Working together to help save millions of lives

Laerdal Medical and Toptal join forces to develop life-saving tools aimed at curbing preventable deaths from accidents, medical errors, and birth injuries.


We needed a team that could assist in building our digital foundation. If it wasn’t for Toptal, I don’t know how we would have done it.

Jochai von Baumgarten

Director, Digital Customer Solutions, Laerdal Medical

The Client

Laerdal is a global enterprise that creates healthcare training solutions for medical practitioners, volunteer groups, educational institutions, and military entities.

The Challenge

Laerdal’s team are experts in educational and technical services, and manufacturing healthcare training tools. They needed help building the digital platforms and applications necessary to teach real people how to use them—and further the company’s mission of helping save lives.

The Result

A continuous partnership between Laerdal Medical and Toptal that spans various projects, departments, and company initiatives, with a shared goal of innovating healthcare solutions.

Addressing a Life-saving Challenge

Laerdal Medical, a leading supplier of medical education products, sought rapid digitization to fulfill its mission of saving one million lives annually by 2030. To fast-track this “One Million Lives” initiative, Laerdal required a team of experienced technical talent to expand and improve its digital offerings.

Toptal provided a team of skilled digital experts, developers, and designers to help create cutting-edge tools and applications to reduce preventable deaths by accidents, medical errors, and birth injuries. The result was a frictionless digital workflow that supports their internal and external platforms, including e-commerce sites, digital libraries, customer support, and more. This collaborative effort, spanning 15 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia, strengthened Laerdal’s digital foundation and continues to enable life-saving progress across multiple projects.

Unlocking Digital Solutions

​​A talented team of expert digital product managers, software developers, and product designers assist Laerdal in the development of web and educational tools. Together, they create innovative solutions to help save millions of lives.

Our partnership with Toptal has been the best return on investment of all of the services we’ve tried because of the quality of talent.

Jochai von Baumgarten

Director, Digital Customer Solutions, Laerdal Medical

Key Results

Created tools and applications geared toward reducing preventable deaths caused by accidents, medical errors, and birth injuries.

Expedited the development of digital infrastructure to stay competitive in the healthcare field.

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