Brendon John Smuts, Game Design Developer in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Brendon John Smuts

Game Design Developer in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Member since May 7, 2015
Since school, Brendon's been developing games and for the past seven, he's been using Unity3D professionally in over 20 projects. He's worked as the lead developer for two independent studios and his clients include Disney, IMVU, the WRU, and many more. Brendon's most rewarding work experience was leading a ten-man team as one of the handfuls of studios contracted by Disney to build their Imagicademy platform.
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  • C#, 9 years
  • Unity3D, 7 years
  • Game Design, 3 years
  • AWS SDK, 2 years
  • AWS Lambda, 2 years


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio Code, Git, Perforce

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was a mobile container for Disney's Imagicademy that delivered over 30 games across popular franchises such as Star Wars, Frozen, and more.


  • Lead Developer

    2015 - 2017
    Sea Monster
    • Led a team of 10+ developers in working with multiple remote development houses on Disney's Imagicademy mobile game.
    • Created Bar Blitz, an iOS/Android/WebGL free-to-play game; it was developed in partnership with the IMVU social network.
    • Setup a continuous integration/deployment and asset pipeline for use with mobile/web projects developed in Unity.
    • Setup up production standards for the 2D/3D art team developing assets for use in Unity.
    • Provided in-depth technical direction/insight for developers migrating from application technologies to building with Unity.
    Technologies: C#, Unity, Oculus, HTC Vive, Vuforia, Jenkins
  • Senior Developer

    2011 - 2015
    RetroEpic Software
    • Developed Strangelings, a virtual pet breeding game, for iOS and web.
    • Developed Scorch Runner for the WRU, a free-to-play endless runner distributed on iOS/Android.
    • Contributed to the development of a mobile version of A Day in the Woods, a sliding puzzle game.
    • Developed Ginjah, a memory matching game for iOS/Android.
    • Developed Houzz-it, a property trading simulation game, for iOS/Android/Web.
    • Provided a technical foundation for experienced C++ developers moving to .NET/C#.
    • Developed numerous virtual reality apps/games using Vuforia.
    Technologies: C#, Unity, Vuforia, StackMob, Parse


  • Bar Blitz (Development)

    Bar Blitz is a mixology game where players test their skills in making cocktails. The game was developed in partnership with IMVU and leveraging their social avatar platform.

    I led a team of 6, including developers, artists, and designers; I was responsible for all the core game systems.

    I also developed an asset processing and deployment system that took high fidelity source textures from artists and produced device-specific quality variants. The variants were then packed into archives to be distributed to users depending on device performance capabilities.

  • A Day in the Woods (Development)

    In A Day in the Woods—a stylish re-imagining of the traditional sliding puzzle game—you play as Little Red Riding Hood’s wispy winged sprite friend. It’s up to you to solve each hexagon-tiled level in the shortest number of moves possible and get Little Miss Red safely to Granny’s house.

    I worked on level design and gameplay systems.

  • Ginjah (Development)

    I was the sole developer on a simple memory matching game with a focus on a polished game feel. I customized PBR shaders and performed extensive graphics profiling for optimization on very low-end mobile devices.

  • uBuild (Other amazing things)

    uBuild provides an alternative to configuring build options without using Unity’s default player settings.

    Build settings are created as individual assets inside the project structure, allowing for quick and consistent switching between different configurations without requiring error prone hand tweaking.

    Once set up, objects can be easily pushed to any source control system ensuring consistent build results between all developers, including those unfamiliar with the build process.

    Build objects can also easily be run through command line batch mode for easy integration with existing continuous integration workflows.

  • Scorch Runner (Development)

    I acted as the sole developer of the project, performing both back-end and front-end responsibilities.

    I developed a back-end console that allowed for configuration of game data in order to assist designers in balance with the gameplay without requiring updated builds.

    I implemented the iOS/Android in-app purchases and authentication.

  • Houzz It (Development)

    Houzz-it is the first serious property-game created by Sea Monster. I acted as the primary developer for the project.

    I built a data driven system to allow designers to develop custom rules for changing gameplay behavior for different scenarios. The game rule objects were serializable to a database back-end that could be connected to in order to add and update game content without rebuilding executables.


  • Languages

    C#, JavaScript, C++, Java
  • Frameworks

    Unity3D, Unreal Engine
  • Tools

    Git, GameSparks, AWS SDK, Microsoft Visual Studio, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), Amazon SQS, AWS IAM, Jenkins, Perforce
  • Platforms

    Firebase, AWS Lambda
  • Other

    Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR), Mixed Reality, Mixed Reality (MR), Networks, Amazon GameLift, Game Design, AWS API Gateway, Unity Shaders
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development
  • Storage

    AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3

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