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Paul Morris

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Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia
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May 14, 2019

Paul provides his clients with the confidence that they’re solving the right problem, the best way they know how—be it for specific product features or entirely new product offerings—before investing in delivery. He has spent the past 10 years specialising in designing digital product concepts for Australia’s largest banking institutions, such as the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and Suncorp along with Queensland state government agencies.


Work Experience

UX Lead

2018 - PRESENT
Supreme Court Library Queensland (SCLQ)
  • Worked closely with the project team to sharpen and clarify the vision of what success looked like for the project.
  • Led the research with core user groups. Created the research script, executed interviews, and analyzed and synthesized data.
  • Delivered the research findings report with prioritized recommendations for client consideration.
  • Facilitated and led numerous workshops to clarify the information architecture and ran co-design workshops to generate specific feature ideas.
  • Presented all major design updates and project milestones to the leadership team and core project team.
  • Led the usability testing effort with core user groups. Created the test script, executed testing sessions, conducted analysis and synthesis, and produced a findings report with recommendations for actioning.
  • Facilitated and led roadmapping workshops to establish a detailed 18-month feature roadmap. Worked with numerous stakeholders to confirm priorities in light of research findings and strategic initiatives.
  • Composed user flows and sequencing of screens, created all wireframes and iterated accordingly based on feedback from scheduled, weekly check-ins with the project team.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, InVision, Sketch


2017 - PRESENT
InFlow Interactive
  • Led the project and coordinated a team of three. Established success metrics, created and maintained delivery plans and managed work directly delegated.
  • Conducted foundational research with experience designers using surveys and interviews to better understand current views and behaviors when it came to journey mapping tools.
  • Built a concept prototype for a solution that would help designers better communicate customer personas and journeys to their stakeholders using virtual reality.
  • Coordinated and executed the testing effort.
  • Prioritized change recommendations from testing and oversaw design enhancements.
  • Demonstrated the concept prototype at various industry meetup events and private demo sessions with prospective clients.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apple Keynote, Sketch, InVision

UX Lead (Carer Connect Project)

2017 - 2019
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women (Queensland)
  • Led the research, concept discovery, design and testing stages of the project.
  • Reported research findings and recommendations to the project team. Assisted the product manager with prioritizing and focussing on two of the four major issues (identified from research) for the initial releases to help address major pain points, and gain quick wins as soon as possible.
  • Facilitated co-design workshops with the core project team, external stakeholders and carers (who were the primary user base) for specialized input.
  • Designed user flows, UX and UI for the concept, and translated these into a concept prototype. Participated in daily sprints and reported design progress at all major project team meetings.
  • Tested the concept prototype with carers and department representatives. Shortlisted findings, and worked with the product manager to prioritize items accordingly. Applied and presented subsequent design enhancements.
  • Defined an 18-month roadmap for the application.
Technologies: Sketch, InVision

UX Lead

2018 - 2018
Department of Education (Queensland)
  • Led the discovery and conception of the future vision for the QParents application⁠—one of the largest systems operated and run by the department.
  • Demonstrated how future feature ideas could be used in everyday life by parents and schools, through storytelling, concept mockups (via a presentation pack) and a concept prototype.
  • Conducted research with parents, school leadership personnel and department representatives to better understand current pain points and shortcomings of the application.
  • Played back findings to the client and worked closely with the core project team to establish guiding principles which would simultaneously address the core findings from research, and shape the foundations for the solution.
  • Facilitated co-design workshops with all department stakeholders (most of which were not on the core project team) to generate feature ideas.
  • Designed screens for each of the shortlisted feature sets in scope for the future vision. Screens were designed in accordance with the existing visual identity for the QParents application.
  • Tested all concept designs with school representatives and parents.
  • Helped prepare the final artifacts for presentation to the executive board whereby the future vision was approved for development funding.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apple Keynote, Sketch, InVision

UX Lead (Our Child project)

2017 - 2018
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women (Queensland)
  • Led the research, concept discovery and design of a solution that would allow for one, centralized place to access critical information pertaining to a missing child.
  • Facilitated problem discovery sessions with representatives from multiple government departments to get a very clear picture of the information they considered important and explored ideas that would help streamline the process.
  • Formed guiding principles that were at the intersection of our problem areas and the aspirations we had for the solution.
  • Designed user flows, UX and UI for the concept. Participated in daily sprints and reported design progress at all major project team meetings.
  • Conducted usability testing with Queensland Police, Child Protection and Child Abuse Investigators to ensure the intended design would alleviate the pain points encountered when handling a missing child’s case, and deliver the desired efficiencies.
  • Defined a 12-month roadmap for the application and generated documentation to capture intellectual property from research and testing.
  • Engaged for the second phase of the project to integrate more Queensland government departments (including Queensland Health and Youth Justice).
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Apple Keynote, Sketch, InVision

Principal Consultant

2016 - 2017
Suncorp Bank
  • Led and facilitated the discovery and development of the customer experience (CX) team’s capability, foundations, and strategy.
  • Facilitated problem discovery workshops to better understand the causes of current issues, their interdependencies and those who were impacted.
  • Conducted prioritization sessions with senior team members and stakeholders to shortlist the most urgent problems needing to be addressed.
  • Devised specific solutions to the shortlisted problems which included: vision, purpose, standardized operating methods and tools, methods to promote awareness of CX across the bank, and methods to course-correct or modernize past or in-flight work once the enhanced capability had been defined.
  • Coordinated the rollout and implementation of each solution.
Technologies: Apple Keynote, Sketch
2003 - 2004

Honours Degree in Information Technology

University of Western Sydney - Sydney, Australia

1998 - 2000

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (Information Systems)

University of Western Sydney - Sydney, Australia