Tomas Livora, Software Developer in Prague, Czech Republic
Tomas Livora

Software Developer in Prague, Czech Republic

Member since February 10, 2019
Since 2013, Tomas has been making a living as a full-stack developer working with large corporations as well as early-stage startups. Highlights from his career include working for Red Hat on its core JBoss products, co-founding his own company, and later joining another startup,, as a front-end specialist. He specializes in building modern single-page applications with a strong emphasis on a beautiful UI and a great UX.
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Prague, Czech Republic



Preferred Environment

Linux, WebStorm, GitHub

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is Lumeer: a flexible information system that gives users the same freedom as spreadsheets but enables more advanced data manipulation.


  • Co-founder

    2017 - PRESENT
    • Designed a reactive front-end architecture to support switching between various visual interpretations of data and enable collaboration between multiple users.
    • Switched the back end to a three-layer architecture in order to support growing the application's size with minimal technical debt.
    • Led a team of up to five developers, implemented frequent code reviews, and advocated industry-best practices.
    • Set up E2E test suite and covered important parts of the application by automated tests.
    • Reported and fixed bugs in various libraries our product depended on.
    • Was involved in business planning and strategic decision-making.
    Technologies: Angular, TypeScript, Java, MongoDB
  • Front-end Developer

    2018 - 2019
    • Led the process of making the application more reactive using a state management library.
    • Contributed to the redesign of the application's UI.
    • Proposed and executed some crucial refactorings of the legacy code that made the application more stable.
    • Covered basic use cases by a set of E2E tests using Cypress.
    • Advocated the use of GitFlow to speed-up the development process and deployment cycle.
    Technologies: Angular, TypeScript, Leaflet
  • Quality Engineer

    2013 - 2017
    Red Hat
    • Tested JBoss BPM Suite and JBoss BRMS products.
    • Ran automated test suites and analyzed test results.
    • Tested installers, the BPM engine, web application UIs, remote APIs, and performance.
    • Reported around 200 complex bugs and verified much more.
    • Created three large test suites from scratch.
    • Made over 30 voluntary code contributions to tested projects.
    Technologies: Java, Java EE


  • Lumeer (Development)

    As a CTO, I was responsible for the development of this visual project and team management tool.

    I led a team of up to five developers, designed the architecture of the system, and implemented a large part of it.

    The back end was based on Java EE, ran in a WildFly application server, and used MongoDB as the primary data storage. The front end was based on Angular; it was made fully reactive using NgRx state management library and used many other libraries (such as Mapbox GL, Plotly, Frappe Gantt, etc.) to display various visual representations of data. The application ran on multiple nodes in DigitalOcean cloud and used Auth0 for user authentication.

    The design decisions I made early on enabled us, for example, to easily implement real-time user collaboration using Pusher in later stages.

  • Mapotic (Development)

    I gradually became the main front-end developer responsible for this map social network with over 50 000 monthly active users. The application was based on the latest Angular and used Leaflet to render a map. I introduced a new Redux-like architecture (based on NgRx) which contributed to smooth UX and made the application more stable.

  • SilverWare (Development)

    I contributed to this microservice platform while working on my master's thesis. I integrated various fault-tolerance mechanisms (based on Hystrix) which can be easily configured by Java annotations. In order to enable this, I also had to make significant changes in the SilverWare core.

  • PSI Coupon Dashboard (Development)

    I built from scratch a web administration for an iOS app based on Firebase. The web application was built using Angular, NgRx, and Material Dashboard Pro theme.

  • HA Blueprints (Development)

    I built a web application which enables users to share blueprints of their houses with others. It was built using Angular, NgRx, and Material Dashboard Pro theme. We used Firebase as the database, file storage, and authentication service; various tasks were also automated using cloud functions.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML, Java, TypeScript, CSS, Sass
  • Frameworks

    Angular, Bootstrap,, JPA, Angular Material, Redux, Hibernate
  • Libraries/APIs

    ngrx, RxJS, Mapbox GL, LeafletJS, React, Node.js, Vue.js
  • Platforms

    Firebase, Java EE, Linux, DigitalOcean
  • Storage

    Cloud Firestore, MongoDB
  • Other

    UI Components, API Testing, SaaS, Responsive Design, Front-end, Full-stack, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Hosting, Storybook, Architecture, Cloud, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), User Interface (UI), Real-time Data
  • Tools

    Git, Maven, NPM, Angular CLI, GitHub, Sentry, Auth0, Webpack, Gulp.js, CircleCI, Travis CI, WildFly
  • Paradigms

    E2E Testing, Reactive Programming, Clean Code, Responsive Web Design (RWD), REST


  • Master's degree in Informatics
    2014 - 2017
    Masaryk University - Brno, Czechia
  • Bachelor's degree in Informatics
    2011 - 2014
    Masaryk University - Brno, Czechia


  • Red Hat Certified Architect: Enterprise Application Development
    JUNE 2017 - JANUARY 2019
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Business Process Design
    JUNE 2017 - JUNE 2020
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Camel Development
    FEBRUARY 2017 - FEBRUARY 2020
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certified JBoss Administrator
    OCTOBER 2016 - OCTOBER 2019
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Developing Fast Cache Applications
    JULY 2016 - JULY 2019
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer
    MARCH 2016 - MARCH 2019
    Red Hat
  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Persistence
    AUGUST 2015 - AUGUST 2018
    Red Hat

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