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Gleidson Nascimento

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Wellington, New Zealand
Toptal Member Since
January 10, 2019

Gleidson is a highly experienced engineer with solid infrastructure automation architecture, design, development, and orchestration skills. Over the past 20 years, he has been responsible for automating large and complex environments, configuring hardware/network elements, continuously deploying code, and securing/hardening companies. Gleidson also has proven team leadership skills, including supervising, training, and mentoring teams.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Terraform, Internet of Things (IoT)...
Azure, Azure Stack, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Ansible...
Hybrid Labs, LLC
Ruby, Heroku, IT, Web Security, IT Security, CISO, Application Security...




Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift

The most amazing...

...project I'm currently taking part in is the CentOS PaaS Special Interest Group, a project detailed in my portfolio section.

Work Experience

Senior Cloud/DevOps Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
  • Migrated a Ruby on Rails back and front end from Heroku to AWS EKS/RDS/ElastiCache.
  • Migrated a bespoke IoT infrastructure in Go to AWS EKS.
  • Implemented fleet management using IoT Core and IoT device management.
  • Developed a custom ESP32 and ESP8266 firmware for freeRTOS.
  • Built a ChatOps bot for Slack using Go over a Kubernetes deployment.
  • Implemented Kubernetes deployments using Helm and Helmfile.
  • Led a team of six to provide BAU support to production and non-production and built infrastructure-as-code environment management using Terraform and Atlantis.
  • Created a deployment management tool in Ruby to help developers migrate from Heroku to AWS.
  • Implemented a Traefik edge router to Kubernetes and legacy services.
  • Implemented Lacework, Datadog, Sentry, Scout, AlienVault, and LogDNA tools to enhance visibility on the cluster by security, operations, and engineering teams.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Terraform, Internet of Things (IoT), Amazon EKS, Go, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Puma, TeamCity, Cloudflare, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps

Senior Cloud/DevOps Engineer, Azure

2020 - 2021
  • Developed a top to bottom automation solution to provision datacenters in on-premise Azure Stacks using Ansible, Terraform and Azure DevOps.
  • Managed other Toptal talents in account for the customer.
  • Delivered JavaScript fixes to their front-end solution, using Angular, Nginx, Apache, and Node.js.
  • Delivered Java fixes to their back-end solution, using Java, Spring Boot, Jenkins, and JBoss.
  • Automated an entire Kubernetes solution using Helm, Helmfile, and Ansible, for Kubernetes 1.17 over Azure Stack (with AKS Engine) and 1.19 on Azure cloud (with AKS).
  • Received high-praise from managers for completing the first and second phase of the project, high-level of the solution, and overall expertise among the team.
Technologies: Azure, Azure Stack, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Ansible, Terraform, Azure DevOps

Acting CISO/Security Expert

2020 - 2020
Hybrid Labs, LLC
  • Planned and implemented security posture for the whole company acting as a chief information security officer (CISO). Created a defense strategy and updated internal and external policies. Performed a security assessment and review.
  • Acted as a security consultant, responsible for penetration exercises, endpoint management, and executing security policies as per business strategy. We defined a risk management plan following the CISO strategy.
  • Collaborated, as DevSecOps expert, with developers reviewing and automating existing code delivery pipelines and creating new security pipelines.
Technologies: Ruby, Heroku, IT, Web Security, IT Security, CISO, Application Security, Information Security, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, Security, Compliance

Experienced DevOps

2019 - 2019
Peg B Technology
  • Migrated legacy Java applications to Kubernetes using Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins.
  • Migrated legacy Scala applications to Kubernetes using Docker and Jenkins.
  • Secured Kubernetes applications for production usage using OpenShift and Ansible.
  • Reviewed a Kubernetes application for PCI-DSS compliance using OpenShift.
  • Installed and configured a highly-available OpenShift 3.11 cluster using Ansible.
  • Added Prometheus, Elastic, Fluentd, AlienVault and Anchore Engine for providing enhanced visibility to security, operations, and engineering teams.
  • Developed custom monitoring dashboards in Prometheus, integrating with Jaeger and Traefik, for enhanced networking monitoring.
  • Implemented Traefik with ACME integration for secured edge routing at scale.
Technologies: Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Azure Architect

2019 - 2019
Falanx Cyber Technologies
  • Created a serverless architecture using Pulumi, Elastic, and Azure Functions.
  • Converted an existing AWS serverless architecture to Pulumi using Pulumi, AWS Lambda, and SAM architecture.
  • Created a serverless architecture for GCP using Pulumi, Elastic, and Google Cloud Functions.
  • Added Golang code support to a serverless stack using JavaScript and Pulumi.
  • Reviewed cloud architecture to improve performance and reduce costs.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, GoLand, Go, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure

Senior Consultant

2018 - 2019
  • Deployed an enterprise logging solution using OpenShift, Ansible, Elastic, and AWS.
  • Developed a bot for Telegram using Knative, Java, Ansible, and OpenShift.
  • Developed an integration system between legacy databases and API systems using OpenShift, Fuse, and AWS.
  • Installed and configured highly-available OpenShift 3.11 clusters using Ansible.
  • Built a CI/CD system for a Python application using AWS CodePipeline, GitHub, Ansible, and AWS Fargate.
Technologies: Ansible, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift

