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Stuart Corrans

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Software Developer

London, United Kingdom
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June 25, 2019

Stuart is a Microsoft certified software developer, lead, and architect with over 20 years of experience, primarily developing on the Azure cloud. In recent years, he has specialized in enterprise integration and back-end projects, where he tackles problems of scale, performance, and security. Stuart always keeps his skills up to date and is currently ranked inside the top 0.2% of Stack Overflow.


Vanestum Consulting
NoSQL, SQL, Integration, Microservices, Azure, C#, Web Architecture...
LINQ, TPL, Azure, REST, C#, SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Architecture, Performance...
Galena Hill Systems, LLC
Azure DevOps, Azure Table Storage, Stripe, QuickBooks Online, Workbench...




Preferred Environment

SQL, Azure, .NET, C#, Architecture, Azure DevOps, Technical Writing, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Service Bus, Apache Kafka

The most amazing...

...thing that I've realized is that although I've delivered over 100 systems into production during my career, there is always something new to learn.

Work Experience

Owner and Technical Consultant

2020 - PRESENT
Vanestum Consulting
  • Consulted for an Anglo-Dutch oil major company to assist in designing and integrating a large-scale commodities trading system using the Azure Data Factory.
  • Provided long-term consulting to a US-based startup to build an Azure-based microservices enterprise.
  • Assisted new customers strategically on their customer experience and support journey, including integrations with Stripe and Zendesk.
  • Assisted Hexagon Metrology with Azure and .NET best practices on a migration project to Azure and CosmosDB.
  • Assisted Ubisoft/i3D performance hosting with a high volume, low latency, event-driven architecture to manage and scale large fleets of game servers distributed globally using the actor model.
  • Was part of an elite team at NewDay, delivering an innovative financial microservice enterprise into the Azure cloud.
  • Assisted with an automated, AI-assisted business process mapping with building learning management and certified training course for their groundbreaking product, using Northpass and iorad.
  • Developed training manuals, end user guides, and compliance documentation for a Texas-based home healthcare and visitation system to obtain their EVV certification.
  • Worked as part of an elite team building a low latency transactional API and service bus microservice enterprise for NewDay, in the financial/credit industry.
  • Provided consulting to the architect at Petroineos Trading Limited to move a batch-driven, on-premises enterprise into a cloud-based, real-time, event-driven analytics platform.
Technologies: NoSQL, SQL, Integration, Microservices, Azure, C#, Web Architecture, Architecture, Mentorship, CTO, Performance, Technical Writing, Knowledge Bases, API Design, HTML


2007 - PRESENT
  • Created a custom Windows educational game, Compublox Brain Games. The application was written in C# and used either an MS Access (home edition) or SQL Express (franchise version) database.
  • Contributed to various projects, including WCF Web Services, an actor and model agency website, and numerous class libraries and components for larger systems.
  • Built a prototype advertising and billboard management system for scheduling, monitoring, and distributing media and data content to a large restaurant chain.
Technologies: LINQ, TPL, Azure, REST, C#, SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, Architecture, Performance, SOLID Principles, API Design, HTML, XML Web Services

Chief Technical Officer | Architect | Team Lead

2017 - 2019
Galena Hill Systems, LLC
  • Assisted in advising the company founder with building a prototype as a part-time freelancer, conducted remote sales presentations to raise seed funding, and then took on the responsibility of CTO and architect to get the product to market.
  • Oversaw all standards and DevOps processes on a toolset that included Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps for CI/CD, and management of NuGet package artifacts.
  • Used NUnit and Moq for unit testing and Selenium and Specflow for automated UI testing.
  • Integrated the system with the Stripe payment API, where subscriptions and products can be purchased, promotion discounts are run, and subscription upgrades can be prorated.
  • Broke up components into reusable and scalable microservices and NuGet packages so that the enterprise could quickly adapt to ever-changing requirements and increasing load.
  • Designed and provisioned a ZenDesk support and Zendesk guide knowledge base system for the completed SaaS product, including context-aware help integration into Zendesk articles. Additional training was provided on this product to key customers.
Technologies: Azure DevOps, Azure Table Storage, Stripe, QuickBooks Online, Workbench, Blockchain, Solidity, GRID, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL, REST, C#, CTO, Architecture, SOLID Principles, Technical Writing, Zendesk, API Design, HTML

