Zbignev Gecis, Designer in Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania
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Zbignev Gecis

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Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania
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May 7, 2020

Zbignev has been a product designer for nearly 20 years. He has worked on hundreds of projects and offered his expertise on everything from SaaS and eCommerce to marketing and branding. The great companies he's partnered with include MTV, Ikea, BMW, and American Express, as well as countless startups and fintech companies. Zbignev specializes in creating a design process that helps clients make more money and save more time.


Work Experience

Design Team Lead

2017 - PRESENT
Shift4 Payments
  • Created the LH design system that reflects the patterns and components that underpin the Shift4 Payments web products. These patterns and components provide a unified language when designing apps and products within the organization’s ecosystem.
  • Redesigned the POS that process $30 billion annually. I created a visual roadmap in the form of a high-fidelity prototype and defined a clear set of goals that were justified by qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Championed a goal-driven design process to transform the organization's approach to product development. I facilitated workshops, courses, and research sessions.
  • Rethought and redesigned the whole Lighthouse Business Management System and created the tools to ensure consistency.
  • Researched, concept-tested, and designed the UX and UI for five internal systems: a ticketing system for support, a lead management system and a contract management system for sales, an underwriting app, and a reporting system for card processing.
  • Served as a product owner and a UX/UI designer for the HarborPay app, a complete order and pay-at-the-table app that allows everyone to take payments on their smartphones.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Axure, Figma, Accounting Systems, Design Systems, Banking & Finance, Fintech, Lead Management, Online Ordering, Food Ordering Platforms, Bank Transactions, Information Architecture (IA), Wireframing, Adaptive Design, Mobile Design, Mobile App Design, POS, Card Payments, Online Payments

Founder and UX/UI Designer

2007 - 2017
Indigo Kids
  • Delivered more than 100 projects during my 10 years at Indigo Kids. Our main clients were MTV, Tele2, Swedbank, Ikea, SEB (a Nordic financial services group), and Royal Unibrew. We received a Golden Drum Award and awards from The FWA and Awwwards.
  • Managed the daily work of a team with over 10 members, including business analytics, developers, and designers. I was also responsible for all the communication with clients.
  • Served as the product owner and UX/UI designer while Indigo Kids served as R&D for Menu123, a Brooklyn-based startup. From 2012 to 2017, I was accountable for ensuring that the team delivered value to the business.
  • Led and ran Agile development teams of 10+ people, organized remote teams in four time zones, created business processes, and prioritized and delivered projects.
Technologies: Agile, Jira, InVision, Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Axure, Design Systems, Banking & Finance, Fintech, Lead Management, Online Ordering, Food Ordering Platforms

Lead Designer

2007 - 2008
Metasite Business Solutions
  • Led UX/UI design for leading European financial services and telecommunications companies.
  • Contributed to the design of several self-service systems and dashboards for Swedbank, Danske Bank, Ūkio Bankas, and Bite—one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic states.
  • Designed corporate websites for Bite, Swedbank Leasing, Zoom (Swedbank's youth program and credit card), American Express for the Baltic states, and Ūkio Bankas.
  • Produced designs for a self-service website, startups, and apps such as Draudimas.lt (online insurance), First Data (a customer credit card creator), and Naujasauto.lt (Swedbank's project to show new cars available for leasing).
  • Created an annual report for Sampo Bank (now Danske Bank) and an annual financial report for Nordea Bank in the form of an interactive presentation on DVD.
Technologies: Axure, JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Design Systems, Banking & Finance, Fintech, Bank Transactions

Senior Designer

2006 - 2007
The Unit
  • Localized websites for BMW, Mini Cooper, Fiat, and Opel for Baltic states.
  • Designed and coded more than 10 promo pages for BMW and Mini Cooper.
  • Served as the art director for all banners created for Fish4, the leading UK classifieds website.
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop

Interaction Designer

2003 - 2006
  • Designed banners, promo pages, the self-service UI, the Biteplius portal, and WAP pages for Bite mobile operator.
  • Created stock graphs, infographics, promo pages, and dashboards for East Capital, the largest fund in Scandinavia.
  • Designed all of the animations and interaction flows.
Technologies: Flash, JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Photoshop


2003 - 2003
  • Designed localized corporate websites for the Baltic Commercial Union and Peugeot Lithuania.
  • Contributed to designing the UI and graphics for Draugas.lt, Lithuania's largest social network at that time.
  • Conducted user research and created designs and the front end for the largest portal for conferences in the Baltic states.
Technologies: Flash, Adobe Photoshop
2003 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Informatics

Vilnius University - Vilnius, Lithuania