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Sunil Sharma

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Software Developer

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
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November 16, 2021

Sunil is a software developer with a can-do attitude. He takes up any challenge and technology to help clients achieve their goals. With an eye for detail, he believes in delivering neat and perfect work, one that requires no or minimal revision. Sunil is honest in his work and maintains healthy communication with all the stakeholders.


Kynet Web
JavaScript, PHP, Angular, WordPress, Express.js, HTML, Vue 2, Vue, Vuetify...
Kynet Web
Human Resources (HR), Training, AngularJS, Teamwork
Kynet Web
Communication, Cost Estimation, Languages, Meetings, Teamwork




Preferred Environment

Windows 10, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, JavaScript, AngularJS, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Linux, CentOS 6, Apache2, PHP 8

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a software research, comparison, and review platform SaaS Scout Research Group.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Developer

2017 - PRESENT
Kynet Web
  • Created a dashboard in Angular that allowed users and administrators to keep track of the CO2 emissions produced by them. It includes calculations, charts, and insights.
  • Built a WordPress plugin with Vue.js that shows similar posts as a slider. It supports WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.
  • Cooperated in developing a cosmetics website,, built with Laravel JetStream, which uses Vue.js for the front end.
  • Contributed to SaaS Scout Research Group, a software comparison and review website. It includes charts and automatic conclusion generation.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, Angular, WordPress, Express.js, HTML, Vue 2, Vue, Vuetify, MySQL, Sass, TypeScript 3, TypeScript, TypeScript 2, AngularJS, LAMP, LAMP Server, Linux CentOS 7, Apache, Linux, CentOS 6, Laravel, CSS, REST APIs, Heroku, MongoDB, Salesforce, Salesforce API, Teamwork, Front-end, Front-end Development, eCommerce, WordPress Plugins, Node.js, jQuery, CodeIgniter 3, Webflow, WiX, Shopify, Full-stack, Web Development, JSON, JSON API, Web Scraping, Scraping, Magento 1

Trainer and Team lead

2017 - PRESENT
Kynet Web
  • Ensured work quality, on-time delivery, and code review.
  • Helped the team whenever they got stuck in challenging tasks.
  • Trained several newcomers to be eligible employees for the company.
  • Developed a healthy work environment for the team by organizing workshops like #IamRemarkable and Art of Living.
Technologies: Human Resources (HR), Training, AngularJS, Teamwork

Business Developer and Recruiter

2017 - PRESENT
Kynet Web
  • Contributed to bringing steady business flow to the company.
  • Estimated the time and cost of new projects as part of my role.
  • Provided personalized consultation to clients to help them achieve their goals saving time and money.
  • Handled clients' relationships by engaging with potential new clients and communicating with the existing ones.
  • Recruited quality candidates and selected the ones that represented valuable assets to the startup.
  • Consulted and mentored students helping them choose their careers.
  • Assessed the candidates' technical and social skills and integrity.
Technologies: Communication, Cost Estimation, Languages, Meetings, Teamwork

Full-stack Developer

2015 - 2017
Pixel Uprising
  • Created a custom email program in PHP that flawlessly receives and renders emails.
  • Built an Angular dashboard for a shipment company that helps them throughout four stages of each order.
  • Fulfilled all challenges faced in all the projects and delivered them in time.
Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, Angular, WordPress, Express.js, HTML, Vue 2, Vue, Vuetify, MySQL, Sass, TypeScript 3, TypeScript, TypeScript 2, AngularJS, Angular CLI, Angular Material, LAMP, LAMP Server, Linux CentOS 7, Apache, Linux, CentOS 6, Apache2, PHP 7, CentOS, Laravel, CSS, REST APIs, Heroku, MongoDB, Salesforce, Salesforce API, Teamwork, Front-end, Front-end Development, eCommerce, Node.js, jQuery, CodeIgniter 3, Shopify, Full-stack, Web Development, Magento 1

Shipment Company | Angular Dashboard and Laravel Back End
Client under NDA.

This project is about developing a smooth and user-friendly dashboard that assists the admins through the four steps of a complete shipment order.

I contributed both to the front end and back end of the project.

My contributions:
• Created API endpoints in Laravel.
• Dealt with the database.
• Created API calls in Angular.
• Processed the data received from the Laravel back end.
• Displayed the data in an interactive tabular form.
• Created options like search, pagination, sorting, and tick check-boxes in the table.
• Created operations like delete, update, bulk delete, bulk update, and more.
• JWT authentication.
• Login system.

The new web app helped the client save time and made the process much more convenient.

Emission Data | Angular Dashboard and Django Back End
This project presumes a complete dashboard system to collect CO2 emission data. It aims to make it easier for users and admins to check the emissions done by people and support their decisions with the help of processed information. It includes a complete back-end and front-end solution for users to edit and present data using charts.

As the front-end developer, I:
• Built the dashboard using Angular and Angular Material.
• Built the login screen and four other screens that allow the user to enter new data and see processed data in the form of charts and tables.
• Created REST requests to the Django back end.

As a back-end developer, I:
• Contributed to an already started system in Python and Django.
• Implemented a JWT authentication.
• Improved the structure of the data sent and received to the back-end.
• Created some API endpoints.

