Lukas Liesis, Developer in Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania

Lukas Liesis

WebSockets Developer

Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania
Toptal Member Since
May 6, 2016

Lukas is a skilled developer with 10+ years experience on projects with up to 15 million users. He's passionate about React.js, React Native, MongoDB, web sockets, and Material Design. He has experience with DynamoDB, SQL, MongoDB, and RESTful and socket-based APIs. He's used and created custom APIs, and he can build software from the ground up.

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Wristband E-shop
MUI (Material UI), Firebase, React
WebSockets, RESTful Development, REST APIs, Git, PayPal API, MongoDB, NGINX...
LHM Group
React Native


REST APIs - 15 yearsJavaScript - 15 yearsRESTful Development - 15 yearsNode.js - 8 yearsReact - 8 yearsGoogle Material Design - 7 yearsWebSockets - 7 yearsMongoDB - 6 years


Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania



Preferred Environment

React, Node.js, GitHub

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was in cooperation with ex-Googlers and scientists from NASA; it was a part of a core for services used by 15+ million users globally.

Work Experience

2016 - 2016

Software Engineer

Wristband E-shop
  • Developed a single-page site to choose, order, and follow orders. Integrated with payment APIs.
Technologies: MUI (Material UI), Firebase, React
2015 - 2016

React Developer
  • Took on a full-stack challenge to minimize this site's technology stack down to one programming language (JavaScript). JS is used all the way through, from server to client and database and even for most CSS. I also used material-design specifications to create an easy-to-use UI. With React.js, I was so much more productive than with PHP's MVC style frameworks. It was a pleasure to move out of PHP world.
  • Completed the project solo in three months.
  • Built a native Android app with React.
Technologies: WebSockets, RESTful Development, REST APIs, Git, PayPal API, MongoDB, NGINX, Material Design, Node.js, React Native, React
2015 - 2015

Android Developer (React Native)

LHM Group
  • Built a React Native app for Android where you can preview a house project and order from LHM. The challenge was to build a React Native app for Android while it was released only for 1-2 weeks for public usage outside of Facebook.
Technologies: React Native
2012 - 2015

Software Engineer

Hostinger International
  • Hired as 5th engineer at Hostinger to help develop the Hostinger and Youhosting network (15,000,000+ users) with Zend Framework and Doctrine. Developed on the full-stack, including back-end and front-end.
  • Developed internal software for users, staff members, and invoice management.
  • Redid and optimized the main home page.
  • Created an invoice management system for internal usage from the ground up. Added a lot of new futures for Hostinger's network management system.
Technologies: REST APIs, RESTful Development, Zend Framework, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
2012 - 2013

Developer/SEO Consultant/Freelancer

  • Built's website. It is an official VEGE website to represent the company for clients from Russia, Ukraine, and other Russian speakers.
Technologies: PHP, SQL, Apache, Joomla
2011 - 2013

SEO Consultant, Freelancer for eCommerce

Metalo Amžius
  • Improved SEO to increase online sales. Remade the administration panel to make it easier to use. Taught administrators to use the CMS. Made all required updates to content, layout, etc.
  • Used PrestaShop to do the biggest part of the job.
  • Synced the item status with old software that manages item availability.
Technologies: Virtual Private Servers, Twilio Sync API, PrestaShop

I always wanted to monitor output of any command. With Trafikito I can. You can monitor the output of any command and execute an API call when stuff happens.

Command output monitoring service deployed on high-quality global AWS Infrastructure—three edges, global DB tables, and load-balancing.
A tool for teachers to create offline tests, done with PhalconPHP, Twitter Bootstrap, and MySQL. I organized five teaching sessions on how to use this tool. It was a very interesting experience, and I got in touch with users to find out many UX little things that matter for users, making changes to the software in response.

A fully automatic website with pre-made content. This system has tens of thousands of templates ready to publish. The system grabs a template archive, analyzes it, makes some changes, and publishes. It has search by hue. is a hosting solution. Here, you can register a free account and get hosting for your website. Check out all the great features on the page.


What was challenging in this project is the amount of data. I developed the crawler, which collected news from around the net and published them on a news-flow site. Used a SQL database. is an educational project to help people in Lithuania learn about IT. There are several connected sites with articles about coding, design, and a forum for help and support. Done with Joomla, SMF forum, and some custom components for those systems.

Built with the C family. I needed an auto mouse clicker and didn't found exactly what I was looking for, so I learned some .NET code and made it myself. It was my second app with .NET framework and C family languages. It was interesting to move out of my comfort zone of web development and try building something for Windows OS. AutoMouser is quite a popular tool now with ~1500 weekly downloads.

Gerda Photography
Together with my wife, we are organizing professional photo-shoots. We shoot private sessions or big events.

We are devoted to feelings, emotions, and real life. People love our photographs because of the cosiness, lighting, and authentic decorations. Our photography is 70% psychology, 20% design, and 10% technique.

React Examples Repository
A GitHub repository where I create example apps with React. By teaching, we learn.

IT Certifications

Completed (2003-2007) via IT Academy "Strauja."



JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, PHP


MUI (Material UI), Flux, React Native, Zend Framework


Node.js, REST APIs, jQuery, React, PayPal API, Twilio Sync API


RESTful Development, Unit Testing


MacOS, Joomla, Firebase


Google Material Design, WebSockets, Freelancing, ESLint, Ubuntu Server, Usability, SVG, Material Design, Virtual Private Servers


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, NGINX, Git, GitHub, Apache, PrestaShop, Adobe Illustrator


Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL


2012 - 2014

Master's Degree in Physics (Environmental Management)

Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania

2010 - 2012

Secondary B.S. Studies Degree in Business and Applied Informatics

Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania

2008 - 2012

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Physics (Energetic)

Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania