Avishek Basu Mallick, Product Manager in Toronto, ON, Canada
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Avishek Basu Mallick

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Toronto, ON, Canada
Toptal Member Since
July 13, 2022

With 9+ years of experience, Avishek led product teams spanning eCommerce, digital marketing, and edtech to find simple solutions to complex problems. Skilled in product strategy, analytics, and growth, Avishek oversaw zero to one product launches along with scaling existing products across B2C and SaaS. Avishek also co-founded a web development startup called Ungineering and acted as a product advisor for a live-streaming eCommerce startup Shopeliv.

Project Highlights

PLAY by Decathlon | Two-sided Sports Marketplace
Led the research, development, launch, and scale-up of a two-sided marketplace for sports activities with added capabilities for digital media, affiliate marketing, and LTV improvement.
PlayOsmo | D2C eCommerce Platform
Set up the business process flows and led the launch of D2C eCommerce platform in three new markets.
AdVantage | Marketplace PPC Software
Developed and launched PPC optimization software as a service (SaaS) using marketplace ad APIs to generate higher ROAS for clients.


Work Experience

Senior Product Manager | International Business

2021 - PRESENT
  • Owned the roadmap for D2C platform PlayOsmo, covering Canada, EMEA, and APAC regions and contributing 25% of annual GMV.
  • Launched PlayOsmo in Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. The launch in Japan, UAE, Belgium, Austria, and Indonesia is planned for 2022.
  • Built an automated onboarding process to adapt existing features to a new country, reducing launch time from six to two sprints.
  • Scraped public domain pricing data to offer the lowest prices across all channels and improved product page to checkout rates by 27%.
  • Built an in-house translation engine, improving organic traffic by 15% and product page dwell time by 42% in non-English markets.
  • Set up local shipping for Canada and South Korea to reduce the average shipping time from three weeks to five days.

Advisor | Product Strategy, Freelance

2020 - 2021
  • Designed the product roadmap for the MVP after conducting user interviews with potential clients.
  • Recruited the agency to develop the MVP and also helped the founder hire a CTO based in India.
  • Demoed the MVP to potential investors and helped the founder raise $500,000 in seed funding.

Lead Product Manager

2018 - 2021
Decathlon UK
  • Led a pod of 12 across design, development, QA, and data to build Decathlon PLAY, a marketplace to help Decathlon users find local sports activities conducted by trainers and discover content curated by influencers.
  • Built PLAY on a microservices architecture, generating 1.2 million USD in annual GMV across revenue streams.
  • Created API integration to allow trainers to auto-post to OpenSessions, increasing monthly activity views by 800% and GMV by 200%.

Digital Marketing Product Manager

2017 - 2018
Ace Turtle
  • Built in-house rule-based PPC software to optimize bids and harvest positive and negative keywords for Amazon and Walmart (Flipkart) search ads. This reduced ACOS by 18% across clients even as monthly spending increased by 200%.
  • Led a team of four to offer PPC advertising as a managed service using our proprietary technology.
  • Designed the analytics architecture for our in-store kiosk product.

Growth Product Manager

2016 - 2017
Decathlon Sports India
  • Built a DIY CRM platform for store employees. This scaled email and SMS delivery volumes by 400% and channel-driven GMV by 200%.
  • Reduced the shipping costs by 26% through click and collect and last-mile delivery for home gyms and cycles from stores.
  • Improved the CX ticket resolution time by 19% through desktop-based WhatsApp CRM hack before WhatsApp Business was launched.

Digital Marketing Manager

2013 - 2017
Decathlon Sports India
  • Led a team of eight across SEO, ads, CRM, social, analytics, content, and design to manage marketing for stores and eCommerce.
  • Generated 33% of monthly in-store GMV through hyperlocal Facebook advertising and CRM user journeys.
  • Grew eCommerce revenue to 2.2 million USD in GMV in the first year of operations at a ROAS of 4.2.
  • Set up store-based referral program—25% of new customers in the first quarter of operations came through referrals.
  • Increased the YoY organic traffic for eCommerce by 100% through technical SEO improvements.
  • Set up a QR code-based extended warranty program that converted 27% of marketplace customers into D2C buyers.
  • Set up the Google Analytics infrastructure for five countries—India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Canada, and Bulgaria.


