Marko Mišura, JavaScript Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Marko Mišura

JavaScript Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since June 19, 2016
Marko is a full-stack software engineer with over six years of professional experience working in various positions. He is a responsible individual with a passion for writing optimized code while keeping the client's best interests in mind. Marko has experience planning, developing, and maintaining software products during the entire product's lifespan. Marko is used to very demanding roles with high levels of responsibility and expectations.
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Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, PyCharm, WebStorm, OS X

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is an AI swarm algorithm simulator for efficient inspection of a wind farm on sea surfaces written in MATLAB.


  • Front-end Tech Lead

    2020 - PRESENT
    Advertise Purple
    • Developed, planned, and maintained scalable solutions as a front-end tech lead to meet the client's business requirements for a company internal app and a SaaS platform, built using Angular.
    • Planned and developed reusable, scalable solutions for the two apps. One of which I previously helped roll out as an MVP as a part of the Toptal projects' team.
    • Worked on the set up of the system's scalable infrastructure using AWS EC2 instances, security groups, load balancers, target groups, AWS Route 53 domain and certificates registration, IP address safe listing per client's request, and many more.
    • Participated in planning technical solutions for the entire system, API design in coordination with the back-end team.
    • Upgraded the Angular version of the app from v8 to v10, keeping in mind all the dependencies such as updating Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout, among others.
    • Conducted the interview and selection process to hire a new candidate.
    • Supervised other people's code and pull requests going into the project.
    • Integrated Mixpanel into a front-end project to track user behavior and events using Mixpanel best practice guides.
    • Used NGXS, an Angular state management library based on Redux patterns on the SaaS platform.
    • Set up a CI/CD code delivery pipeline on multiple testing and production environments for the SaaS platform product using AWS EC2, Ansible, Docker, Bitbucket pipelines, including a set up of AWS load balancers and security target groups.
    Technologies: Jira, Redux-observable, RxJS, jQuery, Luxon, Moment.js, Angular Flex Layout, Angular Material, Bitbucket Pipelines, Bitbucket, Docker Compose, Docker, Ansible, Angular CLI, Angular, Mixpanel, NGXS, Architecture, Authentication, Authorization, AWS, AWS Route 53, Load Balancers
  • Front-end Software Engineer

    2020 - 2020
    Airlines Industry Project (via Toptal)
    • Worked as a part of the team as a front-end software engineer using modern CI/CD methodologies.
    • Communicated with the client daily and participated in architectural decision-making.
    • Used Angular CLI to manage the parts and pieces of the project.
    • Organized page content using Bootstrap 4 with a Flex layout.
    • Styled the content on front-end pages using SCSS language.
    • Built reusable components such as a table based on the PrimeNG library.
    • Built a reusable bar chart using the D3.js visualization library.
    • Used RxJS operators and observables, which helped build stores for synchronized data manipulation throughout the application.
    Technologies: GitHub, D3.js, Docker, SCSS, RxJS, PrimeNG, Angular Flex Layout, Bootstrap, Angular CLI, Angular
  • Front-end Software Engineer

