Darshan Dave, Product Manager in Boston, MA, United States
Darshan Dave

Product Manager in Boston, MA, United States

Member since December 9, 2019
Darshan is a product management and marketing specialist, a strategy and transformation catalyst, and an innovation architect. He is a seasoned executive with experience in multiple industries, domains, startups, and enterprises. He is a trusted advisor, mentor, and coach to CXO and its founders. Darshan is passionate about bringing concepts and strategies to life, simplifying complexity, harnessing innovation, leveraging digital CX and emerging tech, and leading global cross-functional teams.
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Project Highlights


  • Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Management
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Vision
  • Strategy and Transformation


  • Strategy, Growth, and Transformation Coach

    2021 - PRESENT
    Independent Consultant and Strategy Advisor
    • Coached senior executives and high-performing teams to develop growth, innovation, and transformation skills. Brought innovation culture, strategic thinking, customer centricity, growth mindset, executive presence, and stakeholder management.
    • Developed tools, frameworks, and processes to institutionalize strategy, innovation, product management, and growth. Did business building, spotting emerging trends, stress testing ideas, ideation, research, market analysis, and innovating concepts.
    • Crafted growth, innovation, and transformation strategies validating problem statements vetting business ideas, empathy interviews, and market research. Created market fit analysis, segmentation, and business model canvas.
    • Inspired, motivated, and guided leaders to develop strategy, vision, roadmaps, solutions, positioning, go-to-market pitch presentation, mock pitches, messaging, storyboarding value proposition, costing and pricing, and ROI analysis.
    • Developed strategy, frameworks, business model canvas, PR FAQ, innovation funnels, stage gates, evaluation frameworks, research methods, interview techniques, design thinking, concept screening, SWOT, change impact, digital transformation, and more.
    • Mentored startup and product teams across geographies and industries. Advised on product lifecycle, including concept definition, market validation, roadmap, MVP and whole product, commercialization, positioning, and go-to-market.
  • Executive Leader | Growth, Product Management, Digital, and CX

    2020 - PRESENT
    Independent Consultant and Strategy Advisory
    • Crafted strategies (business, product, go-to-market, and growth), vision, roadmaps, design, product portfolio management, digital and CX strategy, and implementation plans. Project and program management.
    • Developed products and service portfolio. Managed product lifecycle, research, strategy, roadmap, market-fit, pricing, design, journey maps, UX, CX, MVP, features, epics, and backlogs. Handled customer and stakeholder interviews, analysis, PRDs, etc.
    • Implemented product growth strategies, marketing tactics, revenue, strategy (go-to-market), marketing plans, product positioning, storyboarding, marketing campaigns, lead generation, branding, repositioning, pitches, sales and marketing, and presales.
    • Acted as a strategist, mentor, and advisor to startups and businesses, like private equity firms, technology consulting, eCommerce, telemedicine, data science product, healthtech, healthcare product, retail firms, HR, tech startups, etc.
    • Devised innovation strategies, harnessing emerging tech, innovation framework, culture, and coaching. Also contributed to innovation playbook, ideation, hypothesis testing, breaking down complexity, simplifying concepts, and commercialization.
    • Worked on business, technology, product, strategy, and consulting. Did research, discovery, ideations, interviews, due diligence, assessments, as-is analysis, transformation, optimization, future roadmaps analytics, and recommendations.
    • Conducted RFP and RFI responses, solutions development, pricing, staffing, governance, operations models, customer presentations, storyboards, pitch decks, sales scripts, and battle cards for CXOs and senior stakeholder briefings and reports.
    • Established business units, practices, and CoEs for innovation, products, digital, QA, AI, CX, process, RPA, and more, including service portfolio and offerings, sales, presales, account management, and marketing, consulting, advisory, and solutions.
    • Led cross-functional distributed teams consisting of technical engineering, design, development, marketing, and sales, using Agile and Kanban processes and methodologies and executive stakeholder management governance, metrics, KPIs, and reports.
    • Handled product management and product lifecycle, including research, ideation, hypothesis testing, design, engineering, branding, positioning, go-to-market, product features and catalogs, customer stories, explainer videos, microsites, and websites.
  • Digital Product Strategist for a Private Equity

