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Join the ranks of an ever-growing international community through hosting exclusive events, attending popular conferences and seminars, and crafting thought-leading materials. Toptal Community Leaders are the driving force in expanding the Toptal network by creating unique experiences and locating the most exceptional talent.

Why become a Toptal Leader?

  • The Motive

    Lead your community by hosting exclusive events, doing targeted outreach, and engaging with your network while leveraging Toptal`s growing international brand.
  • The Mission

    Help build our community of extraordinary talent as a Toptal ambassador in your city. Be the foundation for growth and launch your profile`s presence.
  • The Means

    Become a prominent thought leader in your local engineering and design community. Be recognized for networking the brightest and most innovative minds together. Work with an incredible team from across the globe. Receive more opportunities to work on amazing client projects.

Meet the Toptal Leader team

Luiz Antonio Mitidiero de Moraes Jr.
Campinas/SP, Brazil
Ivan Alvarez
Medellín - Antioquia, Colombia
Greco Rubio
Mérida, Mexico
Igor Santos
Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Paul Grigoruta
Bucharest, Romania
Igor Pavlic
Rijeka/Zagreb, Croatia
Paul Henn
Široki Brijeg, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Taylor Platt
New York, NY, United States
Rodrigo Donini
São Leopoldo - State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Eduardo Luttner
Belo Horizonte - State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Julien Renaux
Toulouse, France
Julia Stanaro
Denver, CO, United States
Héctor Miguel Benítez Fletes
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Pierre Killy
Paris, France
Ines Avdic-Zekic
Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tomas Holas
Prague, Czech Republic
Adam Molnar
Budapest, Hungary
Gabriel Pleszowski
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Michal Mikolajczyk
Warszawa, Poland
Luiz Ferreira
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dmitry Pavlov
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Luka Horvat
Osijek, Croatia
Pablo Villoslada Puigcerber
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Steve Ng
Zoltan Varadi
Szeged, Hungary
Ramiro Agustin Palacios
Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Oleg Polivannyi
Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia
Luís Filipe Teófilo
Porto, Portugal
Mariana Garcia
Guadalajara, Mexico
Nazar Ivanenko
Kiev, Ukraine
Jure Mornar
Split, Croatia
Razvan Burciu
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County, Romania
Marco Vega
Barranquilla - Atlantico, Colombia
Dmitry Ryazantsev
Moscow, Russia
Zach Goldstein
Toronto, ON, Canada
Solon Molho
Athens, Central Athens, Greece
Eduard Milushi
Tirana, Tirana County, Albania
Ivan Radigales Creus
Barcelona, Spain

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