2012 - 2016
  • Ran complete operations, including growth marketing, business development, and client relationships.
  • Trained five cohorts of 120+ college students on web development ad got them to work on real-world development projects. Some of our students went on to work for Amazon, Walmart, and Uber.
  • Delivered 10+ tech projects, primarily for founders without a technical background, including Internshala, India's largest internships platform, and Sportskeeda, India's largest sports content platform.
  • Built an application for a state government to increase voting rates in rural areas, gaining over a million downloads in the span of a year.

PLAY by Decathlon | Two-sided Sports Marketplace


Led the research, development, launch, and scale-up of a two-sided marketplace for sports activities with added capabilities for digital media, affiliate marketing, and LTV improvement.

PLAY by Decathlon is a two-sided marketplace to promote the discovery of hyperlocal sports activities conducted by semi-professional and amateur trainers. I led the collaborative research, development, and release of the MVP, followed by sprint-based releases for new features such as digital media creation (text and video), on-platform advertising, and integrations to third-party platforms such as OpenSessions for broader reach and pipelines for our data lake. PLAY was built on a headless architecture with events, content, and commercialization being the three main microservices supported by a React-based front end. It was also integrated into the Decathlon eCommerce app.

PLAY helped 10,000+ trainers increase their weekly booking rates to 3x while generating 20% of repeat revenue from Decathlon customers. Some of our microservices were also used as standalone components by other Decathlon countries such as Bulgaria and Germany.

PlayOsmo | D2C eCommerce Platform


Set up the business process flows and led the launch of D2C eCommerce platform in three new markets.

PlayOsmo is a D2C eCommerce platform to sell Osmo games (hardware and software) in multiple markets. I was in charge of managing the platform for international markets outside the US and led the planning and launch of the same in three markets—Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea, apart from product and process improvements in existing markets—Canada, Australia, UK, and EU. This included setting up integrations with local third-party logistics for fulfillment and returns, building a translation engine for faster content creation, setting up a multi-currency loyalty system, building a price match scraper to offer the best price across sales channels and catalog websites for new market entry in the Middle East, Israel, and Thailand. I also worked on general improvements, such as setting up an A/B testing framework to reduce lower funnel drop-offs, along with the setup of the entire analytics architecture on Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

As a result of my efforts, non-US revenue grew by 20%, and customer NPS improved by 14%. We also reduced the time to launch a new country by 70%.

AdVantage | Marketplace PPC Software

Developed and launched PPC optimization software as a service (SaaS) using marketplace ad APIs to generate higher ROAS for clients.

AdVantage is PPC software to help sellers optimize their ad spending on Amazon and Walmart (Flipkart) ads in India. I designed, developed, and implemented AdVantage first as an internal product for our marketing team to support their clients and then as an enterprise-level SaaS product for our clients to use the platform as a self-serve product. The product build involved the use of Amazon and Walmart APIs along with the setup of optimization logic rules at our end.

This product reduced the advertising cost of sales by 18% even as we scaled monthly ad clicks to 3x.

ShopeLiv | LiveStreaming eCommerce


Helped the founder research, build, and launch an MVP of live-streamed eCommerce SaaS for retail businesses to offer video shopping to their customers.

ShopeLiv is an enterprise SaaS product that allows businesses to drive eCommerce orders through video interactions with prospective customers. The founder had completed problem discovery and validation when I was brought on board as a consultant. I helped her through the complete process of product launch, including user persona refinement and comparative market research, feature selection and prioritization for MVP, solution design and prototyping, testing, and user validation. I also helped her in recruiting an offshore development team in India.

Product Analytics Architecture

Implemented Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) across environments and countries for multiple organizations.

Set up Google Analytics and GTM across different projects for all of the organizations I’ve worked in. This includes user-facing websites, apps, and tracking systems for internal products and point of sale applications (kiosks). Trained teams in multiple geographies across India, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia on using Google Analytics to track KPIs for their businesses.

