Alejandro Velasco, Designer in Madrid, Spain

Alejandro Velasco

Digital Designer

Madrid, Spain
Toptal Member Since
March 30, 2017

Alejandro is a passionate designer—a former industrial designer turned digital over the years—taking advantage of his skills in user-centered designs and interests in technology and digital image rendering. He's been working in the user interface field for more than eight years—specializing in working with teams to create visual and interaction languages. Nowadays, he's helping startups build their identities through their interfaces.

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Work Experience

2022 - PRESENT

Senior Product Designer

  • Completed an audit of the product for which I was responsible, time tracking from the employee's point of view.
  • Created a three-layer map, including a system diagram, UX audit, and interaction data.
  • Made principles for the rest of the designers to consume, which included a common glossary, levels of criticality, and UX copy architecture.
Technologies: Figma, Miro, Slack, Confluence, Pendo
2022 - 2022

Lead Product Designer

Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • Designed audit reports, including information architecture, main flows, user actions, usability success metrics, areas of work, tasks, and projects.
  • Built several prototypes for usability testing and a final prototype for stakeholder buying.
  • Composed two design briefs with UI/UX improvements for engineering and product teams from the Higg platform, linking the prototype sections.
Technologies: Figma, Miro
2020 - 2022

Senior Product Designer

New Relic
  • Designed the user interface for workloads (cloud abstraction), user research, information architecture, interaction design, and visual design.
  • Worked on process and artifacts for platform navigation revamp. Built five sacrificial concepts and published two research reports. Helped build a coded prototype.
  • Created the initial EAP Service Level Management experience. User interface and user flows plus jobs to be done definition.
Technologies: Sketch, Figma, After Effects CC, Abstracts
2019 - 2020

UI Designer

Lykke Business (via Toptal)
  • Designed the back office for a blockchain cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Worked with an international team of experts to help create the visual design of the iOS and Android apps.
  • Established the interaction and animation standards for the apps.
  • Helped data analytics experts choose which information to display and how to show it for the dashboard concept.
  • Created design guidelines for different engineering squads to work in parallel.
Technologies: Principle, Jira, Zeplin, Sketch, Abstracts
2019 - 2019

Design Lead

NVICTA (via Toptal)
  • Designed an app that allows drillers in oil and gas to do calculations while they drill.
  • Built the MVP/clickable prototype for iPad. Enable investor usability testing.
  • Developed dashboard wireframes, including analytics visualization.
  • Created the information architecture for iOS from scratch.
  • Generated the control design using animation sketches.
Technologies: InVision, KeyShot, Rhinoceros 3D, Principle, Sketch
2017 - 2019

Design Lead

  • Designed a platform to enable big corporations to manage their relationships with other companies by visualizing NPS scores and public data.
  • Worked on the entire design cycle from product and UX to interaction and visuals for two years.
  • Designed a feed with market and social input data mixed with statistics from assessments.
  • Built an assessment tool from scratch to gather information for the platform.
  • Created a dashboard design with graphs, tables, and gauges when needed.
  • Developed table design patterns to enable more efficient reading.
Technologies: Dashboards, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Sketch
2017 - 2018

Design Lead

Ayvri (via Toptal)
  • Redesigned a platform based on 3D-virtual world maps mainly used to replay or preview outdoor sports and races.
  • Improved the 3D platform's UX to make the web design up to par with the quality of the 3D player.
  • Created and refined the Outdoor Activities illustration style guide.
  • Built a UI toolkit, including a design system tailored to future project demands.
  • Designed the player interface, including statistics panels and controls.
  • Created premium user flows and explored customer journeys, including three different personas.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, InVision, Sketch
2017 - 2017

UI/UX Designer

Renoviso (via Toptal)
  • Worked on several projects, starting with redesigning Renoviso's mobile website for the consumer side of the marketplace.
  • Designed the user experience for the eCommerce platform's mobile upper and lower funnels.
  • Chose strong typography to help with the visual understanding.
  • Defined the services, including the customer journey, which connected online and offline experiences.
  • Created custom email designs to complete the experience.
Technologies: Adobe After Effects, InVision, Sketch
2016 - 2017

Senior Designer

Payever Gmbh
  • Designed the visuals and user experience for an open commerce platform for people to buy, sell, and exchange directly.
  • Created responsive user interfaces for web applications.
  • Conducted a benchmark analysis of competitors to satisfy the general public.
  • Wrote out the icon metaphor definitions for the icon designer to craft.
  • Helped create specific guidelines for developers and worked closely with them to develop standards.
Technologies: Avocode, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch
2015 - 2016

Senior Visual Designer

  • Worked on the visual design throughout the entire product lifecycle from concept through product release.
  • Designed mobile-first, responsive products that aid in customer persuasion and drive conversion.
  • Provided visual design support for print, physical channels, and promotions.
  • Helped to design the workflows between developers and designers.
  • Worked on motion design, providing guidelines to the design team.
Technologies: Zeplin, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch
2011 - 2015

UI Designer

  • Designed, within a team of designers, a mobile operator on top of a social network—helping to create engaging, usable, and effective interaction and visual design solutions that work to achieve customer goals.
  • Designed for native apps, Android, iOS, Windows phones, and the web platform.
  • Handled and was responsible for the visual presentation of the user interface so information was easy to read, understand, and find.
  • Updated, tweaked, and constantly improved the layouts to achieve business goals.
  • Performed prototyping, research, and brand analysis.
Technologies: SourceTree, Google Docs, Zeplin, InVision, Fireworks, Jira, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch


2009 - 2010

Master's Degree in Industrial and Product Design

Scuola Politecnica di Design - Milan, Italy

2003 - 2008

Technical Engineer's Degree in Engineering on Industrial Design

Universidad Nebrija - Madrid, Spain



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