Team Lead | Senior Contractor

2015 - 2018
Sporting Solutions (Sporting Index Group)
  • Led an agile team of engineers and delivered seven real-time sports trading systems into production under tight deadlines without compromising quality. All systems were built to scale elastically and tested to handle large spikes in load.
  • Helped establish a culture of continually automating self-diagnosis and failover of systems to keep ownership costs low, with real-time monitoring on Splunk. The few latent residual issues were addressed via root cause analysis and log diagnosis.
  • Used the test-first approach to delivery, automating the testing of the systems with NUnit, Specflow, and Selenium.
  • Conducted technical interviews for new developer candidates, assisted London management with the growth strategy in Cape Town, nurtured and mentored the development teams, and furthered a culture of continual skills growth in the teams.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, SpecFlow, Aerospike, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Redshift, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Apache HttpClient, REST, C#, Octopus Deploy, SOLID Principles, API Design, HTML

Senior .NET Contractor

2014 - 2015
Old Mutual, PLC
  • Contributed to the architecture and delivery of the online tax-free savings account product. Under tight deadlines, both back-end integration and front-end functionality were delivered for internet users to interact with various calculations.
  • Assisted the front-end team on their legacy .NET 3.5 web stack with JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax to hook up the calculator.
  • Used NUnit and Neoload to conduct load testing of back-end APIs and introduced Selenium to the team to ensure the browser's functionality and compatibility testing.
Technologies: .NET, IBM WebSphere, Selenium, NUnit, Moq, TPL, XSL, XML, C#, Architecture, XSD, XML Web Services

Senior Software Engineering Contractor

2009 - 2015
Dynamic Visual Technologies, Pty., Ltd.
  • Conducted technical interviews for .NET positions within DVT and for the talent exchange, DVT's recruitment subsidiary.
  • Served as the architect and lead developer on the vehicle tracking system integration between MUA's systems and the NetStar and Tracker vehicle tracking companies, using .Net 4, SQL 2008, WCF, and EF 4.3.
  • Customized SharePoint to enable an automated claims and policy document processing workflow as well as build a lightweight service bus across MSMQ.
  • Acted as the senior consultant and lead developer on the 2013 maintenance release of a risk modeling tool on behalf of BSG for a London-based reinsurance company.
  • Assisted as a developer with the addition of new features to a .NET Nuke 4 system.
Technologies: MVC Razor, Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, BizTalk, SOLID Principles, API Design, HTML, XML Web Services

Contract Senior Developer, Retail BPM Team

2013 - 2014
Allan Gray
  • Served as a consultant developer on the retail IT business process management team, delivering integration and line of business services for the business across a wide stack of commercial and open-source technologies.
  • Integrated Siebel CRM and Oracle line of business systems to bespoke SOA services using RabbitMQ, Protobuf, and caching with Riak.
  • Participated in migrating the existing .NET and Java microservices to Scala.
Technologies: Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Siebel, Oracle, Riak, Protobuf, LINQ, TPL, Java, Scala, .NET 4, Integration, API Design, HTML

Biztalk Integration Specialist, Contract .NET Developer

2009 - 2013
Woolworths, Pty., Ltd.
  • Integrated custom Woolworths' systems to suppliers' purchase order management systems.
  • Led a small .NET team on Woolworths' EDI processing application, which assesses and validates all trade invoices presented by suppliers to Woolworths.
  • Advised the Woolworths chief architect on application and integration matters.
  • Assisted with the training of junior developers and also assisted in bringing new technologies into their development stack.
Technologies: Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Microsoft SQL Server, MVC Razor, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET, C#, BizTalk 2010, Architecture, Integration, XSD, XML Web Services

Lead Consultant

2007 - 2008
Business Edge Systems, Pty., Ltd.
  • Redeveloped a legacy medical aid system written in ATK on the IBM Universe DBMS into a contemporary Microsoft .NET 3.0 Smart Client application for Anglo Platinum.
  • Mentored a team to assist in adapting from legacy procedural database coding to modern object-orientated design, including training sessions for .NET and C#.
  • Automated Smart Client deployment using the MS Smart Client Application Block and ClickOnce installation.
Technologies: SAP Remote Function Call (RFC), Service, Reporting, SQL, .NET, Workflow, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), C#, Architecture, Technical Writing

