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Phil Wall

Phil Wall

Oakland, CA, United States
Member since January 17, 2018
Phil is a UX designer, researcher, and product owner with 9 years of experience. His specialty is solving complex product market fit problems for Enterprise, AKA building business products people actually use. From ideation to user testing, prototyping, and the iterative development process; he loves the craft and working on teams. He brings a detail oriented approach and an open mind. His prior work has led to an acquisition and IPO.
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  • Designer/Founder
    2015 - PRESENT
    Sesame Shortcuts
    • Conceived and designed Sesame, an application that connects APIs and native data sources to power a universal search for Android that is filled with deep links into your apps (Contacts, WhatsApp, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Instagram, Netflix, and dozens more). It learns from each use and is integrated with the launcher. With Sesame you can press your Home button and navigate to most options within 1 or 2 taps.
    • Achieved 500,000+ installs in 5 months, 38% long-term retention, named a "must have" app by TechRadar, and a top 10 grossing personalization app in the Play Store.
    • Developed a search algorithm modeled off Sublime Text Editor. Sesame matches first letters of words so "S" "N" will pull up "Spotify: Nevermind". It learns from each use so just "S" might work next time.
    • Managed a remote team in Taipei and India, and project managed our sprints, roadmap, and releases.
    • Ran user testing and experiments all the way from a failing app with only 3% retention to today's version with 38% long-term retention. Early on I built a clickable prototype, recruited alpha testers, ran scripted user interviews from video calls, and went to coffee shops to test our UI with strangers... anything it took. Today I maintain a Beta testing community with over 7,000 members. I follow the playbook from Geoffrey Moore's book "Crossing the Chasm". I put time and effort into hyper engaging this early adopter segment. This has earned Sesame credibility in the Android community and provides valuable product feedback.
    • Focused on performance, consistency, and quality results with a Human-Centered-Design approach and studied how people actually navigate their devices. Then we did the hard work of programming deep link connections to what you use and delivering them through a clean search interface. I think this is why we have 38% retention.
    • Maintained an experiment backlog filled with tested hypothesis and lessons learned since 2015. This disciplined approach ensures our knowledge is applied to future design decisions.
    • Led efforts to partner with Nova Launcher, resulting in Sesame being natively distributed by an app with 10 million - 50 million users.
    • Deeply integrated with the Android OS. I have an intimate understanding of what's possible with Android.
    Technologies: Android, Sketch, Search Algorithms, APIs, Deep Link Learning, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Slack API, Spotify API, YouTube API, Reddit API, Screen Automation, Firebase, Google Analytics
  • Designer
    2017 - 2017
    • ClozeLoop is modern knowledge base for enterprise. Google Docs + Quora + Slack.
    • Started as a freelance designer. I was offered Co-Founder role after 2 weeks.
    • Led user testing, UX, UI, visual design, and roadmap management.
    • Developed ClozeLoop, a product that layers Quora style curation tools onto Google Docs. Coworkers can mark docs helpful, tag them, and ask and answer questions in threads. It’s delivered through Slack. Have a question? Ask the ClozeLoop bot before you spam a public board. The bot scans all docs and returns an answer weighted by relevancy, tags, and helpfulness. 2017.
    • Initiated user test their existing product. I made sure to be unbiased so the tests were believable. Watching this, the founders themselves concluded a pivot was needed.
    • Ran Google style Design Sprint with the team (engineers too). The group thrived in this structured ideation exercise. We agreed to a single sentence value prop and designed a prototype to test it. I built it in InVision and we user tested it in 1 hour scripted sessions. With a new confidence in our trajectory, we started coding.
    • Managed an 8 week customer pilot. Embedded with a 15 person sales team, we shipped a new version of ClozeLoop each week. Improvements can sometimes be slow but if you keep at it and listen to your customers, eventually your break through. At the end of our pilot the customer wrote us a 5 figure check to keep the software :).
    Technologies: Slack API (bot), Salesforce, Google Drive API, Sketch, InVision, Mixpanel, Trello
  • Bachelor's in Business Administration (Honors Program) degree in Entrepreneurial Management
    2001 - 2005
    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
  • Ideation9 years
  • Roadmapping9 years
  • User Testing9 years
  • Designing for Data9 years
  • Protoyping9 years
  • Requirements Analysis7 years
  • Enterprise Software7 years
  • Human-centered Design (HCD)7 years
Oakland, CA, United States
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