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Martin Tsachev

Martin Tsachev

Tarragona, Spain
Member since July 9, 2015
Martin is a passionate engineer, always focused on results and great customer experience. He enjoys automation and improving processes. His experience includes working in small teams and also in the world-leading, 365/7/24 environment at Amazon (voted #1 in customer satisfaction each year for the last 10 years in the US). He has 12 years of professional experience, and 23 when personal projects are included.
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  • MySQL, 15 years
  • System Administration, 15 years
  • Linux, 15 years
  • Task Automation, 14 years
  • Nginx, 8 years
  • Python, 7 years
  • DevOps, 4 years
  • Model View Presenter (MVP), 3 years
Tarragona, Spain
Preferred Environment
Ubuntu Linux, Python, PyCharm, MC, Git
The most amazing...
...automation I've created is a provisioning tool for Amazon to save 1600 hours of manual engineering work in the first 6 months.
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Improved load speed of slow pages up to 90% and 50% on average (Q4 shopping season availability).
    • Integrated new lenders.
    • Improved and more flexible reports of loans.
    • Enhanced the admin area and added new functionality.
    • Improved system administration.
    Technologies: Python, MongoDB, CouchDB
  • Systems Engineer II - Network Monitoring
    2013 - 2014
    • Built automated provisioning of an SNMP monitoring system (to save 1600 hours of manual engineer work in the first 6 months).
    • Streamlined tools for provisioning and managing the SNMP monitoring system.
    • Created, improved, and aggregated metrics + dashboards for SNMP monitoring system health.
    • Created SNMP monitoring system runbooks.
    • Streamlined deployments and deployed using remote hands in ITAR (US Government International Traffic in Arms Regulations) with private customer cloud networks (CIA).
    • Utilized Kanban and Agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development style.
    Technologies: Python
  • Systems Engineer - Network Monitoring
    2012 - 2013
    • Created a system for managing the discovery of network devices - daily rediscovery, priority (re)discovery, device credentials rotation (allowed us to increase maximum number of devices monitored by a host from 150 to 500).
    • Conducted performance testing and optimization of a new third-party SNMP monitoring system.
    • Communicated with third-party vendors of the new SNMP monitoring system, both technical and management.
    • Integrated third-party SNMP monitoring systems with the Amazon provisioning system.
    • Utilized Kanban and Agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development style.
    Technologies: Python, Perl, MySQL
  • Systems Engineer - Computing Systems Infrastructure
    2011 - 2012
    • Owned a shift reporter tool.
    • Engineered datacenter operations metrics and tools.
    • Oversaw the internal Amazon Web Services (AWS) dashboard.
    • Updated CFEngine policies deployed on all Amazon retail.
    • Upgraded Amazon retail DNS (excluding Route 53) software, including automation improvement and key upgrades.
    • On call for Amazon retail DNS, LDAP, tape backups, and vendor FTP (retail product images and digital media).
    Technologies: Perl, Python, MySQL, CFEngine
  • Lead Web Developer and System Administrator
    2002 - 2010
    • Conceived and implemented fully-automated provisioning of new customer websites.
    • Decreased server load up to 4 times by switching server technologies.
    • Increased maximum request rate up to 3 times by utilizing server and client side caching.
    • Saved 120 hours of manual work per year by automating server provisioning.
    • Oversaw the successful migration from RedHat and RHEL to FreeBSD.
    • Automated system administration and monitoring with Perl and bash shell scripts.
    Technologies: PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Memcached
  • Deployment Automation for SNMP Monitoring System (Development)

    At Amazon, I created a provisioning tool for an SNMP monitoring system. It saved 4-12h of Systems Engineer/Software Development Engineer (SE/SDE) manual work per install with about 200 pairs scheduled to be installed in the first 6 months. Designed to also support remote hands installs for high security network areas (US GovCloud, CIA private cloud). It acted as a wrapper around the internal deployment system which required work to handle third-party products. The tool was designed to do everything from partitioning the disk, bootstrapping the system and installing the deployment system client to post-install validation and updating dashboards. The design is idempotent and it was also used for base lining existing installs (about 100 pairs). Originally, when I joined the team 21 months earlier, setting up an install of this system required 16-24h of manual SE/SDE work and I led the automation that brought this down to the 4-12h range and made it possible to even automate fully. Written in Python.

  • Network Device Discovery Manager (Development)

    At Amazon, I created a system that performs managed discovery and re-discovery of network devices and includes them in the SNMP monitoring system. This allowed us to increase the number of monitored network devices from a single host from 150 with vendor optimized configuration to 500 while actually decreasing monitoring lag and keeping it well under SLA (Service Level Agreement). I added support for priority discovery or re-discovery of network devices after Network Engineers have performed a change in the network. For increased availability, the monitoring system runs in Active/Active mode, i.e. every network device is being actively monitored by 2 hosts (with alarm de-duplication). The discovery manager also runs in Active/Active mode without locking and with minimal state. Integrated with Amazon's SNMP credential rotation system. Written in Python.

  • Automated Provisioning of New Customer Websites (Development)

    Enabled fully automated provisioning of new customer websites in order to allow the marketing of a free product edition that requires no manual work at all and save work for paid customer installs. Automated bandwidth accounting and quota cutoffs or bandwidth surcharge depending on package. Worked as part of a team, implemented the API calls and back-end, but not the user interface. Written in PHP and MySQL.

  • Frameworks
    Bottle, Jinja, CFEngine, Flask, Django
  • Tools
    Nginx, Apache, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Git, CVS, Subversion (SVN), Vagrant, Perforce
  • Paradigms
    DevOps, Kanban, Model View Presenter (MVP), Scrum
  • Platforms
    Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Xen
  • Storage
    MySQL, AWS S3, MongoDB
  • Other
    System Administration, Task Automation, AWS Route 53, Lean Development, DNS, Payment Gateways
  • Languages
    Python, PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Libraries/APIs
  • B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering
    2000 - 2003
    Rusenski Universitet - Ruse, Bulgaria
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