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Andreza Godoy, Freelance Digital Product Management Expert.

Andreza Godoy

Verified Expert in Product Management
8 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Andreza is a results-oriented professional with 25 years of experience in the information technology industry. In the last 15+ years, she has been working on product management, driving results throughout the entire product lifecycle, including strategy, requirements, delivery, and continuous improvement of the products. Andreza maintains a problem-solving, hands-on attitude while balancing three essential qualities of a leader—vision, execution, and measurement.

DigitalProduct ManagementProduct Requirements Documentation (PRD)SaaS Product ManagementAgile Product ManagementStakeholder ManagementAgileSaaSMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Agile Project ManagementProduct Strategy ConsultantSoftware as a Service (SaaS)B2B Product Management
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Eric Nowak, Freelance Digital Product Management Consultant.

Eric Nowak

Verified Expert in Product Management
29 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Eric is a seasoned product leader—passionate about improving businesses at every stage. A former software engineer and analytics junkie, Eric built a $1.2 billion network/security business from scratch. He has created market leaders in new technology fields, revamped services in decline, and executed successful exit strategies for long-term underperformers. He excels at focusing a talented team's efforts to create amazing experiences.

DigitalProduct Management
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Simone Theeboom, Top Digital Product Management Consultant.

Simone Theeboom

Verified Expert in Product Management
24 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

A passionate and driven team player with more than 17 years of online experience, Simone is committed to creating fantastic customer digital journeys. She has experience working in online gaming, the domain sector, and eCommerce. Having worked at small companies with significant digital footprints and Fortune 500, Simone offers expertise as a digital product manager and is certified as an agile scrum product owner (SPO) and an agile scrum master (SCM).

DigitalAgile Product ManagementAgileJiraProduct ManagementProduct Owner
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Leonard Lin, Freelance Digital Product Management Expert.

Leonard Lin

Verified Expert in Product Management
20 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Leonard is a B2C eCommerce marketplace specialist who uses IT innovations for complicated supply chains, such as JIT, perishable goods, temperature-controlled, asset-light, international, crowd-sourced, volatile, and seasonal. He is an expert in integrated fulfillment and operations for consistent customer experience and a skilled leader in software engineering, machine learning, and product management. Leonard can quickly build fast-iterating product teams to find product-market-fit.

DigitalProduct ManagementAgileLean ManufacturingMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Project ManagementProduct Requirements Documentation (PRD)Agile Product ManagementMarket Strategy and Research Product ManagerProduct ConsultantMonetizationWebWeb Development
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Katarina Seach, Freelance Digital Product Manager.

Katarina Seach

Verified Expert in Product Management
11 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Katarina has over nine years of tech experience with global brands in the music, sustainability, edtech, and service industries. As a product manager, she has worked on consumer, B2B, eCommerce, and SaaS products. Katarina has built products from seed ideas to go-to-market and scaled products with hundreds of thousands of end users.

DigitalJiraProject ManagementAgile Software DevelopmentB2BAgile Product ManagementProduct OwnerProduct CoachCloudTechnical DocumentationProcess DocumentationMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Product Management
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Dave Ruzius, Freelance Digital Product Management Expert.

Dave Ruzius

Verified Expert in Product Management
32 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Dave is a well-rounded senior product manager, consultant, coach, and product owner in web and mobile development, product strategy, R&D, and innovation management. His work has won numerous awards recognized as outstanding in their respective fields. He has a down-to-earth, pragmatic attitude and business sense. Dave has worked in logistics, HR tech, hospitality, travel, and eCommerce. He is passionate about building teams around product innovation with a focus on product discovery.

DigitalMinimum Viable Product (MVP)MobileProduct OwnerAgile Project ManagementProduct ManagementAgile Product ManagementWebAtlassian SuiteAgileMobile ApplicationsB2B Product ManagementProduct Requirements Documentation (PRD)
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Andy Chiang, Top Digital Product Management Freelancer.

Andy Chiang

Verified Expert in Product Management
24 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Andy loves to learn about customer problems and to solve them with modern technologies. For both small startups and large global corporations, Andy has led teams in product management, supply chain strategy, and technology consulting. Andy's built and scaled world-class product teams from 3 to 30 people and has successfully grown software businesses from $50,000 to $50 million in revenue. Andy is passionate about ensuring customer success and always strives for excellence.

