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Anna Gondzik

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Houston, TX, United States
Toptal Member Since
September 8, 2021

Anna has 16 years of experience in web design, CRO, UI/UX, responsive design, WordPress, web development, landing pages, sales funnels, and on-page SEO. She has completed 2,000+ website projects, focusing on conversion optimization and lead generation. Anna has worked with B2B and B2C brands to create websites that grab viewers' eyeballs and get them to convert at the highest rates possible.


Work Experience

WordPress Designer

2022 - 2023
  • Developed an entire responsive website from the ground up, focusing on conversion-optimized UI/UX and hyper-optimized WordPress development with built-in longevity, future-proof frameworks, and easy maintenance.
  • Increased the conversion rate significantly by implementing conversion-focused design and optimization strategies for the website that doubled lead generation.
  • Reduced bounce rates and enhanced user satisfaction and overall engagement after revamping and improving the website's UX through user and competitive research and incorporating professional conversion-rate optimization (CRO) copy.
  • Achieved extremely high scores on GTmetrix and Pingdom by optimizing website performance. Reduced page load times and optimized the server environment, resulting in a faster and smoother UX.
  • Improved mobile user engagement and conversions by ensuring the website's responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Implemented on-page SEO techniques, including keyword optimization, metadata improvements, and overall technical improvements.
  • Collaborated effectively with the CRO copywriter in the initial phase and the marketing team in the final milestones of the project.
Technologies: Web Design, Sketch, Figma, UI Design, UX Design, Visual Design, WordPress, Conversion Rate, On-page SEO

Digital Manager

2020 - 2021
Admiral Consulting Group
  • Developed entire responsive website (WordPress) from the ground up, focused on conversion-optimized UI/UX and lead generation.
  • Created and implemented and website strategy, effective landing pages, on-page SEO, and sales funnels resulting in a 200-300% average monthly increase in qualified leads.
  • Designed and implemented lead generation tools and maximized overall website speed and performance.
Technologies: Sketch, Web UX, Web UI, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Lead Generation, On-page SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Web Developer

2019 - 2020
Marquardt & Belmonte
  • Designed and developed a conversion-optimized, fully responsive website (WordPress).
  • Created and implemented website strategy, effective landing pages, on-page SEO, and appropriate sales funnels.
  • Optimized UI/UX for conversion, speed, and performance resulting in a measurable qualified lead increase.
Technologies: Sketch, WordPress, Web UI Design, Web UX Design, On-page SEO, Lead Generation, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Web Design, Responsive UI

Web Design Lead

2018 - 2019
Next Millennium
  • Developed the website strategy, effective landing pages, and lead generation tools.
  • Designed responsive UX/UI and developed the website in WordPress.
  • Maximized CRO, performance, and on-page SEO factors.
Technologies: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), WordPress, Web UI, Web UX, Responsive UI, On-page SEO, Lead Generation

Web Developer

2015 - 2017
Cash Company
  • Developed the entire website design and website development strategy with focus on conversion optimization for Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Designed responsive UI/UX mock-ups for all landing pages.
  • Developed and maintained website in WordPress with on-page SEO and speed optimization.
  • Achieved organic search results for meaningful keywords based on content marketing and on-page SEO alone.
  • Quadrupled website leads and increased revenues by 450% and as a result, the company is planning to open more locations.
Technologies: WordPress, Sketch, Google AdWords, Landing Pages, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Lead Generation, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Web UX Design, Web UI Design, Web Development, Web Design Strategy, Web Development Strategy, On-page SEO

Web Developer

2013 - 2014
  • Developed the entire website from the ground up in WordPress (still in use today).
  • Built 20+ landing pages and implemented lead generation tools (web forms and chat support).
  • Maintained website and components for entire theme and product life cycle.
Technologies: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop

Web Developer

2010 - 2011
Design by Sevan
  • Redesigned company branding and entire website UI/UX strategy and design.
  • Developed a website in WordPress with a focus on conversion-optimized landing pages for Google AdWords campaigns, and on-page SEO.
  • Consistently maintained, secured, managed, refreshed, evolved, and updated the entire website (to this day).
Technologies: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Web UX Design, Web UI Design, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Landing Page Optimization, On-page SEO, Lead Generation
2005 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Enterprise Management and Digital Communication

University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada


Google Adwords Certified