    2020 - 2020
    Financial Industry Project (via Toptal)
    • Worked as a part of the Toptal Projects team as a front-end software engineer under agile and scrum biweekly iterations.
    • Managed all parts of the project using Angular CLI.
    • Organized page content using Bootstrap 4 with Flex Layout.
    • Deployed the app on the Google Cloud Run using Docker images.
    • Set up triggers for automatic application unit testing and deployment using Google Cloud Build.
    • Styled and organized the content on pages using Sass.
    • Displayed data using PrimeNG components such as TabView and Table.
    • Used multiple RxJS types of subjects, operators, and observables.
    • Generated and maintained the project documentation using TypeDoc.
    Technologies: GitHub, Jasmine, Karma, Google Cloud Build, Google Cloud, Docker, Documentation, Sass, RxJS, PrimeNG, Bootstrap, Angular CLI, Angular
  • Front-end Software Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    Advertise Purple
    • Worked at the Toptal Projects team as a front-end software engineer under agile, scrum biweekly iterations. Used Jira for task management and delivered software daily using an agile scrum process.
    • Designed and set up the architecture of the front-end app, set up a CI/CD pipeline with unit tests checking and multiple environments deployment on branch push, and managed a developer and approved his work.
    • Automated the steps for application deployment with Ansible, starting from an empty server to a fully deployed application in a docker container. Used Bitbucket as a Git repository and Bitbucket pipelines to run unit tests and Ansible scripts.
    • Implemented Docker and Docker Compose for the containerized deployment of the app using Nginx as the webserver. Used AWS EC2 instances to host the Docker containers with the application and elastic IP addresses assigned to them.
    • Used Angular Material as a supporting library for the application design, look and feel. Also used Flex-Layout as a supporting library to organize content on the pages.
    • Created a reusable interactive multiple line chart with D3.js, used RxJS operators, subjects and observables, and styled the page contents using SCSS.
    • Used Google Analytics to track user data on the front-end application.
    • Wrote unit tests with the help of Jasmine and Karma.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jira, Angular CLI, Jasmine, Karma, Google Analytics, Bitbucket Pipelines, NGINX, AWS, Ansible, Docker Compose, Docker, SCSS, D3.js, RxJS, Angular Flex Layout, Angular Material, Angular
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2017 - 2019
    Healthcare Industry Project (via Toptal)
    • Communicated with the client and participated in the technical design of features modeled after the client's business processes.
    • Designed and implemented MongoDB collections and documents to support the business processes.
    • Designed and implemented web service REST APIs to support the client's business processes (used Node.js).
    • Designed and implemented a responsive UI as per client needs (used AngularJS and Angular 7).
    • Designed and implemented the integration of the client's system with SharePoint.
    • Designed and implemented the integration of the client's system with a third-party custom system using OAuth2 security standards. The integration module allowed for login via passwords, client credentials, refresh tokens and authorization code.
    • Designed, implemented, and maintained features on the system keeping in mind backward compatibility with old data in the system and making the transitions using migration scripts.
    • Designed and implemented a scheduler as per client needs with the help of Heroku plugins.
    • Designed and implemented email sending features using HTML, CSS, and EJS.
    • Designed and implemented an error-logging infrastructure using Sentry web service.
    • Designed and implemented PDF report generation using HTML, CSS, EJS, and HTML-PDF library.
    • Wrote unit tests with the help of Jasmine and Karma.
    • Used the Heroku platform for system deployment and application monitoring, scaling the system as necessary per client needs.
    • Handled issues with domain registration and SSL certificates for the system.
    • Worked as a part of the team using Git as a VCS.
    Technologies: Angular CLI, Slack, Sentry, Heroku, Angular, AngularJS, Express.js, MongoDB, ECMAScript (ES6), Node.js, JavaScript
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2016 - 2018
    • Designed and implemented systems architecture on multiple back-end and front-end projects using technologies such as Node.js, Django Python, and Angular 4.
    • Designed and implemented a web service for the integration of a Shopify web store and a custom-made ERP system using Django Python.
    • Designed and implemented asynchronous tasks which were used to synchronize data between a Shopify web store and an ERP system using Django Python, Celery, Redis and PostgreSQL.
    • Designed and implemented PostgreSQL database schemas and MongoDB collections in multiple projects.
    • Designed and implemented the automatized deployment of web systems using BitBucket pipelines (on branch push).
    • Written Ansible playbooks to prepare various environments (development, stage, or production) for system deployment (used DigitalOcean droplets as servers).
    • Wrote Docker images and used Docker-Compose for containerized system deployment.
    • Designed and implemented a cache system using Redis.
    • Designed and implemented security mechanisms based on JWT tokens and optionally keeping track of sessions on the back end, depending on the project.
    • Setup Nginx web servers in Docker images in combination with Gunicorn (Django) or PM2 (Node.js).
    • Designed and implemented smoke tests on some of the projects using Mocha or Chai for Node.js and Karma for Angular 4.
    • Handled domain registration and SSL certificates on some of the projects (they were served using Nginx).
    • Used Stripe on an Angular 4 project for handling user credit card data and payments.
    • Worked as a part of the team using Git as a VCS.
    Technologies: JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Python, Django, Pusher, SSL, Celery, Heroku, Gunicorn, NGINX, Docker, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Git, Canvas, Shopify, Stripe, jQuery, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, AngularJS, Express.js, JavaScript, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Front-end Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    D3.js Charting Library (via Toptal)
    • Used vanilla JavaScript and D3.js.
    • Designed and implemented a charting library containing 12 different charts.
    • Used advanced concepts and design patterns for library robustness such as the revealing module pattern based on JavaScript closures.
    Technologies: GitFlow, GitHub, Git, D3.js, JavaScript
  • Software Developer