DigitalProduct ManagementB2BAgile Product ManagementProject ManagementArtificial Intelligence (AI)Enterprise SoftwareMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Product CoachAgile Project ManagementProduct Requirements Documentation (PRD)B2B Product ManagementProduct Strategy Consultant
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Hania B. Demai, Top Digital Product Management Consultant.

Hania B. Demai

Verified Expert in Product Management
11 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Hania is an entrepreneurial strategist skilled in end-to-end product management with over seven years of experience in financial services. Her speciality is product discovery and strategy. Hania's expertise has enabled her to collaborate efficiently with technology teams and lead cross-functional teams using Lean and Agile. She also possesses extensive international experience. Hania is passionate about building customer-centric product teams with an experimental and nimble approach.

DigitalB2BProduct ManagementAgileAgile Project ManagementStakeholder ManagementAgile Product ManagementMarket Strategy and Research Product ManagerSaaSMobileMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Product Requirements Documentation (PRD)Apps
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Harman Walia, Freelance Digital Product Manager.

Harman Walia

Verified Expert in Product Management
7 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Harman is a product leader with a knack for turning ideas into products that millions love. With over six years of experience, he has led the development of various products in eCommerce, marketplaces, and B2C organizations. He has built and grown products at AIIR Consulting, Angi, SAXX, SocialNature, VisualCV, and thisopenspace. He is customer-centric, aligning the company towards a clear product vision. Harman also advises startups on product and growth.

DigitalJiraProduct ManagementProduct OwnerAgileMinimum Viable Product (MVP)Web App DevelopmentAgile Product ManagementeCommerce PlatformsMobile ApplicationsSaaSB2BWeb Design
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Greg Prickril, Digital Product Management Freelancer.

Greg Prickril

Verified Expert in Product Management
26 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Greg is a seasoned product strategy consultant and trainer with nearly 20 years of experience shipping digital enterprise products at IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. He is also a global expert on delivering complex products and solutions at an enterprise scale.

DigitalAgileProduct ManagementLean ITProduct OwnerAgile Product ManagementAgile WorkflowInterim CPOProduct ConsultantB2BStakeholder ManagementB2B Product ManagementLean Product Manager
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Neil Wooding, Freelance Digital Product Manager.

Neil Wooding

Verified Expert in Product Management
13 Years of Experience

Digital Product Manager

Neil has worked as a product management consultant for over 20 years, launching many triple-A mobile gaming titles, educational apps, and websites for digital organizations and global companies. He has experience running development teams of more than 50 software engineers and is well-versed in the Agile end-to-end product management cycle. Neil has a strong leadership style and experience in the gambling, gaming, telecom, and media sectors.

DigitalAgileAgile Project ManagementMobileProduct OwnerAgile Product ManagementMinimum Viable Product (MVP)SaaS Product ManagementWeb App DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentMobile App DesignGrowth Marketing Product ManagerB2B Product Management
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Core Competencies

Product Managers are required to demonstrate their knowledge of product management within a variety of contexts. In addition to testing their requirements gathering, roadmapping, and development cycle skills, we also assess each candidate’s ability to manage a product team and project stakeholders.

3.6%Pass Rate

Real Time Requirements Gathering

Product Managers operate in high pressure environments while making mission critical decisions on the product direction. We live-screen each candidate to assess their real-time abilities in requirements gathering, formulating a development plan, designing a roadmap, and architecting a product launch.

3.1%Pass Rate

Product Delivery

Toptal’s Product Managers are required to deliver a sample project in which they assess a client case study and lead stakeholders through the requirements gathering, user research, strategy, development, testing, and launch phases. We assess each candidate’s ability to balance conflicting requirements against the project’s and stakeholders’ constraints.

3%Pass Rate

Continued Excellence

Successful Product Managers at Toptal are continuously evaluated while tackling client engagements and must maintain a high standard of proficiency in their product management skills while working with Toptal.

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Elmar PlatzerDigital Transformation Leader, CSR

If you’ve tried working with other vendors, Toptal is going to be a different type of company to work with; they’re going to meet you where your needs are.

Matthew SchumacherSenior Product Manager, Alpha - Precision Drilling

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