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Suat Gönül

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Ankara, Turkey
Toptal Member Since
September 9, 2021

Suat has been a full-stack software engineer and developer since 2008. He has extensive experience in web-based architectures and object-oriented design. He is an expert in Java and Angular. He cares about robustness, efficiency, clarity, conventions, and testing in coding. As a software architect, Suat can take over data modeling, databases, REST API, and architecture design tasks. He is a self-learner and enthusiastic about experiencing new languages, frameworks, and tools.


Angular, Docker, JHipster, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, TypeScript, Protractor, Jest...
REST, Java, Scala, Angular, HTML, CSS, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Spring...
Apache OFBiz
Java, Apache Stanbol, FreeMarker, Apache Solr, RDF, OSGi...




Preferred Environment

Windows 10, IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...project that I've built was a smart-city dashboard that visualizes various city objects on a map, which significantly increased users' awareness about the city.

Work Experience

Software Developer

2020 - PRESENT
  • Adapted and extended the Multikart eCommerce platform template based on the client's needs regarding product listing, shopping cart, checkout process, product and company ratings, user profile, and user management.
  • Developed extensive unit and E2E tests for the UI part.
  • Integrated PayPal from scratch with the Multikart template.
Technologies: Angular, Docker, JHipster, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, TypeScript, Protractor, Jest, Docker Compose, Design Patterns, REST, Scrum, Continuous Integration (CI), HTML

Senior Full-stack Engineer | Developer

2012 - PRESENT
  • Managed a team of 3-4 software developers in the scope of large-scale R&D projects.
  • Developed several web applications for querying patient population from EHR systems, semantic mapping of heterogeneous health, and data models.
  • Created a B2B marketplace web application providing features for product listing, product discovery, information inquiry, negotiation, ordering, fulfillment, and logistics planning.
  • Designed and developed microservices for ingesting a product catalog's data performing B2B operations throughout the supply chain activities.
  • Developed a smart city dashboard displaying live information about parking sites, junctions, water wells, etc.
Technologies: REST, Java, Scala, Angular, HTML, CSS, JPA, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Spring, MongoDB, Leaflet, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Design Patterns, Microservices, JAX-RS, Docker, Docker Compose, SQL, Continuous Integration (CI), Apache POI, Keycloak, OAuth, OpenID

Full-stack Developer

2011 - PRESENT
Apache OFBiz
  • Acted as a project committee member (PMC) and a committer in the Apache Stanbol project.
  • Implemented an OSGi-based module to connect and extract information from JCR and CMIS-compliant content management systems.
  • Implemented an OSGi-based module to index and query semantic annotations extracted from unstructured content.
  • Implemented a front end using FreeMarker templates for exploring semantic annotations of a list of documents containing unstructured content.
Technologies: Java, Apache Stanbol, FreeMarker, Apache Solr, RDF, OSGi, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), Databases, Data Structures, Jira, Semantic Web, Semantics, REST, Scrum, Continuous Integration (CI), HTML, Structured Data Markup, Microdata, OWL, SPARQL, Information Extraction


2010 - PRESENT
  • Contributed to the preparation of large-scale project proposals in the scope of the European Commission's (EU) R&D programs (FP7, H2020).
  • Headed the B2B marketplaces research, related to the factories of future R&D programs.
  • Researched personalized intervention delivery methods about preventive health.
Technologies: Grant Proposals, Research Proposals, Proposal Design

Full-stack Developer

2008 - 2012
  • Developed a web-based app for customization of standard-based data entities and documents exchanged via B2B supply chain activities.
  • Implemented an Apache Flex-based web application with panels to present and edit XSD documents in a structured manner.
  • Implemented REST API and an underlying back-end service layer for the document management functionalities.
  • Implemented a reporting module to export documents into Excel and Word as well as to import documents from Excel using Apache POI.
Technologies: Java, Apache Flex, MySQL, JAX-RS, XSD, Apache Tomcat, Apache POI, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), Databases, Data Structures, CSS, Git, Apache Maven, Jira, Design Patterns, REST, SQL, XML

City of the Future

City of the Future is a visualization dashboard for smart cities. It ingests IoT data from various sources, such as devices, sensors, vehicles, or other information systems. At its core, a context broker provides CRUD services on such data. Furthermore, an admin module manages user-specific metadata such as map, page, layer, query, and visualization configurations.

City of the Future visualizes the contextual data both on a map and on panels containing several types of charts.

I'm one of the main front-end developers using Angular. Regarding the back end, I developed the admin module using Scala and contributed to the implementation of some of the query services executed on a time-series database, specifically TimeScale DB.

