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Silvestar Bistrović

Silvestar Bistrović

Josipovac, Croatia
Member since February 6, 2017
Silvestar Bistrović is a fearless web developer, JAMstack enthusiast, and WordPress coder. Hexo, Middleman, Netlify, Cloudflare, Cloudinary, Gulp, Webpack, and Git are just part of his JAMstack skill set. Besides pixel-perfect design implementation, his focus is on performance. Projects he manages have high scores on page speed testing tools. Silvestar tries to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, and he blogs about new findings.
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  • jQuery, 7 years
  • CSS3, 7 years
  • HTML5, 7 years
  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • Bootstrap, 7 years
  • Gulp.js, 6 years
  • WordPress, 6 years
  • Sass, 5 years
Josipovac, Croatia
Preferred Environment
MacOS, VS Code, Chrome, Terminal, Webpack, Git
The most amazing...
...websites I've built using WordPress and Hexo static site generator got the perfect score from Google PageSpeed Insights, 100/100.
  • Freelance UI Developer
    2017 - 2018
    Beam Interactive (via Toptal)
    • Built a complete library of reusable components for a property management website using HTML, Sass, JavaScript, and Gulp.
    • Built new pixel-perfect static pages from PSD files using components from the style guide.
    • Created custom pie charts for a demographic and gender reports using Highcharts.js.
    • Updated styles of an existing WordPress website based on a client's suggestions.
    Technologies: HTML, Sass, JavaScript, WordPress, Git, HighCharts
  • Freelance UI Developer
    2017 - 2017
    Contiamo (via Toptal)
    • Created a style guide for every component used in a static website using KSS.
    • Built elements for the style guide using HTML5 and Sass.
    • Implemented responsiveness using Sass-mq and CSS-locks.
    • Helped configure Webpack for development and production environment.
    • Implemented and optimized SVG assets to display pixel-perfect graphics.
    Technologies: Sass, HTML5, SVG, JavaScript, Webpack, Yarn
  • Front-end Developer
    2015 - 2017
    • Built a style guide for an enterprise dairy industry system.
    • Developed an application for generating dynamic reports of dairy processes using AngularJS.
    • Created a single-page dairy industry application using the UI library.
    • Worked on building an interface for the dairy industry modules.
    • Organized front-end workshops for a cross-functional team of more than twenty developers.
    Technologies: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Web Developer
    2012 - 2015
    • Worked on an interface for a business intelligence application.
    • Delivered complete CRM solution for a local business incubator, including handling every tenant, generating monthly-based reports, and generating invoices.
    • Delivered a complete CRM solution for a property agency, including handling every real estate, generating custom brochure and publishing a real estate on a live site.
    • Delivered an application for handling property-based call centers.
    • Worked on development of a custom CMS solution for multi-language websites.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML, jQuery
  • Style Guide for a Property Management Website (Development)

    A complete library of reusable components built for a property management website that I used to develop 30+ pixel-perfect static pages, custom graphs, and Google Maps components with customized behavior and styling.

  • Silvestar Bistrović (Development)

    A personal website with a blog. The site runs on Hexo, Netlify, Cloudinary, Cloudflare, and BitBucket. Featured on JAMstack.

  • Netki (Development)

    Netki is a provider of tools to foster the adoption of blockchain technology from Los Angeles, United States. The website runs on WordPress and WPEngine.

  • Han Han Xue (Development)

    A website with a blog for Han Han Xue, a designer and FX technical director from Montreal, Canada. The site runs on Middleman, Netlify, and BitBucket.

  • Contiamo (Development)

    A website for Contiamo, a company that uses machine learning and AI to drive better decision making and process optimization. The site runs on Middleman, Webpack, Netlify, and GitHub.

  • Moodings (Development)

    Moodings is an eCommerce website from Copenhagen, Denmark. By curating upcoming and established design and art, they help designers and artists compete on the market. The website runs on Shopify.

