Eugene Ovcharenko, Product Manager in Porto, Portugal
Eugene Ovcharenko

Product Manager in Porto, Portugal

Member since May 6, 2021
Eugene is an accomplished head of product with more than 17 years of experience. He has engineering and technical management experience with a strong focus on the XR (VR, AR, and MR) solutions design, prototyping, and product management for startups and enterprise companies. Eugene has provided on-site support for enterprise R&D and product teams, managed highly distributed teams, and established a strong technical foundation allowing to design, develop, and deploy XR and spatial solutions.
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Project Highlights

  • Designed the spatial solution to bring state-of-the-art VR hardware with hand tracking capabilities into a hands-on VR training app to teach and assess nurses on how to install, assemble, and calibrate complex hysteroscopy fluid management system.
  • Designed a complete solution to create, edit, and present specialized lab automation testing equipment in a code-free PC-based interactive editor, deploying designed full-scale lab to a fully immersive portable VR headset.
  • Guided a team of BAs and QAs to execute, document, and validate the major product release.



  • CTO and Head of Product

    2018 - 2021
    Lucid Reality Labs
    • Designed complex XR, VR, and Spatial solutions for enterprise clients in the medtech, education, entertainment, and manufacturing industries.
    • Led company's solution office and solution part of the business development process.
    • Designed and implemented Solution creation process starting from the sales process, UX, design, project scoping, and prototyping to client onboarding, production, and handoff.
    • Established benchmarks in the visual, interactive, UX, and technological aspects of the company products.
    • Created proposals for technological tender applications for strategic markets.
    • Established and led internal R&D team, internal toolset, and automation projects.
    • Provided on-site training and support for medical device companies, telecommunication companies, and other enterprise clients.
  • Delivery Director

    2017 - 2018
    Room 8 Studio
    • Led the game development division delivery process, including establishing, analyzing, and optimizing the game delivery process.
    • Designed and implemented human capital management practices in the game development division of the company.
    • Hired and onboarded technical leads and team leads in production and PMO departments.
    • Designed and executed operational process changes in the recruiting, finance, and IT departments.
    • Provided on-site support for key clients across the EMEA.
    • Established a game console development partnership with device manufacturers and license holders.
  • Head of Production

    2013 - 2017
    • Redesigned the company production pipeline and aggregated all projects under a single game engine and platform.
    • Managed client relationships with key accounts and strategic partners.
    • Designed custom game development platforms to facilitate new product launches.
    • Managed the creation of the selected products from the company portfolio.
    • Hired and onboarded technical leads and team leads in the production and PMO departments. Conducted interviews for other top management positions.
    • Established key product units and managed company-wide resource planning.
    • Provided hands-on engineering work on complex projects in fast-paced production environments.
  • CTO and Product Manager

    2008 - 2013
    Warlock-Games Studio
    • Guided the company's transformation from an artwork service provider into a full-cycle production company.
    • Established internal production teams to support first-party development.
    • Managed a team of 3D artists to ensure delivery and quality of the outsourcing branch.
    • Led a team of engineers on internal projects and R&D.
  • Software Engineer

    2005 - 2008
    Warlock-Games Studio
    • Designed and developed a custom 3D game engine with modular architecture and scripting support.
    • Created game products and prototypes based on the custom game engine.
    • Initiated and led the company's transition to the Unity game engine.
    • Designed and established a game development pipeline for mobile games.
  • 3D Artist and Developer

    2003 - 2005
    Warlock-Games Studio
    • Created 3D assets for the HOMM5 game and other PC and console video game titles.
    • Created artwork-related automation tools in Max script and MEL scripting languages.
    • Prepared and integrated 3D assets into a custom game engine.
  • 3D Artist

    2003 - 2003
    • Created 3D assets and corresponding UV layouts for in-game assets.
    • Optimized existing 3D assets for real-time performance and memory usage.
    • Created a semi-automated workflow for LOD creation for faster asset processing.

Project History

  • XR Spatial Facilitation Platform
    Designed the XR solution for the complex multi-team multi-context real-time facilitation and collaboration virtual environment for scaling agile frameworks planning sessions.

    The client wanted to address the challenges of online collaboration and transfer real-life, highly dynamic planning sessions of scaling Agile frameworks to a virtual environment to keep real-time aspects of interactivity and voice collaboration.

    Product Solution:
    The XR Spatial Facilitation Platform for portable VR headset Oculus Quest 2 and MR device HoloLens 2 is capable of handling multiple simultaneous users in a single online planning session.

    The design is framework agnostic yet provides core attributes of the multi-team planning sessions such as value streams, sizing and backlog areas, story mapping, team planning area, and a product board. All areas are fully interactive and updated in real-time using a single source of truth.
    The platform is designed to support Jira Align.