    2015 - 2016
    • Designed and implemented features for various clients by using C/AL for development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
    • Designed and implemented RDLC reports with Visual Studio and Report Builder.
    • Designed and implemented an integration between MS Navision and a third-party system by exchanging creating and managing XML files on an FTP server.
    • Used Beyond Compare as a diff tool.
    • Used OpenXML for Excel file generation in a .NET app.
    • Used Microsoft SQL Server as a RDBMS.
    • Designed and implemented a small travel expenses module in Navision.
    • Used SQL for database queries.
    Technologies: Navision, FTP, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Freelance Software Engineer

    2015 - 2016
    Various Smaller Projects
    • Designed and implemented multiple smaller web applications with MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.
    • Designed and implemented simulations and various calculations for a distributed intelligence (AI) algorithm with MATLAB and implemented a GUI for tracking the status of the simulations.
    • Used Chart.js to visualize server hardware statistics.
    • Used GitHub and Git for version control.
    • Used .NET and WPF to implement multiple smaller size desktop applications for Windows OS.
    • Used MS Access as a RDBMS.
    Technologies: Chart.js, Python, Matplotlib, MATLAB, SQL, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), .NET, Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js, MongoDB
  • Full-stack Software Engineer

    2013 - 2015
    • Designed and wrote implementations of multiple MVC web applications using Groovy on Rails framework.
    • Performed database table manipulations using GORM (Groovy Object Relational Mapping).
    • Used GSP (Groovy Server Pages) templating language on the front end.
    • Implemented page responsiveness using Bootstrap 3.
    • Developed front-end apps with jQuery and AngularJS.
    • Created data visualizations using D3.js and Chart.js.
    • Used Git as a VCS (version control system) and Bitbucket as a code repository.
    • Used MySQL as a RDBMS in a Grails application for storing data.
    • Used AWS APIs to create EC2 instances, register domains, and set up a vagrant image on them.
    • Implemented an authentication system on multiple apps using Spring Security.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Groovy, Git, D3.js, Python, AWS, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Spring Security


  • Warehouse Automation Project

    I designed and implemented an algorithm in a web application that controls robot movements on rails in a warehouse. It was meant to help warehouse workers move heavy cargo in an automatized and time-efficient manner. The algorithm was tested in a real environment with multiple robots being used simultaneously.

    Technologies: Groovy on Rails, MySQL, Groovy, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, GORM, GSP

  • Healthcare Industry Project

    I worked as part of a team on a healthcare project which served as an evaluation tool for medical staff in the USA. It was a key role that required daily communication with the client as we worked on designing functional and technical requirements of the system, designing and implementing those solutions, and then maintaining them later on. The system is still in use today.

    Technologies: Node.js, AngularJS, Angular 7, Angular CLI, Express.js, MongoDB, Heroku, Sentry

  • Business Intelligence Platform

    I designed and implemented a front-end application of a business intelligence platform that was used to analyze aggregated data over a long period of time from dozens of different sources using a multi-layered architecture with multiple layers of reusable components.

    I managed another developer during the development and participated in decision-making with other developers on the team. A lot of components were designed in a reusable manner using the smart/dumb components methodology.

    I also designed and implemented an interactive multiple line chart using the D3.js library for visualizations.

    Angular 8, Angular Material, Flex-Layout, RxJS, D3.js, SCSS, Docker, Docker Compose, Ansible, AWS, Nginx, BitBucket pipelines, Google Analytics, Karma, Jasmine, Angular CLI, Jira

  • Artificial Intelligence Project

    I created a 2D simulator with a GUI in MATLAB for a swarm algorithm (distributed intelligence) where N robots were released into a dynamically created environment: simulating a wind farm on a sea surface, and inspecting each of the windmills in a time-efficient manner. I used various cool algorithms such as A* and BFS, also used dynamic programming concepts for performance optimizations.

