Silvio Di Stefano, Software Developer in Paris, France
Silvio Di Stefano

Software Developer in Paris, France

Member since November 29, 2013
Silvio is a software engineer specializing in the development, hosting, and maintenance of top-quality websites. He has collaborated with numerous teams around the world, striving to provide high-end service and support. He released his first website in PHP at age 14 and is an advocate for TDD.
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Paris, France



Preferred Environment

Android, Git, Vim Text Editor, IntelliJ IDEA, Linux

The most amazing...

...algorithm I've designed would find the best public transport routes in Buenos Aires, allowing for up to three changes across subway, train, and bus.


  • Lead Developer

    2016 - 2019
    Grupo Allen Argentina
    • Built industrial automation software with a combination of Python and C++.
    • Used RabbitMQ to orchestrate a distributed system of sensors, microcontrollers, and Linux-based daemons.
    • Created a React front-end with a C++ microcontroller code and a Go middleware for actual interaction with the factory environment.
    • Used AVR microcontrollers connected to relays and sensors.
    • Built a Rails and React-based logistics system to track the distribution of goods and company property.
    • Implemented a variety of sensors and motors orchestrated by a unified framework.
    • Implemented React components to improve front-end user experience in a real-time sensor status dashboard.
    • Developed an Android mobile app in React Native for logistics handling.
    Technologies: C++, React, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2018
    Toptal Client
    • Created a large site in Meteor from scratch.
    • Deployed the site to AWS.
    • Developed support scripts in Python and Ruby.
    • Developed the React-based front-end.
    • Created a testing framework in Ruby.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, Ruby, Python, React, Meteor
  • Engineer

    2016 - 2018
    Clean Energy, Inc.
    • Managed a large cluster of cryptocurrency miners.
    • Developed a Python-based multi-threaded framework for control, logging, and supervision of large clusters.
    • Wrote Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity.
    • Created local blockchain instances to extract statistics and interact with the network.
    • Developed an iOS mobile app in React Native.
    Technologies: Solidity, React, C++, Go, Python, Bash
  • Lead Developer

    2015 - 2017
    Francis Platz
    • Developed a restaurant app suite.
    • Created a Meteor-based real-time POS system with a kitchen screen.
    • Built a Rails and MongoDB-based statistics application.
    • Wrote a Rails and MongoDB-based stock management application.
    • Programmed a Rails-based financial system.
    • Created a Rails-based test system for the Meteor POS system.
    • Built a Java-based Android tablet display for POS.
    • Implemented React.js components with the Rails back-end.
    Technologies: AngularJS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, MongoDB, Meteor
  • Developer

    2015 - 2015
    Meedow (Toptal)
    • Worked on an already-existing Rails codebase.
    • Provided video encoding and HTML5 video player support for an educational website.
    • Performed all server administration tasks.
    • Managed a web application on English and Chinese websites.
    Technologies: Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Developer

    2014 - 2014
    ReachPeeps (Toptal)
    • Made additions and improvements to a pre-existing Node.js application.
    • Provided server administration.
    Technologies: Node.js
  • Consultant

    2012 - 2013
    • Coded mobile applications in Sencha Touch 2 and Titanium Mobile using CoffeeScript.
    • Completed contracting work for large multi-national companies, including projects for Colgate, Palmolive, International Trucks, and Headway Digital.
    • Performed server administration and server-side coding in Python. Managed my hosting service tailored specifically for my clients.
    • Developed pixel serving software based on Node.js, currently handling 10+ million hits per day.
    • Handled test-driven development in Ruby and Python and the implementation of microservices.
    • Used RabbitMQ for complex queues and deferred job processing.
    Technologies: Ruby, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, RabbitMQ
  • Chief Programmer

    2010 - 2012
    The Beachfront Club Company, Ltd.
    • Worked as lead developer on an extended project.
    • Coordinated a team of developers.
    • Coded a large part of the geographic features using GeoDjango, OpenLayers, and jQuery.
    • Developed custom OpenLayers plugins.
    • Developed a rich client-server map application specifically for the project.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Python
  • Developer

    2006 - 2010
    World News, Inc.
    • Developed applications in Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and ActionScript.
    • Managed around fifteen Windows 2000 and Debian servers.
    • Implemented integration with previously established systems running on several platforms.
    • Participated in layout and UI design.
    • Optimized internal company systems relying on an established proprietary framework.
    Technologies: PL/pgSQL, Flash ActionScript, JavaScript, Python


  • Propo

    An app for finding real estate in Buenos Aires.

  • The Delivery App

    A mobile application for restaurants and takeaway orders.


    A CMS and hotel booking engine that also powers,, and dozens of other websites.


    A mobile phone comparison website for the UK market.

  • WN

    One of the oldest news aggregators online.


  • Languages

    TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML5, Go, CoffeeScript, SQL, Flash ActionScript, C++, Solidity, PL/pgSQL, Bash
  • Frameworks

    Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Next.js, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, React, Django ORM, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette, Google API, PayPal API, Google Chart API, Facebook API, Node.js
  • Tools

    IntelliJ IDEA, Git, PyCharm, Vim Text Editor, RabbitMQ
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms

    Linux, Meteor, Android, iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows
  • Storage

    MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Other


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