Costas Voliotis, Product Manager in Athens, Greece

Costas Voliotis

Product Manager

Athens, Greece
Toptal Member Since
March 22, 2019

Costas is an innovative and decisive leader with over 25 years of contribution to technologically challenging projects in highly competitive markets. An inspirational problem solver and technologist, he has led demanding projects, supervised the entire lifecycle of sophisticated product developments and project delivery, and focused on optimizing added value, organization growth, and maximization of profitability.

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Project Highlights

Build Verification System
Managed the design and implementation of G-Verify: Build verification and validation.
CAFlow | A SaaS Product That Automates the Static Code Analysis and the OSS Compliance Analysis
Designed and managed the development of a SaaS product that automates the due diligence software quality analysis.
C2M | A Fully Automated Source Code Assessment Suite for M&As
Released the C2M suite of tools that automated the due diligence (source code assessment/IT system inspection) during due diligence. Suitable for M&A and CI/CD development process. Development team set up and management (100% remotely).


National Technical University of Athens
National Technical University of Athens
Master's Degree
National Technical University Of Athens

Select Certifications

Blockchain Revolution Specialization
INSEAD-The Business School for the World
From Idea to Start up
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Work Experience

2022 - PRESENT

Hands-on Product and Project Manager

WaterCooler, Inc.
  • Created the Watercooler Fun roadmap (AHA!) and budget plan (Smartsheets).
  • Set up the development team and the task management process using Jira.
  • Led the product alignment according to the Microsoft teams store guidelines.
  • Managed the client's communication with their pilot user.
2019 - PRESENT

Co-founder | CTO and CPO

Source Code Inspection, Inc.
  • Designed a SaaS E2E software quality and compliance evaluation suite. The C2M suite automates code reviews, security analysis, and license compliance analysis. It calculates a product's technical debt and its impact on the company's business model.
  • Released a version of C2M that automates the technical due diligence of M&A. A compilation of the white paper was published on, section mergers-acquisitions. The M&A version automates the reporting to the C-suite.
  • Set up the company's metrics-driven operation model. Set up the client's training and support process.
  • Designed the digital marketing policy and the go-to-market strategy, releasing many supporting LinkedIn blogs and articles.
  • Designed the product roadmap using Aha! and the development plan using Smartsheet.
  • Set up the company from scratch, integrating remote work methodologies and tools, accomplishing 0–1 growth in two years. The product was adopted by major M&A firms and has already been used in numerous acquisitions.
  • Implemented the automated cyber-security scan that detects unknown and known vulnerabilities interfacing GIT, Redhat, and NSA (CVW) databases.
2022 - 2022

Pre-Series A Startup Product Marketer

Auxon Corporation
  • Compiled the Modality, their flagship product, roadmap using AHA! Smartsheet plan.
  • Assembled the go-to-market strategy (a marketing activities roadmap).
  • Recompiled the content for their website, including product presentation and use cases.
2022 - 2022

Product Manager

Blinkoo (toptal contract)
  • Managed the map initialization and initial road version defining the vision, value proposition, lean canvas, key personas, etc.
  • Created a business model initialization based on market research, considering the target personas.
  • Worked with the DeSo/DAODAO blockchain platforms evaluation and comparison with the main project goals.
  • Re-design the integration with HIVE and Steem blockchains.
2022 - 2022

Product Manager
  • Compiled the white paper, described the main key concept, and presented the value proposition.
  • Designed the architecture of the decentralized exchange platform.
  • Created the design of the liquidity pool and its tokenomics formula.
2021 - 2022

Vice President of Product

  • Redesigned the product roadmap and set up the new development team.
  • Set up and mentored a cross-functional team of developers receiving feedback from the business stakeholders.
  • Performed technical due diligence on the product development status.
  • Set up the pre-sale terms, the governance mechanism, and the project plan for the ICO preparation. Completed the Cosmos SDK-based implementation. Integrated with the KYC/AML supplier and Coinbase Commerce.
  • Designed the DEX integration and the automated market maker (AMM) and created the liquidity pool.
  • Compiled the project's white paper and designed the new website.
2021 - 2022

Product Manager

Rapyuta Robotics
  • Created the roadmap for the two flagship products ( and IO AMR) and designed a blockchain-based marketplace for robotic technology.
  • Trained and mentored a digital marketing and business development team receiving input from the engineering team, the C-suite, and the VP of business development.
  • Compiled the white paper, roadmaps, and landing page of two products: and IO AMR.
  • Automated in-depth logistics market research in Europe, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the USA.
2020 - 2021

Technical Product Manager

MVP Tech
  • Managed the product discovery and design of five products in the field of AI (auto-translation, virtual assistant, dynamic product placement, chatbot, predictive analytics suite).
  • Oversaw the setup of the development team and the remote development infrastructure (JIRA, Confluence, Aha!, boards, etc.).
  • Compiled the detailed budgeted development plan (smart-sheet plans) and the detailed roadmap (Aha!).
  • Managed the development of the AILO SaaS video processing tool, which automates the inserted ads in a film.
2020 - 2021