At the end of this project, the client switched to a better and more appealing UI.

Vue.js App That Shows Similar Posts in a Slider

Client under NDA.

Development of a software plugin to be sold as a commercial product.

This ongoing and exciting project consists of a Vue.js app that allows users to display relevant posts. These posts can be accessed with a swipe, keypress, or click. It supports WordPress, Wix, and Shopify.

When I joined the project, the first version of the product was already finished. I continued on the PHP code of the WordPress plugin and the JavaScript code in the Vue.js module. I added several features to the product and ensured it is bug-free and works consistently on every device, especially iPhones.

The client is pleased with the shape the product is taking. is a huge eCommerce store focused on cosmetics and similar products with review and rating sections.

In this project I:
• Led a team of three developers, ensuring quality and timely delivery
• Worked on the front end using Laravel Jetstream (Vue.js embedded in Laravel) and handled layouts and animations
• Worked on the back end using Laravel
• Created a CMS-type admin section in the same technology
• Played a key role in communicating with the client. is a successful and live website with a good turnover.

SaaS Scout | Wordpress Plugin Development
SaaS Scout is a WordPress (WP) website working through a WP plugin.
It offers software reviews, comparisons, coupon codes, and automatic list generation. It intends to be the number one software research website for all people.

I developed the plugin, supported the website maintenance, enrolled and tested new features, and ensured the proper performance of the website.

The website is still one of the best review websites and has an outstanding performance in google results.

The Breastfeeding Shop | Wordpress WooCommerce
The Breastfeeding Shop is a great eCommerce website that provides essential products during and post-pregnancy.

I worked on features like discounts, welcome form wizard, replacing items in the cart, and more.

The website is attracting business, and the company is growing.

Webflow, Inc. Projects

These are two samples of projects developed with Webflow. They may not be completed, but they showcase my skills with Webflow. All the fundamental parts of a website are presented in these projects.

Sample number 1:

Sample number 2:

National Chiropractors Association | WordPress PHP
The National Chiropractors Association needed a website to provide information on finding their professionals. I developed a WordPress website with the "Find Chiropractors Near Me" functionality for the United States market. The website also shows their ratings and locations over a google map. It is responsive and well designed, and the maps page is a featured part of the website.

I contributed to the project in the following ways :
• Created the WP queries that give the relevant search results.
• Created pins on the map representing search results.
• Improved the design.

The client got a neat solution that enhances the user experience.

Shopify Development

Client under NDA.

This was a project developed for an invitation card design and print service company.

I played a key role:
• Modifying the Shopify theme.
• Making custom forms.
• Using the Shopify API to manage orders and cart items.
• Customizing the forms in Liquid language.

The client got a revamped and improved version of the old website.

Child Health Care Platform | Node.js and WordPress

This unique project evaluates the level of learning disability in children. The platform provides an automatically generated report based on the user's answers.

• Created the multistep form used to collect inputs from users.
• Built the pdf generator and made it available for download.
• Refined the Pdfs design.

This system helps many people gain a better understanding of their child's mind. It allows them to treat their children properly.

Business Dashboard | CodeIgniter 3

Client under NDA

"Business Dashboard" is a complete CRM system built in CodeIgniter that enables eight user roles performing actions of varying privileges. It helps the proper workflow of the business. The system also contains a fully-functional email client that can fetch all user emails and render them without bugs.

I created the email client, dashboard functions, and the jQuery user interface.

The system continues to help the client achieve his business goals with the help of a smooth dashboard.


JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, HTML, TypeScript 3, TypeScript, TypeScript 2, Sass, CSS3, PHP 7, SQL, XML, Hugo, Python, Excel VBA, GraphQL


Angular, Laravel, CodeIgniter 3, Angular Material, Bootstrap, Vuetify, AngularJS, Vue SSR, Tailwind CSS, Express.js, Django, Nuxt.js, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Flask, Jinja, Ember.js


Vue 2, jQuery, Chart.js, Vue, REST APIs, Node.js, JSON API, RxJS, Commons HttpClient, Shopify API, Salesforce API, Google Maps API, Gmail API, React


WiX, DataTables, Apache, FileZilla, Vue CLI, GitLab, Angular CLI, LearnDash, Figma, Photoshop CC, Microsoft Excel, Shopify Plus


WordPress, Webflow, LAMP, CentOS 6, CentOS, Shopify, WooCommerce, Linux, Linux CentOS 7, Apache2, Magento 1, ClickFunnels, DigitalOcean, Magento, Webflow CMS, AWS Lambda, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Linux, Heroku, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase


MySQL, LAMP Server, JSON, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, XML-RPC


Charts, PHP 8, APIs, Full-stack, DOM, Teamwork, Front-end Development, Web Development, SMTP, WordPress Plugins, Communication, Bootstrap 4, Back-end, Laravel Jetstream, Vue-router, Front-end, eCommerce, API Integration, Scraping, Web Scraping, Weebly, Squarespace, HTML5 Animations, Pagination, Search, Forms, Cost Estimation, Languages, Meetings, Active Listening, Human Resources (HR), Training, Lambda Functions, Serverless, PDF, IMAP, Airtable, Google SEO


REST, Serverless Architecture

2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

University Institute of Information Technology - Shimla, India