for the front-end team.
  • Led the implementation of a comprehensive platform-wide rebranding initiative, encompassing a new logo, font guidelines, color palette, and SVG icons.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), React Router, Travis CI, GitHub, Asana, Yarn, Sass, Redux, React, TypeScript, CSS3, Node.js, Gatsby, AWS CLI, Webpack, HTML, Functional Programming

Senior Front-end JavaScript Developer

2018 - 2019
Altitude Networks (acquired by CoinList)
  • Played a pivotal role in the successful migration of the application from JavaScript to TypeScript before its initial release.
  • Formulated a comprehensive testing strategy centered around unit and integration tests, employing Jest in tandem with the React Testing Library.
  • Designed the interface for the REST API with the back-end team.
  • Implemented authentication flows (including 2FA) using Amazon Cognito.
  • Created the look and feel based on the wireframes and mockups provided by a designer.
  • Implemented a highly interactive marketing website focused on explaining the features of the product. This static site was meticulously optimized for mobile devices, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO).
Technologies: Zeplin, Chartist.js, React Router, AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, Travis CI, GitHub, Jira, Yarn, Sass, Jest, React, TypeScript, AWS CLI, HTML

Senior JavaScript Engineer

2017 - 2018
Zugata (acquired by CultureAmp)
  • Worked on the front-end and browser plugin of Zugata's main product, an app that customers use to interact with their peers to give feedback and empower professional development.
  • Implemented new features for the React web application based on the commitment agreed upon in Agile biweekly sprints.
  • Assessed and prioritized the technical debt, creating Jira cards to formalize what needed to be done.
  • Updated the look and feel of the application, including sign-up and sign-in pages, following a more enterprise-like design.
  • Led regular code review sessions to provide feedback to interns and other engineers in my team.
  • Worked on a project to provide support for i18n (internationalization) on the React app.
  • Worked on maintenance tasks for the Zugata browser plugin.
  • Documented and set up processes for local development environments based on Docker.
Technologies: Jira, Immutable.js, Gulp, Yarn, Lodash, Enzyme, Jest, Phabricator, Materialize, D3.js, Less, Webpack, RefluxJS, React, UML, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Senior Full-stack Developer

2016 - 2017
Omega Point
  • Helped to transition the app's architecture into a Redux model.
  • Oversaw the addition of new features, such as a background job importer that downloads financial data and inserts it into the MongoDB database.
  • Worked on new enhancements and fixed bugs on the front end, using React for the views and Stylus as the CSS preprocessor.
  • Refactored a legacy codebase to make it more manageable, extensible, and performant.
  • Helped define processes for the team, such as the branching model and the release process used.
Technologies: Pivotal Tracker, CircleCI, GitHub, Heroku, ECMAScript (ES6), MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, Redux, React, JavaScript, SQL, HTML

Technology Lead

2015 - 2015
Local Contenect
  • Fixed issues and developed new features for the front end, a responsive single-page application built with Bootstrap and Ractive.js.
  • Modified the REST API in order to implement new functionality. The API uses JSON and is coded in Wisdom, a modular Java framework.
  • Made strategic decisions with the CEO about technology and about the roadmap ahead for the company.
  • Managed releases and testing environments by using AWS and EC2 instances.
  • Defined some processes and documented other tasks that were informally done by the previous team working on the app, to bring organization to the project.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub, Bootstrap, Docker, jQuery, Ractive.js, OrientDB, Java, JavaScript, HTML

Front-end JavaScript Developer

2015 - 2015
  • Oversaw the development of widgets to be used as digital advertising units for a media company.
  • Migrated legacy components to adapt them for a new CMS.
  • Changed how the project was documented by creating different wikis that explained the migration strategy used.
  • Interacted with the Node.js back end and REST APIs.
  • Learned about different CMS technologies such as FatWire and WordPress.
Technologies: Gulp, Sass, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Front-end JavaScript Developer

2014 - 2015
News Corp Australia
  • Contributed to the development of new features and fixing defects as a member of the product delivery team.
  • Worked on the five main mastheads of the company: The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, and Perth Now.
  • Optimized build processes with the Grunt tool to compress images faster and generate sprites.
  • Rebranded the Perth Now site to match the design of the other mastheads of the company.
  • Created a new version of the article page using responsive design, with a single URL and layout changes according to the device (mobile, tablet, or desktop).
Technologies: Confluence, HipChat, Bamboo, Stash, Jira, Mocha, Git, RequireJS, Sass, Browsersync, Gulp, Grunt, jQuery, JavaScript, UML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Android Developer

2014 - 2015
  • Developed TherApp, a mobile application for Android phones and tablets, for Australian Catholic University (ACU). This medical app was part of a larger project to conduct some research on children with cerebral palsy.
  • Designed a RESTful back end for the app to interact with and coded it in Grails.
  • Worked remotely, holding meetings with the client via Hangouts and partial demos to communicate project status.
Technologies: Eclipse, Android, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Mid-level JavaScript Developer