  • Worked with the CEO towards the reconstruction of team setup and the daily interaction processes. Introduced AHA! as a product management tool.
  • Introduced the concept of Software Quality Assurance (delivered automated audits of Cosmos.SDK and the Sifchain's Sifnode proprietary code. Introduced SNYK as a dependency analysis tool. Proposed an onboarding process customized to the Blockchain domain.
  • Proposed an engineering methodology for the SifDAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization).
2020 - 2020

Chief Product Officer

  • Redefined the company's roadmap. Designed and planned the POC, the MVP, and the forthcoming releases of the Vision Green-light product.
  • Designed a computer vision-based approach to track the entire customer journey within a POS, including passers-by, viewers, visitors tracking and demographics, assistance level, visitors to buyers ratio, tracking of marketing ROIs, and social distance.
  • Managed the in-house development team and the external UI/UX design as well as hardware and software development teams.
2019 - 2020

Senior Product Manager

  • Defined the roadmaps of two products using Aha.
  • Defined the agile sprint process For AMLS suite development.
  • Worked on the definition of PRDs for two products using Confluence.
  • Designed the web interfaces managing remote UI/UX teams.
2018 - 2019

Vice President of Acquisitions and IT Integrations (M&A)

ESW Capital
  • Designed and implemented a fast-track rigorous acquisition and integration process that synchronizes the activities of 200+ individual contributors activated on M&A and integration phases.
  • Set up and managed the source code analysis team specializing in software quality assessment and IT systems inspection for the due diligence of the M&A process. The team offers source code assessment and a budgeted integration plan.
  • Established and managed a team specializing in NetSuite (using SuiteBilling) and Salesforce integrations.
  • Served as a workstream owner of the engineering part of the due diligence process. Reported to C-suite. Performed technical due diligence for 45 acquired companies (total turnover larger than $500 million).
  • Selected as a member of the acquisitions department leadership team, responsible for the acquisitions and integrations of the ESW Capital group of companies.
  • Ranked second among 150 managers at the end of 2018 Q4 (Crossover productivity chart).
2017 - 2018

Head of Innovation

Exus UK
  • Managed the development and technical support of 20+ research projects (mainly HORIZON 2020) in the fields of security, big data analysis, blockchain, banking, and virtual reality.
  • Setup and management of research and development team from scratch (12 developers).
  • Application of critical chain project management (CCPM ) to European research projects.
1999 - 2016

R&D Director | CTO

inos Hellas
  • Founded and managed the R&D branch (50+ senior engineers) in Greece.
  • Supported the expansion to North America. Supervised the installations in more than 20 automotive sites and ten (Ford/Hyundai/Nissan/Tesla) worldwide. Handled global planning and management of an R&D budget of up to ten million euros per year.
  • Managed the implementation of the first absolute measurement system applied to the European automotive industry.
  • Managed the implementation of the first gap and flush on the motion measurement system applied to the North American automotive industry.
  • Managed the development of the company's main product, a complete inline machine vision, image processing, and gauging suite, including a contemporary robot thermal compensation system.
  • Awarded Best Machine Vision Product for the year 2004 (absolute measurement).
  • Created a C++ library that offers a full metrology package (25, 2 1/2 D, 3D, mono camera, stereo camera, laser triangulation). This technology applied, initially, on the convertible car top quality inspection (Daimler, Porsche, BMW).
  • Awarded a patent for a method for calibrating a camera-laser unit with respect to a calibration object disposed at a given position and orientation in a three-dimensional space.

Project History

Anti-money Laundering Software (AMLS)

Compiled a product PRD from scratch, defined the roadmap and sprints, and redesigned the web interface.

AI/ML/big data (fintech): AMLS ensures maximum coverage and a high alert yield.

Transaction monitoring: AMLS provides secondary scoring of the transaction monitoring process. The approach uses our proprietary semi-supervised technique based on multi-dimensional, unsupervised techniques, network analysis, and supervised learning to detect complex money laundering structuring mechanisms.

Screening: AMLS provides secondary scoring of the screening process. The approach uses our proprietary multilayered supervised techniques that combine methods in improved matching techniques (handles typos, spelling errors, titles, prefix/suffixes, etc.) and detailed analysis of secondary information obtained either from internal or external sources.

MAESTRO: A Gauging (Metrology)/Robot Guidance Suite for the Automotive Industry

Led product design of a machine vision-based suite of products for assembly line quality assurance and robot guidance.

AI/ML/computer vision/big data (automotive): This is a complete machine vision/image processing/3D vision-based metrology product, based on cloud-of-point processing.

In addition, the solution includes a contemporary self-adaptive robot thermal compensation/absolute accuracy product and a standalone 3D vision-based metrology library (grayscale, stereo, laser projection, fringe projection).

The system was installed, among others, at Fiat (Pernambuco, Brazil) and Jaguar Land Rover (UK).

Build Verification System

Managed the design and implementation of G-Verify: Build verification and validation.

AI/ML/computer vision/ big data (automotive):G-Verify: Build verification and validation

Bumper-to-bumper inspection and validation.

