Oliver Walerys, Single-page Applications (SPA) Developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oliver Walerys

Single-page Applications (SPA) Developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Member since October 14, 2019
Oliver is a senior software architect and full-stack web developer with seven years of experience delivering software from quick-release MVPs to million-user web apps. His experience spans various industries, including education, travel, health, and social media. Oliver prides himself on reliable communication and high-quality deliverables.
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  • Vue 6 years
  • ECMAScript (ES6) 5 years
  • Single-page Applications (SPA) 5 years
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 4 years
  • TypeScript 4 years
  • Technical Leadership 3 years
  • Node.js 3 years
  • Web Scraping 2 years


Amsterdam, Netherlands



Preferred Environment

VS Code, MacOS, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Vue, Node.js, PHP, DigitalOcean

The most amazing...

...software I architected was a web-based, real-time collaborative learning tool for digital training during the pandemic.


  • Full-Stack Software Architect

    2021 - PRESENT
    Multinational Management Consultancy
    • Architected the next-gen multiplayer web platform to decrease response times by 80% on a collaborative remote learning tool.
    • Coordinated with product and design to rebuild a legacy app for a scaled delivery.
    • Mentored developers to transition to web development with Vue.js.
    Technologies: TypeScript, Sockets, Vue, Drone CI, Continuous Delivery (CD), Realtime, Integration Testing, Tailwind CSS, Responsive, Technical Leadership
  • Full-stack Software Consultant

    2016 - PRESENT
    Codename Labs
    • Created a dashboard-style platform for restauranteurs to monitor the performance of their online delivery orders across marketplaces.
    • Prototyped a cross-platform mobile application for the aviation industry to digitize cockpit activities for small-plane pilots.
    • Developed order-processing software for a uniforms distributor that reduced order processing time by 90% and handled over $10,000 in sales volume per month.
    • Overhauled a leading Canadian influencer advertising platform.
    Technologies: Firebase, Cross-platform, Dart, Flutter, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Laravel, Single-page Applications (SPA), React, Vue, ECMAScript (ES6), Node.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Technical Leadership
  • Full-stack TypeScript Developer

    2018 - 2019
    Tactio Health Group
    • Architected a modular single-page app stack to replace legacy web architecture.
    • Mentored junior developers to become capable contributors to the new web stack while codifying best practices.
    • Audited back-end security practices and initiated a major rewrite to ensure strict compliance with health data regulations.
    Technologies: JSON Web Tokens (JWT), InversifyJS, Express.js, Node.js, ES8, Vue, TypeScript, Technical Leadership
  • Full-stack Web Developer and Initiative Owner

    2016 - 2018
    • Overhauled a failure-prone, outdated, and mission-critical revenue calculator to reduce annual errors by over 90%, resulting in savings of $500,000.
    • Developed a user-friendly single-page web app for which we hired a team of 12 quality assurance agents.
    • Optimized an internal booking search tool to reduce average response time from seven seconds to 300 milliseconds with a significant MySQL load decrease.
    • Led the initial implementation of BI by developing real-time dashboards, administering SiSense, and training other teams for it.
    • Balanced expectations across departments while writing specifications and delivering quality.
    Technologies: Sisense, MySQL, Single-page Applications (SPA), Vue, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, PHP, Technical Leadership


  • Acelerate

    Acelerate empowers restauranteurs to make sense of their delivery business through a bespoke platform that gives them visibility on performance across food delivery marketplaces. I delivered a distributed scraping system with a React web portal for this engagement.

  • 66Agency

    Canada's leading influencer advertising platform allows marketers to partner with top Instagram talent across the country.

  • Captain's Numbers

    Captain's Numbers is a mobile application designed to make flight-planning easier for small-plane pilots.


  • Languages

    PHP, TypeScript, CSS, PHP 7, ECMAScript (ES6), HTML, ES8, ES7, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, Dart, Python
  • Frameworks

    JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Laravel, Bootstrap 3, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, Bootstrap, Flutter, Electron, Nuxt.js, Express.js, Angular, Realtime, Flask
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Vue 2, Vuex, Vue, React, InversifyJS, Puppeteer, Plaid API, REST APIs, Sockets
  • Tools

    Sisense, NPM, Git, GitHub, Plaid, Webpack, Webpack 4, VS Code, PhpStorm, Vagrant, Composer
  • Paradigms

    RESTful Development, Reactive Programming, REST, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Responsive, Testing, Agile, Mobile Development, DevOps, Cross-platform
  • Platforms

    Linux, Docker, Ubuntu, Visual Studio Code, DigitalOcean, iOS, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Mapbox, Azure, MacOS, Ubuntu Linux, Drone CI, Kubernetes
  • Storage

    JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Databases, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, Google Cloud
  • Other

    Front-end, Vue-router, Single-page Applications (SPA), RESTful APIs, Web Scraping, Web Development, Full-stack, Containers, Integration Testing, Responsive Web Apps, APIs, Responsive UI, Proxies, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Technical Leadership, Cloud, Software Architecture, Queue Management, Mobile App Development, AWS, WebSockets, Architecture, Maps, Flinks, Webhook, CTO


  • Internet Business Associate

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