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Hadoop has become the cornerstone of large data systems. Indeed, Hadoop developers know how to write applications that interact with Hadoop; but they also know how to build, operate, and troubleshoot large Hadoop clusters.


Hadoop has become the cornerstone of large data systems. Indeed, Hadoop developers know how to write applications that interact with Hadoop; but they also know how to build, operate, and troubleshoot large Hadoop clusters.

Hadoop is a large software stack. On one hand, it deals with low-level hardware resources, and on the other, it provides a high-level API to build software. As a result, a Hadoop developer not only develops software but also operates it.

Furthermore, a good grasp of algorithms and their runtime characteristics is essential to developing for Hadoop efficiently.

Hadoop Developer - Job Description and Ad Template

Copy this template, and modify it as your own:

Company Introduction

{{ Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else that you think makes your company interesting. }}

Job Description

We are looking for a Hadoop developer to help us build large-scale data storage and processing software and infrastructure. Knowledge of existing tools is essential, as is the capacity to write software using the Hadoop API.


  • Write software to interact with HDFS and MapReduce.
  • Assess requirements and evaluate existing solutions.
  • Build, operate, monitor, and troubleshoot Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Develop tools and libraries, and maintain processes for other engineers to access data and write MapReduce programs.
  • Develop documentation and playbooks to operate Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Evaluate and use hosted solutions on AWS / Google Cloud / Azure. {{If you’d like to use hosted solutions}}
  • Write scalable and maintainable ETLs. {{If you need to run ETLs}}
  • Understand Hadoop’s security mechanisms and implement Hadoop security. {{If you need fine-grained security within your organization}}
  • Write software to ingest data into Hadoop.


  • You know the JVM runtime, the Java language, and ideally another JVM-based programming language. {{Mention Java version if it matters to your existing code}}
  • You know computer science fundamentals, particularly algorithmic complexity.
  • You know trade-offs in distributed systems.
  • You’re proficient at software engineering principles that produce maintainable software and you can use them in practice.
  • You have worked with a Hadoop distribution.
  • You have worked with one or more computation frameworks, such as Spark.
  • You’re familiar with HBase, Kafka, ZooKeeper, or other Apache software. {{Add or remove Apache software based on need}}
  • You know Linux and its operation, networking, and security.
  • You know how to efficiently move large data around.
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