  • Irina and Matej (Development)

    A website for Irina and Matej, wedding and portrait photographers based in Croatia. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.

  • Empirical Wealth Management (Development)

    Empirical Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management team of experts specializing in investments, tax planning and preparation, financial planning, and estate planning. The website runs on WordPress and WPEngine.

  • Franciscan Children's (Development)

    A website for Franciscan Children’s, an integral part of Boston’s pediatric medical ecosystem that serves children and adolescents with complex medical, mental health and educational needs. The site runs on WordPress.

  • Atika Interijeri (Development)

    A website for Atika Interijeri, a carpentry company, specialized in creating all kinds of custom furniture. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.

  • Marcijuš Weddings (Development)

    A website for Marcijuš Weddings, wedding photographers who love spontaneity, creative focus, and black and white photography. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.

  • Born in June (Development)

    A website for Lara, who was born in June and is a passionate traveler, biologist, and wedding photographer. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.

  • CSS Weekly Publications (Other amazing things)

    My articles about CSS tabs, CSS sidebar toggle, and using CSS Grid have been featured on CSS Weekly's newsletter, Issues #237, #258, and #277.

    CSS tabs, part II: Accessibility -

    CSS sidebar toggle -

    Using CSS Grid where appropriate -

  • A Guide to Static Site Generators Using Hexo and WordPress (Publication)
    In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Silvestar Bistrovic explains the process of migrating a WordPress blog to a static site generator using Hexo, outlining the pros and cons of the approach.
  • Languages
    HTML5, Less, SCSS, CSS3, Markdown, CSS, Sass, Liquid Template, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS4, JavaScript, YAML, PHP
  • Frameworks
    Bootstrap, YARN, Responsive Frameworks, Dropzone.js, Prototype Framework, Divi
  • Libraries/APIs
    Flexbox, jQuery, Liquid, Slick, Masonry,, jQuery UI, GSAP, Mustache, WordPress REST API, WordPress API
  • Tools
    GitHub, Git flow, Git, ACF Pro, BitBucket, VS Code, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Trello, Jekyll, Terminal, Gulp.js, Bower, PageSpeed, NPM, Stylus, Middleman, CloudFlare, Adobe Photoshop, Asana, JIRA, Google Analytics, GitHub Pages, Modular scale, PostCSS, Grunt.js, WebPagetest, Stylelint, Sketch 3, JSHint, Divi Builder 3, InVision, Sketch, WPBakery, Gimp, Figma, Inkscape
  • Paradigms
    BEM, JAMstack, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Responsive, Responsive Layout, Responsive Development, Responsive Coding, UI Design Standards & Best Practices, On-page SEO, Web Design
  • Platforms
    WordPress, Mac OS, Windows, GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP), Shopify, WordPress Theme Design, DigitalOcean, Netlify, Visual Studio Code, Linux
  • Storage
    JSON, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Other
    SVG, Page Speed Optimization, PSD to Bootstrap, PSD Slicing, Icon Fonts, FontAwesome, Sketch to WordPress, Critical-path CSS, Sketch to HTML, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, Styleguides, Problem Solving, Layout, Responsive UI, BEM Architecture, Front-end, PSD to WordPress, User Interface (UI), CSS3 Animation, Website Optimization, CSS Grid, PSD to HTML, Debugging, PSD to Shopify, APIs, Landing Page Design, Landing Pages, Landing Page Optimization, WordPress Design, Responsive Design, HTML5 Animations, SVG Animation, Logo Animation, UI Animation, Animation, Google Fonts, Contact Form 7, UI Guidelines, Website Maintenance, Documentation, Architecture, Typography, Fluid Design, ESLint, AJAX, Site Speed Optimization, Blog Development, Blogging, Favicons, User Experience (UX), Scss-lint, A11Y, Accessibility
  • Master's degree in Communications and Information
    2005 - 2011
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Osijek, Croatia
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