Platforms Solution Architect

2017 - 2018
Solnet Solutions
  • Created an event-based application in Golang using Goa.
  • Created an automation executor in Golang.
  • Created a serverless event-based application on Azure.
  • Maintained two production-ready OpenShift clusters, from 3.5 to 3.11.
  • Created a reactive front-end application with React.
Technologies: Express.js, React, JavaScript, Go, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Lead DevOps Engineer

2016 - 2017
  • Created an environment automation application in Terraform and Ansible.
  • Created an environment management application in Express and React.
  • Automated a legacy payments system using Ansible.
  • Led a team of eight to provide BAU support to non-production and develop a complete CI/CD pipeline using Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins.
  • Developed an API for interacting with an automation stack using Spring Boot.
  • Certified our Cloud environment for PCI-DSS in ap-southeast-2.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Terraform

As part of the global initiative to turn a Moleculer framework into a polyglot solution, I've begun helping in Moleculer Go, a complete rewrite of MoleculerJS in Golang. Together with the rewrites in Python, Clojure, and Elixir, we expect to better support startups and enthusiasts looking for a seamless integration between their applications written in two or more of those languages, since each implementation can communicate and operate with each other.

CentOS PaaS SIG Member
I am currently a member of the team releasing the CentOS version of Origin Kubernetes Distribution (OKD), the free upstream version of the OpenShift Container Platform. API Demonstration and Presentation
I presented a demonstration and coding session on how to develop APIs using Golang and framework. The final work is saved on a git repository, containing slides, a walkthrough, and a couple of challenges. I made this presentation for the Wellington Golang User group. More details about the presentation in the link below.

Goa API Development Article
I wrote an article showcasing Goa and how we can effectively develop APIs using its framework, including essential features such as authentication and authorization from its inception. The article is currently published on the Toptal Blog.

Example Terraform Module

This is a simple example of a Terraform module I developed for obtaining AWS ACM wildcard certificates automatically for domains users manage on Amazon Route 53.

Infrastructure Performance Benchmarking

I helped to implement performance benchmarking over OpenShift/Kubernetes using tools like Splunk, ELK, Grafana, and Prometheus.
We set up Prometheus to collect metrics out of the cluster and developed key applications, and feed to Splunk and Grafana, where dashboards were developed to visualize such information. The dashboards ranged from containing simple information—such as latency or transactions per second—to more complex constructs—such as logged users before nodes failed or sessions left in hanging state.

Azure and GCP Implementation for Project Furnace
I helped to develop the components required for Furnace to support Azure and GCP serverless architecture.
Furnace is a big data project where data scientists can rely on well-defined building blocks for constructing data pipelines with no need to manage the infrastructure.

DevOpsDays Singapore Keynote Speaker
I presented a paper on DevOps and Experimentation on Large IT Service companies. More details about the talk can be found in the link below.

DevOpsDays Sydney Keynote Speaker
I presented a paper on Packaging OpenShift Origin Kubernetes Distribution (OKD). More details about the talk can be found in the link below.

DevOpsDays Recife Keynote Speaker
I presented a paper on Kubernetes Operators: what they are currently used for and how to develop one to manage applications using either Golang or Ansible. More details on the paper can be found in the link below.

Digital Transformation for Healthcare
I helped chief economist Erik Stettler write an article describing the DevOps and cybersecurity challenges healthcare companies face and how open talents can help them overcome. That article also led to a presentation we did to CIOs during the pandemic, explaining the net value companies can take from engaging open talent worldwide to overcome skills shortage and tip the scale towards enhanced security and collaboration in a remote-working setting.


Go, JavaScript, Ruby, Python


Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Express.js, AngularJS, React Native


Node.js, React


Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS CloudFormation, Amazon EKS, Azure IoT Suite, Microsoft Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Elastic, GoLand, Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, TeamCity


Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment, DevOps, Agile Project Management, Functional Programming, Agile, Kanban, Penetration Testing, Azure DevOps


Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS IoT, AWS IoT Core, Azure PaaS, Azure IaaS, OpenShift, Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS Cloud Computing Services, Apache Kafka, Docker, Heroku, Drone CI


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis

Industry Expertise



Amazon Kinesis, Security, IT Security, IoT Security, IoT Protocols, Security Analysis, Security Groups, Web App Security, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Cloud Server, Pulumi, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, APIs, Networks, Shell Scripting, Continuous Monitoring, IT, CISO, Application Security, Information Security, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, Compliance, Customer Success, Analytics, GitFlow, Spanish-English Translation, Azure Stack, Puma, Cloudflare, Electrical Engineering, Web Security

2000 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Universidade of Pernambuco - Recife, Brazil

2002 - 2004

Diploma in Networking

Cisco Academy - Recife, Brazil


AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Amazon Web Services


Certified OpenShift Administration

Red Hat


Certified Tester Foundation Level