    2020 - 2020
    Independent Consultant and Strategy Advisor
    • Created a digital strategy to enable virtual care, telemedicine, e-pharmacy, mental health, and other care areas.
    • Identified digital debt and current state evaluation, created a digital capability canvas, made recommendations, and built an enterprise digital strategy future state model.
    • Developed customized digital scenarios that will enable partnerships and acquisitions. Fostered digital capabilities to create new revenue opportunities and enhance direct to consumer (D2C) and various levels of B2B services.
    • Leveraged next-generation digital technologies for a healthcare-digital strategy, including customer experience transformation, bots, AI, ML, data, API and microservices, AR/VR, Blockchain, IoMT (internet of medical things), automation, and RPA.
    • Created a digital journey, built a detailed roadmap, made recommendations, and designed an implementation plan.
  • Managing Director

    2019 - 2020
    State Street Corporation
    • Oversaw a large-scale transformation program and was responsible for program management and quality engineering of complex, large-scale, strategic banking initiatives, spanning multiple geographies, business units, and applications.
    • Led and coached multi-domain, cross-functional, and globally distributed teams in an industrial scaled Agile and Kanban environment while driving quality, automation, performance, and security.
    • Managed stakeholder relations with executive leadership, business, IT leadership, and cross-department stakeholders, implementing innovative processes, frameworks, and operating metrics.
    • Drove strategic decisions, coached new leaders, established OKRs and metrics, strategized budgets and sourcing models, and vendor strategies.
    • Delivered business value and cost avoidance, optimization, automation, and savings by assuring quality and velocity.
    • Developed detailed plans, specifications, and operating processes and frameworks.
    • Led multiple globally distributed, Agile, and Kanban teams.
    • Conducted performance reviews, career planning, training and compensation, and bonus frameworks.
  • Global Head of Product Management and Digital Assurance

    2015 - 2019
    Hexaware Technologies, Inc.
    • Set up the product management group across geographies, business verticals, and technology functions. Designed productization philosophy, methodology, and toolkits. Developed detailed market research, product roadmaps, MVP, and specifications.
    • Established product innovation incubator, entrepreneurial culture. Managed funding, investment strategies, moonshots, hypergrowth ideas harnessing innovating and emerging technologies, including RPA, DLT, AI, CXT, data sciences, cloud, and more.
    • Led startup and product teams, mentored cross-functional resources, implemented gamification, rewards, and recognition. Developed product lifecycle, including research, prototyping, stress testing, ideation, commercialization, launch, and go-to-market strategies.
    • Launched newer digital products and services, responsible for the growth of services and products, including customer experience transformation, AI- and ML-driven automation, and analytics.
    • Led quality assurance and testing business, next-generation agile digital assurance. Introduced newer offerings with agile, CI/CT and DevOps, AI and bots-driven automation, usability, user experience, and multichannel testing. Partnerships, alliances.
    • Modernized testing skills with SDETS and partnership for cloud-based infrastructure and labs, including synthetic data management.
    • Guided complete corporate redesign, branding, and marketing.
    • Led business unit, developed business strategy, and about 100 million new customer acquisition, and growth in existing customer accounts. Managed CXO relationships, driving growth strategies, operational strategies, and people strategies.
    • Oversaw complete rebranding of corporate websites, content, messaging, flow, site structure, interactive chats, and case studies. Crafted new pitch decks, microsites, campaign landing pages, including pitch, message, content, user flows, and more.
    • Developed a new business unit strategy for solutions and product marketing, including account-based marketing, direct marketing, campaigns, channels, partners, and vendors.
  • Vice President Digital and Quality Engineering

