Neal Barnett, Software Developer in Los Gatos, CA, United States
Neal Barnett

Software Developer in Los Gatos, CA, United States

Member since March 28, 2019
Neal is a senior consultant and database expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and over two decades of experience to the table. He is well versed in security, performance optimization, upgrades, platform configuration, and schema changes. He has touched every aspect of database handling, from architecture and hands-on development to project management.
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Los Gatos, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET, pgAdmin, AWS, Azure, Linux, Windows, Microsoft SQL Server

The most amazing...

...database project I've worked on was one which enabled legal wine-shipping throughout the US.


  • Database Architect, Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    Reliable IT
    • Developed a web-scraping tool using Python.
    • Supported scraping data both from standard web pages and containing download links to zip files.
    • Used Python to download zip files, extract CSV files from them and read the data.
    • Used T-SQL to retrieve scraped data and insert it into the database.
    • Created a scheduled job to run routine hourly, and retrieve any new data.
    Technologies: Python, SQL Server 2017, T-SQL
  • Database Architect, Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Updated, and optimized an intelligent file transfer application with a SQL database back end.
    • Used a variety of tools, and techniques to make routines run more quickly, and efficiently.
    • Created reporting tables to increase reports by up to 80%.
    • Scripted nightly tasks to summarize the daily information for a quicker output.
    Technologies: SQL Server 2016
  • Database DBA, Application Developer, Project Manager

    2015 - PRESENT
    SSI Investment Management
    • Managed and administered multiple SQL Server instances.
    • Managed and updated the company website, including the database back end.
    • Oversaw the development of the portfolio management, and trading applications.
    Technologies: Delphi, .NET, T-SQL, SQL Server 2012
  • Database DBA, Website Developer, App Developer

    2015 - PRESENT
    Preferred Convention Services, Inc.
    • Designed, and created the database schema.
    • Oversaw the database administration.
    • Developed a web application using .NET.
    • Designed, and developed the website.
    Technologies: Visual Studio, .NET, SQL Server 2017
  • Senior Database Administrator, Architect, Developer

    2008 - PRESENT
    FORT Systems
    • Designed, and created the database schema.
    • Oversaw the monitoring, upgrades, security, backups, and archiving for the database.
    • Developed the database with a focus on queries, stored procedures, views, and performance optimization.
    Technologies: T-SQL, SQL, SQL Server 2016
  • PostgreSQL Architect, and Developer

    2019 - 2019
    • Optimized a very large database.
    • Added missing indexes, optimized queries, and suggested schema changes.
    • Improved the platform configuration to allow the database to run more optimally.
    Technologies: Heroku, pgAdmin, PostgreSQL


  • Python Web Scrape into SQL Server

    Scraped both file download links (zip files containing CSV files) and standard web pages using Python, then script inserts into database tables, formatting data as added. Used setup tables to run scripts with parameters.

  • Tableau Reports for TV Audience Analysis

    The information was collected from Smart TV users and brought into a SQL database, then matched again with public entertainment databases to analyze viewer behaviors and patterns. Data was modeled and interactive charts were created to display analyses and drill down into specific groupings and characteristics.

  • Modern Web Scraping with Python and Selenium (Publication)
    Web scraping has been around since the early days of the World Wide Web, but scraping modern sites that heavily rely on new technologies is anything but straightforward. In this article, Toptal Software Developer Neal Barnett demonstrates how you can use Python and Selenium to scrape sites that employ a lot of JavaScript, iframes, and certificates.
  • An Intro to SQL Window Functions (Publication)
    SQL window functions are calculation functions similar to aggregate functions but, unlike normal aggregate functions like "group by," have access to individual rows and can even add some of their attributes into the result set. In this article, Toptal Freelance SQL Developer Neal Barnett explains the benefits of SQL functions, describes when you’d use them, and gives you real examples to help with the concepts.


  • Languages

    Delphi 7, SQL, T-SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, Delphi, PHP, C#, JavaScript
  • Tools

    Adobe CQ, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Jira, SSRS, Adobe ColdFusion, GitHub, Visual Studio, pgAdmin
  • Platforms

    Windows Server, WordPress, Joomla, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linux, Azure, Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Database Administration (DBA), Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2012, Databases, SQL CLR
  • Industry Expertise

    Project Management, Security
  • Other

    Performance Optimization, CIO, Machine Learning, Data Queries, APIs, International Affairs, Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, AWS, Reporting, BI Reporting, Import/Export, Business Administration
  • Frameworks

    Genesis Framework, .NET, Ruby on Rails 5
  • Paradigms

    Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Libraries/APIs



  • Masters's Degree in Business Administration
    2000 - 2001
    University of San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
  • Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science
    1980 - 1984
    UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA


  • Microsoft MCSA
  • Public Speaking Certification
    Dale Carnegie

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