Build Amazing Projects With Elite Software Teams

Toptal Projects: Delivering tier-1 software products, fully-managed.

We now offer fully-managed software projects via Toptal Project Managers. Full teams, managed projects, top quality; from design, to software, to testing, to finish.

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How does it work?
Step 1
Estimated time: 1-2 days
Our team of engineers will meet with you to discuss the project and your background, and to understand the type of Project Manager and engineering talent you will need.
Step 2
Define scope
Estimated time: 1-2 weeks
You’ll be introduced to a Toptal Project Manager hand-picked for your needs. You will define and prioritize the project objectives, desired timeline, and scope according to Agile Methodology.
Step 3
Receive high level estimate
Estimated time: 1-4 weeks
Your Project Manager will then build a project proposal for your review that includes technical options, estimated cost and timeline, and the team roles, etc. required to deliver your project.
Step 4
Build team and execute
Time varies depending on project
Your Project Manager will build a team of Toptalers and refine an Agile plan with a fixed price quote and timeline for your approval. Once you sign off, the Project Manager will lead your dedicated team in executing the project according to plan.
What projects do you help me build?
Websites and Web Apps
Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python/Django, etc.
Mobile Apps
iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.
Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications
Hybrid Mobile & Web Apps
…and many, many more!
Work with Toptal project management experts

At Toptal, our goal is to enable all of our clients to achieve any technical project, regardless of the level of expertise they currently have in their company. Our Project Managers have extensive experience working remotely with teams of Toptal developers, designers, and QA experts, all of whom are rigorously screened and among the top 3% of freelancers in the world.

Even if you don’t have a technical background or experience managing software projects, by working with teams led by Toptal Project Managers, you’ll be able to accomplish projects on time and on budget that may never have been possible for you before.

Paul Barnes, Head of Projects @ Toptal
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What do clients say about Toptal?
"Working with Enrique has been a pleasure and a relief. His knowledge in the IT space is broad and in-depth. Zoomedia has been in need of this level of support for some time and I feel confident we are an exponentially stronger team with Enrique on board."
  • Justin Bane, Senior Technical Lead
  • Carter Cleveland, CEO
  • Ryan Walker, Director of Product
    Rand McNally
  • Ryan Rockefeller
    Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Build amazing projects with elite software teams

Everyone at Toptal is rigorously screened and among the top 3% of developers, designers, and QA experts in the world. There are Toptalers from MIT, CERN, and Google, as well as Top 100 Rails contributors, Django committers, authors, professors, and more. We are great problem-solvers who value integrity, and top companies rely on us for their most important projects.