One Market Connect | Order Management System

Led the design, development, and launch of router microservices to pass marketplace generated orders into legacy order management system.

Designed and developed a set of routers for passing eCommerce information to and from marketplace platforms to internal legacy systems, involving the ingestion of order information across multiple marketplaces and standardizing them to a format that can be consumed by SAP for the WMS, CRM systems, and financial tools. This also involved the conversion of the product catalog and inventory information into marketplace-ready formats. Built dashboards and visualizations for tracking by the business teams.

In the first year of operations, marketplace revenue generated 5% of overall sales in the UK, equivalent to that of the largest store in the country. The product was adopted and used across six marketplaces in four countries—the UK, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

Translation Engine

Implemented a simpler translation engine to facilitate faster and more efficient translation of eCommerce content into multiple languages.

Designed and implemented an additional layer of interaction on top of the existing translation system, OneSky, to make translations easier for translators. The earlier process involved translators translating text without context, as they could not understand the exact placement of the content on the website. We were also able to log and track the time to translate—a feature not provided by OneSky.

This change led to an increase of organic traffic by 15% and PDP engagement rates by 42% in non-English markets, both of these metrics being an indicator of quality of content.

Price Match | Web Scraper

Designed and implemented a web scraping product to dynamically match pricing for products across sales channels and track pricing fluctuations.

Conceptualized and led the build of a Python-based web scraper to extract structured data for product prices from multiple eCommerce websites. Used this data to show the best price for the product on the D2C website and also for sales teams to track fluctuations in product prices across sales channels for particular periods.

Using this product, we increased the PDP to checkout rates by 27% and improved the overall conversion rate by 15%. We also saw an improvement of 9% for customer NPS scores on product pricing.

Personalized Marketing Automation Platform

Led the development and launch of an internal marketing automation platform that allows retail store employees to send direct marketing campaigns without having access to user data.

Designed and developed an in-house marketing automation platform to allow store employees to manage their own direct marketing campaigns. The sender can create campaigns from stock templates, send out time throttled email and SMS campaigns, and track performance metrics for campaigns. They don’t have access to personally identifiable information for campaign recipients and cannot send campaigns or track metrics for any other store.

Using this product, we could decentralize the direct marketing process and move the allocated resources to other teams where greater human intervention was needed. We scaled direct marketing revenue 3x with a send rate increase of 4x without any significant impact on secondary metrics such as open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate.

WhatsApp CRM and Analytics

Designed a solution to use WhatsApp on desktop before WhatsApp Web existed for customer success team and to set up analytics for the same.

Implemented WhatsApp for desktop usage by customer support executives using rooted Android phones and third-party software. Set up an FTP-based system to upload WhatsApp chat extracts which would then be sliced and diced by a third-party analytics software and then pushed back into existing CRM system using their API.

Reduced the resolution time for WhatsApp tickets by 19%. These tickets constituted around 23% of all tickets received by the customer success team.

Retail POS-based Referral Program

Designed and implemented a retail POS-based referral flow to drive higher store walk-ins and in-store conversions.

Led the development and launch of a store-based referral program to drive higher acquisition rates for physical stores. An offline referral was an unheard-of concept at this time and most third-party referral applications integrated with a direct eCommerce platform like Shopify. We built our referral mechanism by connecting our POS data to a third-party marketing automation platform and tweaking our POS application software to automatically apply discounts for referrers and referees.

Using this setup, we managed to drive 25% of all new customers in the first three months of operations for a store through referrals.
2011 - 2013

Master of Business Administration Degree in Marketing and Analytics

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi - Ranchi, India

2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology

National Institute of Technology Durgapur - Durgapur, India


Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)

Product School


Applied Data Science II: Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis

WorldQuant University | via Credly


Applied Data Science I: Scientific Computing & Python

WorldQuant University | via Credly


Intermediate Machine Learning



Advanced SQL Course



Certified WooRank Expert



HubSpot Inbound Certification



Hootsuite Certified Professional

Hootsuite University


Google AdWords Certification

Google | via Coursera

AUGUST 2015 - APRIL 2018

Google Analytics Certification

Google | via Coursera

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