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Tiago Silva, Portugal

Member since April 9, 2012
Tiago left his position at Microsoft to co-found Hive. From then on, building up Hive has led him through working on projects in every kind of language and environment, performing every skill imaginable from sales, to project management and hardcore development. For ... Click to continue

Stefan Progovac, United States

Member since January 31, 2015
Stefan is a highly skilled iOS developer with a master's degree in physics. He loves both technological and artistic sides of software engineering. He has had the pleasure to work on some popular enterprise-level apps used by millions of people for companies like Tar... Click to continue

Andy Jacobs, Belgium

Member since January 23, 2016
Andy is a highly trained iOS Developer with over 7 years of experience making native applications. He’s a premium asset for making your high-end production a reality, for both consumer or enterprise applications. He has also done workshops and technical analyses, mak... Click to continue

Ted Cohn, Puerto Rico

Member since February 1, 2014
Ted has 25+ years as a senior architect, technologist, developer, entrepreneur, and CTO. He led Barnes & Noble's Nook team in Palo Alto, created Pleo the dinosaur, Foodiebot chatbot ordering system and worked for Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Excite, and NeXT. He... Click to continue

Rinat Sharipov, Russia

Member since September 2, 2013
Rinat is a Senior iOS Engineer with over six years of software development experience, during which he has worked with REST-based APIs, social media integration, geolocation, Core Animation, and full control customization. Click to continue