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Marius Repede

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Front-end Development Developer

Redmond, WA, United States
Toptal Member Since
April 30, 2020

Marius is an energetic and creative senior full-stack engineer with over 10+ years of development experience. He possesses mastery in leveraging many different tech stacks including JavaScript to build responsive web and mobile app platforms with evolving interactive features. With the ability to adapt and create scalable designs, he focuses on building features that drive overall business growth and greatly improve UX experience.


Hearst - eCommerce Tower Project
React, Next.js, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Contentful, Front-end, HTML...
Anthem, Inc
React, Redux, JavaScript, Twilio API, Front-end, HTML, CSS
Chargebee, Styled-components, Redux, TypeScript, React, Front-end, HTML, CSS...




Preferred Environment

Slack, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Git, OS X

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was Zammo, a React/Typescript voice AI web app. Upon release in 2019, it was recognized and labeled a pioneering new piece of voice AI tech.

Work Experience

React Engineer

2022 - 2023
Hearst - eCommerce Tower Project
  • Developed a custom PWA eCommerce platform for a luxury brand. Designed and built with Contentful, React, and Magento. A combination that allows anyone the power to create content, tailor it perfectly, and scale it to an audience of millions alone.
  • Built out pages with designs provided via Figma. Planned through resolving potential issues resulting from future design updates and created a framework for the economic integration of new features and future refactorization.
  • Enhanced site reliability and longevity by improving the accuracy of product data with the resolution of product synchronization issues between Magento and Contentful through front-end integration of Magento API.
Technologies: React, Next.js, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Contentful, Front-end, HTML, CSS, eCommerce, Django

Senior React Developer

2020 - 2021
Anthem, Inc
  • Worked as a senior engineer on the TeleHealth OS project. Serviced, updated, and maintained functionality through the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing Telehealth OS to be one of the best free TeleHealth OS platforms on the market.
  • Organized and worked within a team of 25 developers, using various tools such as Jira and Slack with methodologies like Waterfall, Scrum, and Pod, to create an adaptable, robust, and agile work environment.
  • Updated video quality, improved overall connectivity, and cut video loading time by 15% while keeping up the quality as demand increased by 52%, servicing over 83 million.
Technologies: React, Redux, JavaScript, Twilio API, Front-end, HTML, CSS

Lead React Developer

2019 - 2020
  • Developed a publishing app for voice platforms like Alexa, Cortana, and Google.
  • Built a fully responsive React and TypeScript app in half the expected development time.
  • Integrated voice technology designed to network and interface with other voice apps.
Technologies: Chargebee, Styled-components, Redux, TypeScript, React, Front-end, HTML, CSS, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Cloud

Senior React Redux Developer

2019 - 2020
  • Developed a machine learning-based web app that predicts road traffic with enhanced navigational support provided by an array of various custom charts and map boxes nicely. Designed the future integration of self-driving car features.
  • Designed, directed, and built the application's architecture from scratch on a custom React-Redux implementation.
  • Accelerated project development effort and decreased developing time by 30%. Reverse-engineered the architecture and rebuilt the entire system with 100% JavaScript. Flawlessly managed three different roles at the same time on this project.
Technologies: MUI (Material UI), Redux-Saga, Redux, React, Front-end, HTML, CSS, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Amplify

Senior React and Node Developer

2019 - 2019
Move Electric Mobility Inc
  • Developed a transportation logistics platform that manages the movement of goods and personnel across several networks in the Vancouver Metro Area, primarily focusing on using electric vehicles and environmentally sustainable technologies.
  • Designed a pixel-perfect UI from the ground up using Adobe XD and hired and managed several development teams for the site's production.
  • Planned, managed, and tracked development efforts across four distinct stacks and assisted the app owner in budget and resource planning for the optimal completion of the project.
Technologies: Stripe, Node.js, Redux, React, HTML, CSS, eCommerce

Senior Vue.js & Node.js Developer

2018 - 2019
  • Developed a real estate platform designed to help homeowners with SEO and an extremely detailed data input system to advertise and sell their properties for the best possible price.
  • Utilized machine learning algorithms to analyze and predict selling patterns and micro and macro changes in the real estate market to give the user the best chance and understanding in dealing with anything related to real estate.
  • Increased usability and total app coverage by 20% and improved the overall UI/UX experience of the initial platform.
Technologies: MongoDB, Node.js, Nuxt.js, Vue, HTML, CSS

Senior React & Node.js Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Built a platform that uses AI to personalize your skincare based on your lifestyle and skin type.
  • Developed a dynamic and interactive website that ensured high traffic, page views, and user experience, resulting in a 40% increase in sales revenue.
  • Oversaw the full software development lifecycle with 100% on-time delivery while staying 5% under budget.
Technologies: Stripe, MongoDB, Node.js, Hapi.js, Redux Thunk, Redux, React, HTML, CSS, eCommerce

A platform that uses AI to personalize your skincare based on lifestyle and skin type.
I built a web app for Provenskincare with React, Redux, Redux-thunk, Hapi.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Stripe.
I was a full-stack developer who led a team of three developers.

A real estate platform designed to help homeowners by using SEO and an extremely detailed data input system to advertise and sell their properties for the best possible price.
Technologies used: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js, MongoDB

A publishing app for voice platforms (Alexa, Cortana, and Google).
Zammo is a Microsoft subsidiary with a primary focus on the development and integration of voice technology, specifically apps designed to network and interfaces with other voice apps like Google, Cortana, Alexa, and any other voice platforms.
Technologies: React, Typescript, Redux, Redux-thunk, Styled-components

I developed a dynamic and interactive website that ensured high traffic, page views, and user experience.
I used SEO best practices to elevate an organization's web presence; I achieved top 10 Google rankings on several highly competitive keywords.

Technologies: GatsbyJS, React, Styled-components, Netlify CMS

ShopBAZAAR | React-based Magento eCommerce PWA
A React-based, Magento eCommerce progressive web app that leverages the Contentful content management system (CMS). ShopBazaar allows users to quickly create and shape content for their personal needs. Users can also efficiently infuse content with data with Magento's SEO capabilities to effectively target diversified audiences for maximum visibility.

I was this project's senior front-end React developer, focused entirely on integrating the Contentful CMS. I advised on how this system could mesh with other systems like Magento, employing my many years of experience working with PWAs, React, and Contentful and integrating 3rd-party APIs.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, C#, PHP


React Native, Angular, Redux, Next.js, Nuxt.js, MUI (Material UI), Hapi.js, .NET, ASP.NET, Django, Express.js, Tailwind CSS


Stripe, React, Vue, Node.js, Redux-Saga, D3.js, AWS Amplify, Twilio API, MobX


Git, Redux Thunk


Responsive Layout, REST


Contentful, Netlify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Bot Framework, Magento, Shopify


MongoDB, PostgreSQL


Front-end Development, Styled-components, Gatsby, Apollo, OAuth, Front-end, eCommerce, Chargebee, Cloud, Progressive Web Applications (PWA)