    The robots acted as single units, not knowing what the other was doing at any given time. They had to communicate with each other both directly (when and if they meet) and by using the environment (stigmergy) exchanging newly gathered data.

    Technologies: MATLAB

  • CRM Project

    I designed and implemented a Windows desktop application which serves as a simpler version of a CRM which shows all the client data retrieved from the company's Microsoft SQL Server database.

    Technologies: WPF, .NET

  • D3.js Charting Library

    I designed and implemented a robust visualisation JS library containing 12 different charts.

    The basic idea was to create a robust library that receives a config (or multiple configs) and creates all of the requested charts based on their configurations on a given HTML page.

    The charts were robust, independent of one another, you could update their data, and see it in real time with cool animations. The charts were also responsive to different screen sizes.

    Technologies: Vanilla JS, D3.js

  • Web Store | ERP Integration Project

    I designed and implemented a REST API back-end service used for the synchronization of data between a Shopify web store and an old legacy ERP system. It registered domains for deployment servers, setup Docker containers, used Docker-Compose for the integration of Docker containers, set up Nginx, set up SSL certificates on Nginx, and automated deployment using Bitbucket pipelines.

    Technologies: Django-Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Docker-Compose, Bitbucket Pipelines, Nginx, Gunicorn, Redis, Celery, JavaScript, jQuery, Shopify (Liquid and Shopify Webhooks)

  • Financial Industry Project

    I worked as a front-end software engineer on a project for the stock exchange, designing and implementing a robust architecture of the frontend app using multiple layers of reusable components to drastically reduce the codebase.

    Technologies: Angular 8, Angular CLI, GCP, GitHub, Docker

  • Airlines Industry Project

    An airlines industry project which is used as an optimisation tool for airline companies recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. The system generated optimised schedules for airlines generated from the imported schedules which the user uploaded into the system. The user was then able to compare any 2 schedules (either imported or generated) and view all of the improvements made by the tool. I worked on the frontend application written in Angular 8 where I worked on data visualisations and general UX of the frontend application.

    Technologies: Angular 8, Angular CLI, AWS, GitHub, Docker

  • The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns (Publication)
    As a good JavaScript developer, you strive to write clean, healthy, and maintainable code. While you solve interesting and unique challenges, you’ve likely found that you’re often writing code that looks similar to the code for an entirely different problem you’ve handled before. You may not know it, but you’ve used a design pattern.


  • Languages

    Python, HTML5, TypeScript, CSS3, XML, JavaScript, Java, CSS, Sass, SCSS, HTML, ECMAScript (ES6), SQL, C#, Groovy
  • Frameworks

    Bootstrap, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, Angular, Angular Material, Django, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Express.js, OAuth 2, Spring Security, Jasmine, Gorm, Grails, .NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    Angular Flex Layout, RxJS, EJS, API Development, Node.js, MDBootstrap, REST APIs, D3.js, jQuery, Chart.js, Stripe, Pusher, Moment.js, PrimeNG, Matplotlib
  • Tools

    Slack, Angular CLI, PyCharm, Git, WebStorm, Bitbucket, Karma, Docker Compose, Jira, MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, Sentry, Celery, GitLab, GitHub, Navision, Canvas, NGINX, Google Analytics, Ansible, Groovy Grails Tool Suite, Microsoft Access
  • Paradigms

    JavaScript Design Patterns, Imperative Programming, REST, MEAN Stack, Model View Controller (MVC), Scrum, Design Patterns, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Requirements Analysis, Web Architecture, DevOps
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Heroku, OS X, Linux, Docker, Windows, Shopify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mixpanel
  • Storage

    MongoDB, PostgreSQL, JSON, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Google Cloud, OpenXML
  • Other

    Full-stack, Back-end Development, Visualization, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Technical Leadership, Data Visualization, Bitbucket Pipelines, Luxon, Redux-observable, Architecture, Authentication, NGXS, FTP, Gunicorn, SSL, GitFlow, Documentation, Google Cloud Build, AWS, Authorization, AWS Route 53, Load Balancers
  • Industry Expertise

    Healthcare, Marketing


  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2013 - 2015
    University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - Split, Croatia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2010 - 2013
    University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - Split, Croatia


  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
    MITx | edX

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