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Manic Chuang

Manic Chuang

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Member since May 7, 2014
Manic is a seasoned full stack web and Rails developer. He is a great team leader and project manager, and has introduced sound testing practices to several teams. He is strong with CMS systems, the OAuth Server and API, billing and invoicing, and Agile development environments.
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  • Vim Text Editor, 9 years
  • JavaScript, 6 years
  • MySQL, 6 years
  • PHP, 6 years
  • Ruby, 4 years
  • Agile Software Development, 4 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 4 years
  • Ubuntu, 4 years
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Preferred Environment
Mac, Ubuntu, Vim, RVM, RSpec, Git, Jira, MySQL
The most amazing...
...thing I've built is a real-time auction service (similar to using WebSockets to communicate between the back-end and front-end.
  • Senior Rails Developer
    2013 - 2014
    • Developed a custom data field feature (EAV).
    • Implemented credit card refunding.
    • Developed a "search anything" feature with ElasticSearch.
    • Implemented a mail receiver with SendGrid for CRM management.
    • Developed product applications and integrated them with Stripe, Xero, and other projects.
    • Created a reusable logging system supporting multiple types for user activities.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL
  • Senior Developer
    2008 - 2013
    • Created the Emma OAuth API using OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2.0, XAuth, and RESTful programming.
    • Developed Channel Lovely, a CMS system for the cosmetic/makeup community implemented as a Rails project.
    • Built a PIXNET OpenID login feature, allowing 3rd parties to use a PIXNET account to login.
    • Developed AppMarket allowing 3rd parties to upload apps for the PIXNET service.
    • Developed an app for publishing brief descriptions of articles posted by users to Twitter/Plurk/Facebook.
    Technologies: PHP, Ruby on Rails
  • Faria - Keybridge (Development)

    An integrated CRM for SaaS businesses. It includes SAS Analytics, billing & payments, a CRM, and Xero Accounting.

  • Faria - iSIS (Development)

    The first Cloud-integrated school management system built from the ground up to support international schools with curriculum planning, assessment & reporting, attendance & behavior, parent access, and a state-of-the-art billing solution built on top of Xero, the world's leading Cloud accounting solution.

  • PIXNET - Emma OAuth API (Development)!/doc/pixnetApi/oauthApi

    An OAuth API for 3rd parties that I created using PHP, Pix_Framework, OAuth 1.0a and 2.0, and PHPUnit. It supports JSON and XML formats, and allows JSONP. It features a developed blog, album, comments, friends, and album set components. I also developed an image uploading feature and incorporated RESTful programming.

  • Languages
    PHP, Ruby, JavaScript
  • Frameworks
    Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Tools
    Vim Text Editor, RVM, Zsh, Tmux
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development
  • Platforms
    Ubuntu, Mac OS
  • Storage
    MySQL, Memcached, PostgreSQL
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Facebook SDK
  • Misc
  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    National Chiao Tung University - HisnChu, Taiwan
    2001 - 2007
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