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Sergey Moiseev

Sergey Moiseev

Tallinn, Estonia
Member since March 23, 2014
Sergey is a full-stack software engineer with experience developing complex web projects. He has extensive skills as an analyst and with gathering requirements for project development. He boasts practical experience in all levels of participation from full-stack developer to team lead/CTO. He is a top 5% answerer for AngularJS on StackOverflow, and top 10% on Ruby on Rails.
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  • Linux, 12 years
  • PostgreSQL, 12 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 9 years
  • Ruby, 9 years
  • RESTful Web Services, 7 years
  • AngularJS, 4 years
  • Angular Material, 2 years
  • MongoDB, 2 years
Tallinn, Estonia
Preferred Environment
Ruby, Rails, Angular
The most amazing...
...things I've done are migrations for projects of different kinds to newer frameworks and architectures, making them respond to business needs faster.
  • Full-stack Web Developer
    Everwill (via Toptal)
    2017 - 2017
    • Set up and moved to production AWS Elastic Beanstalk Multicontainer Docker configuration.
    • Built a new version of main company application on Angular 4.
    • Implemented flexible workflow engine for the application.
    Technologies: Angular 4, Ngrx, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Full-stack Web Developer
    International Technological University (via Toptal)
    2014 - 2017
    • Implemented ITU Bridge (a project to help students and alumni to apply for jobs at top companies).
    • Implemented ITU's own single sign-on solution, ITU ID.
    • Implemented ITU Student Relationship Management, a system for automation of data and documents collection process for admissions. The system included Stripe and SalesForce integrations.
    • Worked as a back-end Rails developer as well as an AngularJS front-end developer and DevOps for all mentioned projects.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Redux, MySQL
  • CTO
    Information Ideas
    2013 - 2014
    • Implemented a production-ready SPA job search site.
    • Formed a team of two developers to work on a project.
    • Built a set of AngularJS directives for competence tree rendering and selection.
    • Created a competence search engine on top of Redis.
    • Created a complex UI with interacting controls on top of AngularJS.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, AngularJS
  • Development Team Lead
    HeadHunter Group
    2012 - 2013
    • Implemented an online competence-based candidate search project in a small team of three developers.
    • Provided a full cycle of requirements analysis for the project.
    • Implemented property search on top of a Redis set intersection.
    • Built a RIA interface for a project using Backbone.js.
    • Created an automated competence pre-fill solution using candidate resumes as the data source.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Backbone.js
  • CTO
    KupiKupon Global
    2011 - 2012
    • Supported a high-load production environment for a daily deal site on top of Drupal.
    • Managed and implemented a new version of a site using Ruby on Rails.
    • Migrated all data to a new project and replaced the old project with the new one.
    • Formed a development team of ten developers.
    • Implemented a VoIP call center solution based on Asterisk PBX.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL
  • CTO
    Digital Distribution Center
    2008 - 2011
    • Formed a team and started an internal software development process in the company.
    • Moved an outsourced project with the support of a formed team and completed its development from early prototype to production ready version.
    • Managed a complete rewrite of the project from PHP to Ruby on Rails.
    • Created an in-house DRM for the project.
    • Applied Agile practices to the working process and set up a development cycle for the company.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, PHP, Flash, Flex, VMWare
  • Lead Developer, System Analyst, Head of R&D
    Chronopay B.V.
    2004 - 2008
    • Implemented integrations with Parex (, UCS (, and other payment providers.
    • Developed many improvements to the Chronopay PSP system. Included many new architectural improvements, integration processing, 3D secure implementation, etc.
    • Applied Agile practices in the working process and set up the development cycle for the company.
    • Provided analytical support for the work cycle of the R&D department. Provided a full cycle of business analysis for the company.
    • Managed a development team (five developers).
    • Provided support for three annual PCI DSS certifications.
    Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Mono
  • Lead SW Developer
    2000 - 2001
    • Developed (currently unavailable) from base technical requirements to product in use.
    • Managed a team of three developers in the process of developing
    • Developed modules for the Ayaxi main product ­Ayaxi Publisher, used in client installations.
    • Provided development analysis for the early stages of the President of Russia's website [].
    • Developed methods for outsourcing work support, code format requirements, and documentation format guides.
    Technologies: ASP, MS SQL
  • - Russian E-library (Development)

    I managed this project and wrote a large amount of its code.

  • Everwill (Development)

    Everwill Online Wizard experience was implemented using Angular 4 and Twitter Bootstrap 4. It's a responsive mobile first application with rich user interface.

  • An Angular 5 Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Your First Angular 5 App (Publication)
    Angular 5 is a new version of the Angular framework developed by Google. Angular 5 comes with improvements including optimized builds and faster compile times, but in this Angular 5 tutorial, we are going to build a notes app from scratch. If you’ve been waiting to learn Angular 5, this tutorial is for you.
  • Languages
    Ruby, SQL-99, UML, Sass, JavaScript, HTML5, CoffeeScript, Haml, CSS3
  • Frameworks
    Angular, Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS, Slim, Bootstrap, Angular Material, Factory Girl, Protractor, Redux
  • Libraries/APIs
    Devise, AngularUI, jQuery, Restangular, Sidekiq, API, Stripe API, Pundit, Backbone.js
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Misc
    RESTful Web Services, RESTful APIs, State Machines, ISO 8583, Puma
  • Tools
    RSpec, Git, Nginx, Git flow, Capistrano
  • Platforms
    Linux, Windows, Mac OS
  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering
    Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University) - Moscow, Russia
    1995 - 2001
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