Paul Young, Swift Developer in San Francisco, United States
Paul Young

Swift Developer in San Francisco, United States

Member since August 1, 2016
Paul has been a professional software developer for over 30 years—predominantly as a freelancer on a wide range of projects with a focus on native mobile iOS and Android app development. Paul is diligent, communicates well, and loves solving hard problems.
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  • Voodle Inc
    Kotlin, Swift, Android, iOS, UIKit, SwiftUI, Figma, AWS Lambda, JavaScript...
  • Freelance Work
    C++, MacOS, iOS, Android, Swift, Java, UIKit, JavaScript, Amazon Cognito...
  • Adobe Systems Inc
    Windows, MacOS, C++, Management, Mobile Apps



San Francisco, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Xcode, Swift, iOS, Android Studio

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a LAN-based idle-time distributed 3D rendering system before anyone knew how to do that.


  • Software Architext

    2018 - PRESENT
    Voodle Inc
    • Developed fully native iOS and Android apps for a short video messaging platform with extensive native camera and video playback support.
    • Constructed and maintained a pipeline infrastructure for video processing with an AWS back-end Python server via Fargate, Lambda, S3, and Amazon DocumentDB.
    • Built the full-stack dynamic live data architecture, including native push notifications for Apple and GCM via Amazon SNS and Pusher WebSockets layer, on-device SQLite, and fully dynamic responsive UX.
    Technologies: Kotlin, Swift, Android, iOS, UIKit, SwiftUI, Figma, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Amazon CloudWatch, MongoDB, Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DocumentDB, TypeScript, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Architecture, Combine, AVFoundation, SQLite, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), JSON, Mobile Apps
  • Software Developer

    2006 - PRESENT
    Freelance Work
    • Built native mobile iOS and Android apps for USA Cycling.
    • Developed an iPad application providing medical questionnaires for at-risk-youth for Shift Heath Paradigms.
    • Created the server-side architecture for music artist/event/venue multi-source data collection for SonicLiving.
    • Implemented the "Postcards From The Future" iPhone app for Intel (developed by Moderati Inc).
    • Developed a party-planning iPhone app for
    • Developed BulletProof, a digital asset management application for Red Giant Software.
    • Created an iPad video playback and asset management app for Adobe Systems Inc.
    Technologies: C++, MacOS, iOS, Android, Swift, Java, UIKit, JavaScript, Amazon Cognito, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), AVFoundation, Mobile Apps
  • Senior Software Engineer | Engineering Manager

    2002 - 2006
    Adobe Systems Inc
    • Worked as one of the lead engineers on the Premiere Pro team.
    • Managed a team of 20 engineers in multiple North American locations for two years; had a dotted-line reporting relationship to an additional engineering team in NOIDA, India.
    • Managed the release cycle and bug review process with product management, including multiple major and minor update releases.
    Technologies: Windows, MacOS, C++, Management, Mobile Apps
  • Software Developer

    2000 - 2002
    Freelance Work
    • Developed a 3D Studio Max plugin for Viewpoint Inc.
    • Created feature work on the Commotion image composition software for Puffin Inc.
    Technologies: C++, Mobile Apps
  • Software Engineer

    1999 - 2000
    • Developed a reverse auction engine for small business services.
    • Developed an in-house CRM system for customer lead tracking.
    Technologies: SQL, JSP
  • Software Developer

    1995 - 1999
    Freelance Work
    • Developed a resume database for Stanford GSB & Apple Computer.
    • Developed an feature update for a BackBurner 3D distributed rendering system.
    • Created MySQL database processing scripts for Digital Impact.
    Technologies: SQL, C++
  • Software Engineer | Director of R&D

    1990 - 1994
    Specular International
    • Developed Infini-D 3D animation software.
    • Developed BackBurner distributed rendering software.
    • Developed Collage 2D compositing software.
    Technologies: MacOS


  • Voodle Video Messenger App

    A multiplatform mobile and web app for sharing short video messages. I developed the fully native iOS and Android apps and helped design and implement the back-end architecture running on a multitude of AWS services.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    I acted as lead architect and engineering manager over the course of several Mac and Windows releases of Adobe's flagship desktop digital video editing platform. I also represented Adobe at trade shows and high-value customer meetings.

  • Specular Infini-D

    Groundbreaking 3-D Animation software for Macintosh.

  • Generating transitions for remapping video playback time

    One of two patents related to a non-linear time remapping feature I worked on for Adobe Premiere Pro for variable super-slow motion/fast motion video manipulation. Setting aside the political question of the value of software patents, this was an amazing project to work on.


    Reverse auction demand aggregation platform for small business services.

  • iPhone Application

    Developed the iOS front-end for the Party Planning & Invitations Management service.

  • A Guide to CloudKit: How to Sync User Data Across iOS Devices (Publication)
    Modern mobile application development requires a well thought-out plan for keeping user data in sync across various devices. This is a thorny problem with many gotchas and pitfalls, but users expect the feature and expect it to work well. For iOS and macOS, Apple provides a robust toolkit, called CloudKit API, which allows developers targeting Apple platforms to solve this synchronization problem. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Paul Young demonstrate how to use CloudKit to keep a user’s data in sync between multiple clients.


  • Languages

    Swift 3, Swift, C++, Swift 2, Objective-C, C, Kotlin, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, TypeScript
  • Frameworks

    CloudKit, UIKit, Cocoa, SwiftUI, JSP
  • Platforms

    iCloud, iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS, AWS Lambda, Firebase, Windows, Amazon EC2, Linux
  • Storage

    Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MongoDB, SQLite, JSON, MySQL
  • Other

    Freelancing, Software Development, Architecture, Mobile Apps, DocumentDB, Combine, AVFoundation, Video Streaming
  • Tools

    Xcode, Android Studio, Git, Figma, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Cognito
  • Paradigms

    REST, Concurrent Programming, Management, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM)
  • Libraries/APIs

    Twitter API


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business
    1994 - 1996
    Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA (USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film & Computer Animation
    1986 - 1990
    Hampshire College - Amherst, MA (USA)

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