    2014 - 2015
    NIIT Technologies, Inc.
    • Led the digital practice and conceptualized and created the full stack of next-generation digital services portfolio, including mobility, analytics, UI/UX, and CX.
    • Developed differentiating value propositions, go-to-market strategies, and partner ecosystems.
    • Served as a trusted advisor and empowered Fortune 1000 customers to transform their business and gain market share through productized digital solutions, including analytics, mobility, user experience. and social media solutions.
    • Enabled next-generation quality engineering and testing expertise for the digital age.
    • Accelerated business agility, ensured seamless business orchestrations, and reduced operations cost by harnessing lean QA CoEs, testing as-a-service models, and innovative automation accelerators.
    • Grew the digital practice portfolio to $25 million in annual growth from the ground up.
    • Led the quality engineering business unit for the Americas and delivered $40 million in annual growth.
    • Marketing strategy and partnerships. Including account-based marketing. Collaboration with corporate marketing, partners, technical, inside sales, channels, and field sales team. Drive marketing plans, campaigns, outreach, inbound, outbound.
    • Strategic account management, managing stakeholder relationships, account growth strategies, and customer success.
  • Senior Director Strategic Services and Solutions

    2003 - 2014
    Atos-Syntel, Inc.
    • Led a global technology consulting and solutions portfolio of 250 million.
    • Spearheaded the quality and testing services business unit to 6X growth achieving $100 million in revenue.
    • Established the global technology presales, consulting, and advisory organization to harness innovation and emerging technologies across, analytics, infrastructure, ERP, QA, and so on.
    • Developed new offerings, solutions, and services, and led go-to-market and analyst and alliance interactions.
    • Architected the transformation and optimization programs for Fortune 500 customers.
    • Setup the global QA and testing service line from the ground up including conceptualized offerings, services, and competencies.
    • Led the go-to-market strategy, alliances and partnerships. Crafting storyboards, value propositions, messaging and positioning for solutions and products. Coordination with different marketing, solutions and technical teams to drive adoption and customer acquisition.
    • Established QA COEs and provided consulting and solutions to Fortune 500 customers across the globe.
  • Regional Head Quality Assurance

    2002 - 2003
    • Served as the head of the quality engineering group achieved maximum revenue across global operations.
    • Set up the test lab, methodologies and matrices, and implemented global practices for certifying products and solutions.
    • Represented the leadership council and the governance board.
    • Led the global CMM/ISO certification.
  • Product Lead

    2000 - 2001
    Tech M
    • Led the new product division, and the full product lifecycle including innovation, go-to-market, implementation, and software quality-control function.
    • Developed branding and cross channel campaigns.
    • Managed product quality and setup product performance and usability test labs.
    • Implemented a balanced score card and reengineered the organization-wide quality processes.
    • Led the CMM 5 certification.
  • Product Implementation Consultant

    1998 - 2000
    Digite, Inc.
    • Led the implementation, business analysis, and quality assurance and testing of the product suite.
    • Simulated usage scenarios and analyzed user data and insights.
    • Led end-to-end testing, conducted performance benchmarking, and performed audits.
    • Managed customers solutions design and implementation.
  • Project Leader

    1993 - 1998
    Toyo Engineering India, Ltd.
    • Served as a project engineer and managed the project monitoring and control activities of mega-multinational projects.
    • Developed computer-based interactive tracking and monitoring system using Primavera.

Project History

  • Entrepreneurial Startup Incubator | Launching Successful Hypergrowth Products
    Launched many hypergrowth products, generating millions of dollars in new growth and 45% jump in existing product revenue.

    I successfully established an entrepreneurial incubator, achieved over $50 million in year one for the next-gen products, and increased the existing portfolio revenue by 45%.

    • Set up an innovation incubator and harnessed disruptive and emerging technologies, like AI, ML, DLT, RPA, AR, and so on.
    • Developed detailed product vision, roadmaps, MVP, R&D, pilots, hypothesis testing, and product specifications.
    • Led cross-functional teams and startup squads across UI/UX, development, marketing, sales, and so on.
    • Developed a network of partners and a customer advisory council.
    • Conducted market research, competition analysis, and investments and evaluation validation strategies,
    • Led the go-to-market strategy, campaigns, positioning, and storyboarding.

