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Alister Bulman

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since March 26, 2015
Alister has been programming professionally since 1987, and with PHP since the year 2000. Having previous experience with languages as disparate as Z80a/6502/8086 assembly, C & C++, Perl, and Ruby, he has a particular passion for high-scale systems and queues. Click to continue

Andrej Burcev

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since July 10, 2014
Andrej is an expert software architect/developer, able to view any system as the sum of components. Combined with exceptional problem-solving skills, he has the capability to efficiently and rapidly develop solutions to any problem. He is an excellent communicator an... Click to continue

Daniel Cestari

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since April 8, 2015
Daniel has been a software developer for over 8 years. Early on in life, he decided that he wanted to create things. He likes how software applications are things that could be built to make our lives easier. That's why now he builds web and mobile applications, sinc... Click to continue