Marko Dvečko, Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Marko Dvečko

Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since January 11, 2016
Marko has been a software developer for 12 years. His main focus is in the platform, and his main interests are in math and functional programming. He holds four certificates. He started as a C/C++ developer for Windows applications, and then switched to embedded devices. He's spent the last six years working on enterprise software in Java and APEX and VisualForce.
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    Visualforce, Lightning Components, JavaScript, Apex, Salesforce
  • Nubilum IT
    Spring, Lightning Components, Java, JavaScript, Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce
  • CloudSense, Ltd.



Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment


The most amazing...

...thing I've made is a CoreSite order process with contract and quote calculations and PDF generation for DocuSign signing built on Salesforce.


  • Senior Consultant

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Worked on a transition from Visualforce to Lightning. Optimized pages for speed.
    • Built an expression parser as a Lightning Web Component library.
    • Built generic and reusable Lightning Components utilizing a custom-built expression parser. The components enabled non-developers to create powerful custom Lightning pages.
    Technologies: Visualforce, Lightning Components, JavaScript, Apex, Salesforce
  • Senior Consultant

    2017 - 2019
    Nubilum IT
    • Worked on a microservices app for B2B eCommerce using Java/Spring.
    • Solved concurrency problems in a database environment.
    • Implemented a Service Cloud application from scratch for a small team using Apex/Visualforce.
    • Developed complex integrations using the Talend integration platform.
    Technologies: Spring, Lightning Components, Java, JavaScript, Visualforce, Apex, Salesforce
  • Consultant

    2012 - 2015
    CloudSense, Ltd.
    • Built communities for O2 Telefonica for a client support website, order management processes, documentation, and quote generation on the Salesforce platform.
    • Created a retail upgrade application for O2 franchised partners and integrated it to the current application using Salesforce.
    • Built an order management and stock application for M2M with integration with Heroku and native M2M services on Salesforce. Created custom reports using Visualforce pages.
    • Added additional products and reporting using Visualforce pages and integration with the current codebase.
    • Built an order management application from scratch with complex billing and reporting. Generated monthly fees and contract documents with integration to DocuSign on Salesforce.
    • Built reports for Everything Everywhere using complex calculations on highly customized products using Salesforce.
    Technologies: Salesforce
  • Software Developer

    2010 - 2012
    Privredna Banka Zagreb
    • Worked on integration with Italian Intesa San Paolo bank. Used Java and IBM MQ to share information between banks.
    • Worked on a stock trading platform using Java, Spring, and Adobe Flex. Implemented UI for different trading orders.
    • Wrote small procedures in PL/SQL for Oracle database.
    • Used SVN version control.
    • Wrote scripts for automatic deployment on the development environment using Jython scripts.
    Technologies: Adobe Flex, Spring, Java
  • Software Engineer

    2009 - 2010
    • Fixed bugs in an image gallery application.
    • Debugged a media player application.
    • Optimized access to the file system.
    • Worked with AccuRev version control system.
    • Built the UI using Rapid, a tool that generates C code.
    Technologies: C++, C
  • Software Engineer

    2005 - 2009
    SKY MobileMedia
    • Implemented OMA DRM (Digital Right Management) 1.0 for mobile phones using C/C++.
    • Wrote a servlet for downloading DRM content.
    • Implemented OMA DRM 2.0 for mobile phones using C/C++.
    • Used AES 256 encryption for content decryption.
    • Debugged problems with concurrency (race condition, deadlock).
    • Used CleareCase version control tool.
    • Administrated the ClearCase server and adjusted replications and troubleshooting.
    Technologies: C++, C
  • Software Developer

    2004 - 2005
    • Worked on embedded devices in a telephone center using C.
    • Processed control ATM cells on Texas Instruments DSP and PowerPC.
    • Used real-time Linux Monta Vista and a programming device driver that reads data from memory on external interrupt.
    • Used ClearCase version control tool.
    • Optimized C code that runs on DSP.
    Technologies: C
  • Software Developer

    2003 - 2004
    • Wrote a Windows application for configuration of external devices for overvoltage protection in C++.
    • Used Visual Studio IDE and MFC.
    • Created custom visual components for configuring numeric values.
    • Wrote a library for configuration over serial communication.
    • Wrote small assembler code for calculation of effective voltage values for the microcontroller.
    Technologies: C, C++


  • Salesforce Professional Certifications

    Salesforce Administrator Certification (2014)
    Salesforce Developer Certification (2014)
    Salesforce Service Cloud Certification (2015)
    Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification (2015)
    Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification (2016)

  • Other Professional Development and Training

    Principles of Reactive Programming (via École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), 2015
    Introduction to Functional Programming (via Delift University of Technology), 2015

  • Université Catholique de Louvain Professional Training

    Paradigms of Computer Programming - Fundamentals (2014)
    Paradigms of Computer Programming - Abstraction and Cooncurrency (2015)

  • Introduction to Concurrent Programming: A Beginner's Guide (Publication)
    Concurrency allows programs to deal with a lot of tasks at once. But writing concurrent programs isn't a particularly easy feat. Dealing with constructs such as threads and locks and avoiding issues like race conditions and deadlocks can be quite cumbersome, making concurrent programs difficult to write. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Marko Dvečko gives us an overview of some concurrent programming models. He explains how each of these models gives structure to the programs we write and shows how to avoid certain concurrency issues that can come with these models.


  • Languages

    Apex, APEX Code, Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, HTML5, Erlang, Haskell, Scala
  • Frameworks

    Visualforce, Lightning Components, Spring, Adobe Flex
  • Libraries/APIs

    Salesforce API, React, RxJS
  • Tools

    Visualforce Pages, Salesforce Dataloader, Migration Tool, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Actor Programming, Reactive Programming
  • Platforms

  • Other

    HTML5 XSeries Certification, Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification, Developer Certification, Service Cloud Certification, Sales Cloud Certification, Certified Salesforce Administrator


  • Master's Degree in Industrial Electronics
    1997 - 2002
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb

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