  • Global Product Management and Emerging Tech Product Portfolio
    Oversaw and managed a global product portfolio that included emerging technologies.

    I oversaw this project and helped with the leadership, product management, engineering, marketing, sales, product culture, and process.

    • Developed and managed the next-generation product portfolio, vision, and roadmaps.
    • Established product management practice, industry use cases, and product culture and innovation
    • Coached and mentored cross-functional Agile engineering, design, and sales teams.
    • Led through the full product lifecycle R&D, MVP, prototyping, and so on.
    • Oversaw pre-sales, solutions, go-to-market, and customer success

  • Leadership in Establishing and Growing New Technology Business
    Established and grew the global business to 100+ million and led the new technology consulting business of 250+ million.

    I provided executive leadership to engineering, sales, and marketing teams.

    • Provided advisory to the end client, and on technology optimization,
    automation, and vendor sourcing strategies.
    • Conducted due diligence, assessments, and future state roadmaps.
    • Provided executive support to strategic and key accounts to grow the existing and new businesses.
    • Coached internal technology horizontals, presales, and bid teams. These included build proposals, solutions, pricing strategies, and sales enablement.
    • Crafted storyboards, battle cards, and value propositions for products and services.
    • Built and set up lean and Agile QA CoEs and services for the digital age.
    • Strategized automation, virtualization, DevOps, CI/CD, and an Agile transformation.
    • Implemented microservices, API, RPA, omnichannel, usability, and security testing.
    • Developed and conducted assessment and maturity frameworks.
    • Launched new services and product solutions.
    • Managed partnerships and alliances.
    • Led customer relations and global teams.

  • Innovation, Growth, and Transformation Coach and Mentor
    Mentored and coached multiple cohorts of cross-functional leaders and teams for a Fortune 500 technology company.

    I crafted practical industry use case-oriented training rubrics, and conducted training development of research, empath maps, valuation, costing, and financial modeling. I was also tasked with product thinking and product lifecycle methodologies, creating and articulating product pitch, positioning, marketing techniques, business model canvas, product-market fit analysis, competition analysis, and more. As a mentor, I also judged pitches, live customer solutions, and value propositions.

  • Product and Business Strategy and Investor Pitch Deck
    Helping CXOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs from pre-seed to Series C and mature ventures, craft a compelling investor pitch deck, articulating strong business strategy, and training and storytelling to successfully raise capital.

    Developing a compelling investor pitch deck from the start and helping to raise capital successfully. This includes a strong business strategy, including B2B, B2B2C, and B2C business models, commercialization, and monetization models. Developing a multi-year roadmap, product strategy, go-to-market, and growth plans.

    Conducted research and competition analysis and crafted the positioning, branding, and product strategy. Articulating value proposition, differentiators, and business benefits

    Presenting financial models, ROI models, KPI, and Metrics definition, including LTV, CAC, Market size, market fit, unit cost and margins, growth projections and pricing, capital utilization plans, and potential valuation and exit strategies.

    In addition, coaching with pitch presentation, messaging, articulation, and storytelling. Conducting mock sessions and preparing for objections and questions.

    Also helped create opportunity briefs, market synopsis, and value potential for fund managers and investor groups.

    A successful track record of helping various companies raise capital from Pre-seed, seed to mature stage


  • Postgraduate Degree (Equivalent to a Master's Degree) in Management, Computer-based Project Management
    1991 - 1993
    NICMAR - Pune, India
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
    1987 - 1991
    University of Mumbai - Mumbai, India


  • Continuous Product Design
    MARCH 2021 - PRESENT
    Quantum Metric
  • Lean Startup for Social Good
    IDEOU and Allianz Academy
  • Human Centered Design
    IDEOU and Allianz Academy
  • AI Applications, NLP, Chatbots, Machine Vision
  • Getting Started with AI and Watson
  • Digital Catalyst
    State Street Corporation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Product Management and Marketing Strategy
    JULY 2015 - PRESENT
  • Uplifting Service Leader
    MAY 2014 - PRESENT
    Ron Kaufman
  • TOGAF Foundation
  • Associate of BI

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