Thumbs-up for production quality based on quality assurance big data analysis. Ever-increasing expectations for vehicle customization have resulted in a myriad of complex options, packages, and specialized features. G-Verify solutions provide objective, reliable confirmation that all of your customer’s expectations have been successfully met.

G-Verify can be configured to work in any area of an industrial production facility:
• Bodyshop, paint shop, final assembly, moving line, and stop-station
• Utilize various sensor resolutions, standoffs, illumination styles, color or gray-scale, NIR, LED, fluorescent, algorithm types, and much more to personalize a robust and reliable solution. Highly flexible, the G-Verify solution can be easily integrated into your existing production lines.

G-Verify systems offer economical and effective solutions for frame manufacturers—they automatically check hundreds of holes and slots in a matter of seconds.

CAFlow | A SaaS Product That Automates the Static Code Analysis and the OSS Compliance Analysis

Designed and managed the development of a SaaS product that automates the due diligence software quality analysis.

Security/ML/big data (M&A): During the due diligence of a software product or company acquisition, the technology stack, software quality, and license compliance are analyzed and reported. Maintenance, risk mitigation, and refactoring costs are automatically calculated based on a built-in big data analysis platform.

This SaaS product deployed on AWS offers technology stack analysis, third-party and OSS licenses, compliance assessment, building process analysis, and a plan for the product's virtualization (migration to AWS Cloud).

G-Guide: A Robot Guidance Suite for Automotive Industry Assembly Lines

Led product design and development—G-Guide has been installed in more than 50 assembly plants (BMW, Ford, Tesla, Fiat).

G-Guide systems provide unique, innovative solutions for every automated application, from basic de-racking operations to iterative roof panel insertions to complex phased door and closure assemblies.

Return on investment and system value:
• Optimize overall assembly quality and fit
• Employ leading-edge assembly techniques
• Reduce the number of vehicles requiring rework
• Automate hazardous tasks
• Reduce the manpower dedicated to assembly operations
• Reduce the number of materials dispensed
• Eliminate precision mechanical fixturing costs
• Accommodate part and process variation

$200+ million in revenue, more than 300 installations (Ford, Daimler, Audi, Daimler, Nissan, BMW, Tesla, Hyundai, Fiat, JLR, etc.)

Shared Anti-money Laundering Typologies Framework

Defined a product roadmap and features, designed the web interface, and planned agile sprints and progress dashboards.

AI/ML/big data (fintech): Tookitakis' Shared Typologie Framework is an innovative machine learning/AI approach anti-money laundering technology. A universal cloud-based repository of anti-money laundering patterns (typologies) is automatically detected or manually compiled. It provides the ability to analyze patterns of AML criminality detected by the third party without violating PII regulations, using a data model-agnostic glass box approach. The framework mitigates the risk implied by new ML techniques.

Tech stack: AWS, Scala, Python, React

C2M | A Fully Automated Source Code Assessment Suite for M&As

Released the C2M suite of tools that automated the due diligence (source code assessment/IT system inspection) during due diligence. Suitable for M&A and CI/CD development process. Development team set up and management (100% remotely).

This is an end-to-end source code evaluation suite that supports (tech-stack analysis, code risks discovery, automated code reviews, security review report, and license compliance/dependency analysis/business risks report).

Melechain Double Coin

Product discovery and roadmap, set up of a development team, white paper creation, Tokenomics definition, and payments integration.

Melechain offers a gold-backed double coin supported by a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) blockchain targeting the gold investors market and the local EMEA eCommerce sector.

It is the only cryptocurrency NFT system that aims to digitize gold's value and facilitate gold circulation and micro-investments in gold. At the same time, it secures the crypto investments, backing these by gold deposits at a considerably higher level than Fiat currencies.

AILO — Automated Product Placement on Videos

Designed the system from scratch along the lines of the Ryff project; set up and managed the development team; designed the algorithm that matches the film motion with the 3D ad content; and designed the road map, plan, and budget for the project.

MVP Tech — AILO Virtual Product Placement: this product offers a complete media assets processing studio and automates the seamless insertion of ad content (labels, logos, objects) within a movie, TV show, or sports event video stream.


2021 - 2022

Certification in Economics

Stanford - California, USA

1997 - 2003

PostDoc in Cryptography/Cryptanalysis

National Technical University of Athens - Athens, Greece

1991 - 1995

Doctorate in Distributed Programming and Artificial Intelligence

National Technical University of Athens - Athens, Greece

1985 - 1990

Master's Degree in Computer Science

National Technical University Of Athens - Athens, Greece



Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Deep Dive

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Primitives

Duke University | via Coursera


Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Stanford University


Principles of Economics

Stanford University (via edX)


Smart Contracts - Solidity

Buffalo University- New York State University


Blockchain Revolution Specialization

INSEAD-The Business School for the World


Introduction to Blockchain Technologies

INSEAD-The Business School of the World


Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications

INSEAD-The Business School of the World


Transacting on the Blockchain

INSEAD-The Business School of the World


Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stanford University


From Idea to Start up

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Create a Go-to-market Plan



Product Management: Building a Product Roadmap



Creating a Business Plan



Entrepreneurship: Raising Startup Capital



Design Thinking

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Managing the Company of the Future

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