Eido Gat

Eido Gat

San Francisco, CA, United States
Member since July 15, 2019
Eido is a product designer with more than nine years of experience, focused on delivering exceptional user experiences via user-centric design, data, and collaboration. In his career, Eido also has founded a startup, worked as a PM for a couple of ten-person product teams, and successfully filled product leadership positions during three acquisitions.
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Digital Design
  • Senior UX Designer
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Acted as the principal designer for Workstream, a task management tool for creative professionals with a comprehensive multi-step approval tool built-in.
    • Led two of the largest initiatives for Workstream, including next-generation approvals and a comprehensive vision project that utilizes machine learning within task management.
    • Served as the interim PM for the core platform, managing a team of ten for the full SDLC of our base platform (2017-2018).
    • Delivered a new cross-product asset viewer resulting in a ~600% speed increase and 70% fewer clicks for most actions.
    • Created and delivered multiple features from inception to beta and release, including customer communication and company-wide training.
    • Worked as the principal designer for Webdam’s core product (digital asset management system), which is the foundation platform for Workstream and Brand Connect.
    • Implemented a unified design system and shared components which improved team productivity by 40% and established a faster design workflow within the product team.
    Technologies: Sketch, InVision
  • Product Designer | UX Consultant
    2010 - PRESENT
    • Worked with a variety of clients including DynamicYield, Powtoon, Zent, Peterson’s, Sodastream, Omgate, Hesta Home, Regroup, Cloudshare, Keemple, Soomla, and more.
    • Created a research plan and user interview process for Hesta Home (acquired in 2016), a real estate broker companion app, resulting in an accurate PoC that predicted their personas and respective needs for three different apps.
    • Designed a unique onboarding UX for Omgate (a connected device for garage gates) with a button that helps users understand behavioral quirks of the device. This button became the staple feature for the company, that was profitable since month six.
    • Worked with multiple clients that had an exit event with products that I designed including Wiser, Webdam, Dynamic Yield, Hesta Home, and Rollout.io.
    Technologies: Sketch, InVision, iOS
  • Bachelor's degree in Design
    2006 - 2010
    Shenkar College of Engineering and Design - Tel Aviv, Israel
  • App Design9 years
  • Web Design9 years
  • Product Design9 years
  • User Interface (UI)9 years
  • UX Design9 years
  • Web9 years
  • iOS9 years
  • Sketch4 years
  • Sketch


San Francisco, CA, United States

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