Systems Architect

2005 - 2007
Rand Mutual Assurance Limited
  • Ensured that IT systems were aligned with RMA’s strategy and, conversely, that systems were positioned to enable growth in RMA’s business.
  • Led a small team of three developers involved in the design and roll-out of CompDiv, an employer accident/disease/IOD claims submission system. The system integrates with RMA’s claims system.
  • Implemented an effective, low-cost imaging and scanning solution in Sharepoint for documents (VS 2005, C#). The solution included automated barcode recognition, WebDAV, and indexing metadata via the SharePoint Web Services and CAML.
Technologies: WebDAV, SOAP, BizTalk, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, COM, Architecture, .NET, C#, HTML

Software Engineer | Architect

2000 - 2005
Software Futures Pty Ltd
  • Served as the lead developer and architect of the Investec Dividends loyalty program for Investec Private Bank, with integration to an AS/400 transaction system and a proprietary CRM System.
  • Served as the lead architect on a system that processes workman's compensation insurance claims for the South African mining sector. The system was built using an ASP Classic Web UI and a tiered COM-based back end on top of an SQL Server database.
  • Built additional workflow, client portal, and medical assessment modules to extend the core functionality.
  • Integrated the claims system with five other systems using Microsoft BizTalk Server.
  • Managed a team of up to 15 developers in delivering the claims and medical insurance systems.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, XML, COM, Visual Basic, Architecture, HTML

Software Development Engineer

1997 - 2000
Absolute Systems Pty Ltd
  • Worked on a variety of projects including the delivery of ATM banking software, proof of concept work with biometric devices and smart cards, and central management of remote coupon printing devices.
Technologies: COM, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual C++, HTML


1994 - 1997
Anglo American Corporation
  • Built software to support the instrument and allow geoscientists to access data generated by the instrument.
  • Developed software including an EM-absorption spectrum visualization package, and data processing software for the airborne scanner.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), C++ | Financial Accounting Certified by the Ethereum Blockchain
Led a global team of developers in delivering Arene, an Azure .NET-based microservices enterprise, integrating with Quickbooks, Stripe, and public and private Ethereum blockchains. My responsibilities included those of CTO and architect: applying for US patents for our inventions, presenting technical and business advantages to investors, and driving the technical standards, reusable NuGet components, and DevOps processes for the team to deliver the system to production.

My StackOverflow Profile
As much as I enjoy learning from others and keeping my skills current, I also gain immense satisfaction from assisting and mentoring other developers. I have been a member of StackOverflow since 2010, had the third-highest known reputation for a South African, and was the top BizTalk contributor for 18 months.

My GitHub Profile
Although most of my work is in private and proprietary repositories, I do often commit code used during presentations and samples used for Q+A answers on forums like StackOverflow.


XSL, C#, SQL, XSLT, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), XML, HTML, XSD, C++, Visual Basic, Scala, Java, Solidity


.NET, .NET 4, NUnit, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET, MVC Razor, Selenium, SpecFlow, ASP, ASP.NET Web Forms, gRPC


Moq, Stripe, Salesforce API, Entity Framework, Web API 2, Protobuf, LINQ, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), TPL, Apache HttpClient


RabbitMQ, Git, Jira, NuGet, Autofac, Ninject, Microsoft Visual C++, SAP Remote Function Call (RFC), Jenkins, StructureMap, TeamCity


REST, Continuous Integration (CI), Web Architecture, Microservices, Azure DevOps, Continuous Delivery (CD)


Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, Aerospike, SQL Server 2017, Azure Blobs, Azure Table Storage, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Web Forms, Riak, NoSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Redshift


SOLID Principles, Architecture, Performance, Technical Writing, Knowledge Bases, API Design, Service, BizTalk 2010, Azure Service Bus, BizTalk, Mentorship, CTO, XML Web Services, COM, SOAP, WebDAV, Workflow, Reporting, Siebel, GRID, Workbench, QuickBooks Online, Azure Data Factory, Integration, Intuit QuickBooks, Octopus Deploy, Software Development, Engineering


Oracle, Microsoft, Azure, Windows, Linux, SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, Blockchain, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Kafka, Ethereum, Zendesk

1988 - 1992

Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Light Current

University of the Witwatersrand - Johannesburg, South Africa


Microsoft Certified Azure Developer



Functional Program Design in Scala

EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)


Functional Programming Principles in Scala

EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)


MCSD (Web Applications 4.5)

Microsoft Corp.


MCTS - Microsoft Biztalk Server 2010



MCPD (Web Developer 4)