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C++ is a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. C++ developers often work on both desktop and mobile applications, as well as software that interacts with low-level system and hardware resources. Developers can use C++ to build native modules and applications for a number of platforms, such as Android using Android NDK. C++, being a difficult language to master, requires a developer to spend much time with it.


C++ is a general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. C++ developers often work on both desktop and mobile applications, as well as software that interacts with low-level system and hardware resources. Developers can use C++ to build native modules and applications for a number of platforms, such as Android using Android NDK. C++, being a difficult language to master, requires a developer to spend much time with it.

Writing a good job description and job advertisement for a C++ developer requires an emphasis to be placed on the specific technologies necessary for the project. When you are looking for an advanced C++ developer to fill a specific niche, posting a generic C++ developer description in your job ad will bring numerous applications from people who are unfamiliar with the required technologies or have very limited knowledge of the language as a whole.

This article will provide you with a sample C++ developer job description that will help you write the perfect job ad, and assure that you easily find and hire the person that matches your specific criteria.

C++ Developer - Job Description and Ad Template

Copy this template, and modify it as your own:

Company Introduction

{{Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else you think makes your company interesting.}}

Job Description

We are looking for a C++ developer responsible for building applications that may range from desktop applications to native mobile applications and embedded systems. Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop these applications, and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure.


  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C++ code
  • Implement performance and quality modules
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • {{Add other responsibilities here that are relevant}}


  • Strong proficiency in C++, with fair knowledge of the language specification
  • Thorough knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms
  • {{Specify any platform(s) that you want the developer to have a strong grasp of}}
  • Good understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments
  • Understanding of dynamic polymorphism and C++ specific notions, such as friend classes
  • Familiarity with templating in C++
  • Knowledge of the latest C++11 standard is appreciated {{depending on project specifications}}
  • Familiarity with embedded systems design, low-level hardware interactions {{if required}}
  • Knowledge of low-level threading primitives and real-time environments {{depending on project requirements}}
  • Familiarity with system call wrapper library functions
  • Knowledge of writing native modules for high-level languages such as Node.js, Python, Go, etc. {{if required}}
  • Familiarity with language tools, such as Valgrind {{if required}}
  • Knowledge of component data sheets and specifications
  • Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools {{such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial}}
  • Familiarity with continuous integration
  • {{Make sure to mention other frameworks, libraries, or any other technology relevant to your project}}
  • {{List education level or certification you require}}
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