NIMBLE is a platform combining eCommerce and B2B modalities. One on hand, it provides product listing and product and company discovery features. On the other hand, it automates B2B interactions throughout the supply chain regarding information inquiries about products and production processes, negotiation, ordering, fulfillment, and logistics planning.

NIMBLE has a microservice-based cloud architecture built on Netflix OSS. NIMBLE contains modules for catalog management, business process automation, and user management. The front end is developed with Angular framework accompanied by Bootstrap, and the back end is developed with Java and Spring Boot technologies.

I was the lead developer of functional back-end components for the catalog's management, business process automation components, and the user interface of the platform.

Apache Stanbol
Stanbol is a retired Apache project composed of a set of reusable components for semantic content management. It contains modules to extract structure semantic information, manage ontologies that are used as a basis to extract semantic knowledge, and store extracted knowledge. Stanbol is an OSGi-based multi-module software built mainly using Java. Its basic user interface is implemented with the FreeMarker technology.

I took part in the configuration of engines that extract domain-specific entities (e.g., drugs, diseases, and side effects related to the health domain) from unstructured content by preparing ontologies describing the domain-specific knowledge. I was also the main developer of two Stanbol modules, namely CMS Adapter and Content Hub.

CMS Adapter connects to CMIS and JCR compliant content management systems (CMS). It fetches content managed inside such systems to process them in Stanbol to extract additional semantic information. It is also able to push the extract semantic information back into the CMS.

Content Hub indexes RDF-based semantic information in Apache Solr. It provides a querying and faceted search functionality.


SecondLife is a B2C eCommerce platform for selling second-hand products. I was the developer of the front end. I adapted the Angular Multikart template based on the project's requirements, mainly related to product-listing, shopping cart, checkout process, product and company ratings, user profile, and user management. I achieved a very high coverage on front-end unit tests and E2E tests.

Case Series Characterization Tool

The Case Series Characterization Tool allows medical researchers to explore common health parameters such as conditions, problems, and medications that occur in a patient population satisfying particular criteria (e.g., patients with diabetes).

The tool offers features to define eligible criteria to fetch the targeted patient population, gather patients' data from underlying electronic health records (EHR) systems, and transform the source content to a common format that is used to harmonize heterogeneous EHR formats. The tool further visualizes the results and determines which common parameters in the population can easily be observed by the researchers.

I developed the whole software:
• The front end using Backbone and Marionettes frameworks, including screens for eligibility query definition and graphical common health parameter visualization.
• The back end using Java accessed via REST services.
• Adapted global healthcare standards to represent healthcare data and code systems to annotate eligibility queries.
• Scripts mapping source data from EHR data in a proprietary format to the common data model in RDF format.


eDoCreator is a web application for curating electronic business documents—compliant to the Universal Business Language (UBL) standard—exchanged between trading companies throughout a supply chain. I was the main developer in a team of four developers.

eDoCreator was able to manage documents sets that are curated for specific purposes. The application contained modules to display and edit data entities in varying granularities, e.g., fine-grained data types and complex documents (such as requests for quotations or orders used during purchasing). It also included modules to compare and visualize differences between documents and export them to Word or Excel formats.

eDoCreator was built using Apache Flex on the front end and Java on the back end. Information managed by the application is maintained in a relational database (MySQL).
2012 - 2018

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Middle East Technical University - Ankara

2010 - 2012

Master's Degree in Software Engineering

Middle East Technical University - Ankara

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

Middle East Technical University - Ankara


JAX-RS, Leaflet, Apache POI, Apache Stanbol, OpenID, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette, PayPal API, Akka Streams


Git, Jira, Keycloak, Apache Maven, Docker Compose, Apache Flex, Apache Tomcat, FreeMarker, Apache Solr, JHipster, Camunda BPM, Apache NiFi, Spark SQL, Akka Cluster


Angular, Bootstrap, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Protractor, Jest, Spring Boot, OSGi, Apache Felix (OSGI), Apache Jena, Spark


Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Scala, CSS, HTML, SQL, XSD, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, XML, Felix


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), REST, Design Patterns, Scrum, Microservices, E2E Testing, Functional Programming, Continuous Integration (CI)


Docker, Oracle, Apache Kafka


Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, H2, Redis


Data Structures, Algorithms, Grant Proposals, Information Extraction, Semantic Analysis, Indexing, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Semantic Web, Semantics, OAuth, Structured Data Markup, Microdata, Research Proposals, Proposal Design, Netflix OSS, Akka HTTP, WebSockets, Next Generation Service Interfaces (NGSI), NGSI-LD, TimescaleDB, Akka Persistence, Akka Distributed Data

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