2013 - 2014
Core Security
  • Implemented an interactive manual pentesting web interface for Core Insight product. The front end was developed in JavaScript using the Sencha Ext JS third-party library.
  • Conducted Unit testing with Jasmine, and also used TypeScript and Node for some specific modules.
  • Maintained a strict Agile environment with clear objectives and time-boxed milestones. The app had to be plugged into a really complex legacy architecture because traditionally there was no web UI, just a desktop one.
Technologies: Node.js, Jasmine, Ext JS, TypeScript, JavaScript

C++ Developer

2010 - 2013
Core Security
  • Developed an application called Core Impact, a well-known product related to security with regards to pen testing software.
  • Developed new features of the UI (C++ and MFC + Web).
  • Worked in Python modules and Crystal Reports (using SQL Server).
  • Developed a framework to automate the testing of reports.
  • Worked on a "teaming" feature of the application that allowed the UI to run in a distributed fashion across the local network.
Technologies: Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server, C++, UML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Earlytrade is an Australian fintech company that provides solutions around early payments. It facilitates on-demand access to liquidity for the supply chain. In charge of developing the company's two main products: an early payments platform and progress claims software for the construction space.

BoozeBud was, at some point, the fastest-growing alcohol retailer in Australia, experiencing 100% year-over-year growth for more than five consecutive years.
I managed the front-end team in charge of a complex eCommerce system and a responsive React single-page app implemented via TypeScript and Redux.
We used continuous delivery, functional programming, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Agile methodology. Technology powered BoozeBud and constantly added value to the business.

Altitude Networks
I worked on a greenfield project, building the front-end application from scratch while deciding on the technologies and libraries used. The project consisted of a React web application that is used as an interface to render data from serverless Amazon Lambda functions. It features a dashboard and other visualization components.

Zugata Web App
An application that enables organizations to create a high-performance culture at work by providing tools for continuous feedback and development among peers.

Worked on the Front End and Browser Plugin of Zugata’s main product: an app that customers use to interact with their peers to give feedback and to empower professional development.

Portfolio Intelligence Application
A tool that enables investment managers to understand, visualize, and optimize their portfolios. The platform is powered by React and Node.

Worked on the company's Portfolio Intelligence product, a tool that enables investment managers to understand, visualize, and optimize their portfolios. The platform is powered by React and Node (MERN stack).


A landing page and platform app for LocalContenect, a single-page application whose mission is to link global companies with local suppliers from the oil and gas industry.

The app had different features such as search, catalog of suppliers, insights, dashboards, and more.

Daily Telegraph Responsive Article Page

The new version of the article page for the Daily Telegraph masthead in New South Wales, Australia. Previously for mobile, the website used an "m." domain. The project removed this implementation and used purely a 100% responsive page served from the same domain for both mobile and desktop.


An Android application that was privately deployed to around 80-100 users, all parents of children with cerebral palsy, to track their evolution by a physician doing some research.

Basically it provided questions to the parents of the affected children to check their evolution in their treatment.

PerthNow Rebranding
A rebranding of the site to match the design of the other company's mastheads. Mainly, this involved changes to our Sass codebase and changes in the CMS system.

The idea was to build a single responsive site to display article pages for both desktop and mobile devices.

A simple C++/GLUT application to demo some computer graphics concepts.

A scene consisting of an island in the middle of the ocean with a lighthouse on it was built. Day and night effects have been modeled too, together with an animated ocean and a rotating lighthouse lamp.

Lisperiments is a repository with some coding experiments I've developed for academic purposes, all written in ANSI Common Lisp.

Different algorithms were implemented, such as one that solves the "Chess Queens" problem, a GPS-style algorithm to traverse graphs, and others.
2005 - 2012

Master's Degree in Computer Science Engineering

Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina


React Redux, React, Node.js, Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library, jQuery, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), RequireJS, Ractive.js, AWS Amplify, React Router, Chartist.js, Immutable.js, Lodash, D3.js, RefluxJS, React-Intl, Redux-Saga, OpenGL


GitHub, Atom, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Vim Text Editor, Sublime Text 3, Assembla, Jira, Gulp, Grunt, Subversion (SVN), Mocha, Stash, Bamboo, HipChat, Confluence, Android Studio, Apache Maven, Slack, Amazon Cognito, Zeplin, Asana, Phabricator, Pivotal Tracker, CircleCI, Webpack, Crystal Reports, GTK+, AWS CLI, Travis CI, Codeship, Yarn Workspaces


HTML5, JavaScript, C++, CSS3, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, HTML, Clojure, SQL, Sass, Common Lisp (CL), UML, Java, XML/XSLT, Bash, TypeScript, Less, Python, C, Lisp, GraphQL


Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Software Development, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, Agile, UX Design, Testing


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OrientDB, MongoDB


Redux, Android SDK, React Native, Materialize, Yarn, Jest, ClojureScript, Bootstrap, Jasmine, JUnit, Ext JS, Express.js, Wisdom, Material UI


Android, Unix, Eclipse, MacOS, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


Software Development, Computer Graphics, Browsersync, GitFlow, Enzyme, Data Structures, Regular Expressions, Styled-components, Gatsby, Serverless, Responsive UI, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Storybook, Material Design

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