    The client is experienced in facilitating the planning sessions in real life and wanted to bring the physical hand-to-hand interaction into XR to its fullest.

    My Role:
    I designed, tested, and iterated on a spatial XR prototype, led the dev and design teams to create a roadmap, technical architecture, and UX to complete the solution design phase.

    Solution validated by major stakeholders and set to be deployed in 2022.

  • VR Hands-on Training
    Designed the spatial solution to bring state-of-the-art VR hardware with hand tracking capabilities into a hands-on VR training app to teach and assess nurses on how to install, assemble, and calibrate complex hysteroscopy fluid management system.

    A medical company wanted to train healthcare professionals (HCP) to transition from the current equipment hospitals use to a new generation medical device, mitigate transition risks, evaluate and assess HCP.

    Product Solution:
    A self-guided, low-stress hands-on VR training application with a complete device assembly set up procedure.

    The app has in-VR guidance to lift any friction in using VR, a semi-guided assembly session to boost HCP confidence in using complex equipment to help them act on their own. For complete realism, the solution has non-guided scenarios with life-like interactivity using hand tracking technology.

    As HPC completes scenarios, they get comprehensive in-VR feedback on each step and procedure sequence, allowing users to correct themselves before working with the complex equipment in the real-life.

    It was difficult to provide full self-guidance for the experience and assessment part of the solution.

    My Role:
    I designed the solution from start to finish and led the team to implement the solution on Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

    Starting 2021, the solution is used in over thirty locations across EMEA.

  • VR Laboratory Configurator
    Designed a complete solution to create, edit, and present specialized lab automation testing equipment in a code-free PC-based interactive editor, deploying designed full-scale lab to a fully immersive portable VR headset.

    The world leader in hemostasis testing equipment manufacturing wanted to have an interactive solution to present lab designs and lab reconstruction projects to customers to validate the equipment footprint and explore future lab planning on the 1:1 scale.

    Product Solution:
    PMs use VR Laboratory Planner to create a full-scale custom laboratory, design the lab automation pipeline, and validate the equipment footprint using a 3D interactive PC-based editor. The created lab is automatically compiled into a 3D environment with all the equipment nicely lit and shaded. Compiled project files are sent to the portable VR headset for presentation to the customers.

    The ultimate project goal was to replace the existing 2D renders lab project presentation pipeline with a VR-based full-scale room where a customer can physically move and explore proposed equipment placement and configuration.

    My Role:
    I designed a complete VR solution, custom algorithms to programmatically create lab space and dynamically lit the equipment, which was created based on my know-how and experience working with AO and runtime texture baking.

    The solution is rolled out to more than fifteen locations across the globe so far.

  • VR Intubation Simulation
    Designed product, visual, and user experience aspects of the solution, allowing users of any age with no VR experience to effortlessly immerse into the simulation. Personally supervised more than 2,000 users on selected conferences worldwide.

    A medical device company wanted to promote their new video laryngoscope, show its benefits and educate users on the product usability on the congresses and workshops worldwide.

    Product Solution:
    An immersive and fully interactive VR app with a set of scenarios of varying difficulty ranging from normal intubation, unexpected difficulty, to pediatric cases, highlighting the core use cases for the medical device.

    VR users' ages vary from 20 to 80 years, so it was essential to make the interactivity accessible and easy to use for non-tech people.

    My Role:
    I started with the high-level solution design and interaction design, visited top-notch OR (operating room) in Switzerland to take photo references of the OR ad equipment, was present during surgery to observe the work of the anesthetists first hand, and had extensive Q&A sessions with PM for the medical device and Professor of Anesthesiology.

    I worked directly with the technical team, 3D artists, QA, and the client during the production stage.

    The project was launched at the SFAR 2018 congress and has been used on more than fifty congresses and workshops worldwide.

    One year after the launch of the VR app, the product sales have increased 250%.

  • AR Architectural Visualization
    Established a 3D content production pipeline for the real-time AR application to ensure fast and effective project iterations.

    An LA architecture and design firm wanted to showcase the modernization plan for Television City in a new and innovative way.

    Product Solution:
    AR Architectural Visualization is an interactive, large-scale augmented reality presentation with different modernization plans embedded in its design.

    Created content allowed the client to show all benefits of the modernization plans in detail and with a high level of detail and interactivity. All the buildings were animated and had contextual information, and streets were filled with cars and pedestrians. At the same time, the layered structure of the app allowed for quick filtering of the crucial contexts.

    It was challenging to match the strict project timeline, so a custom production pipeline had to be established.

    My Role:
    I led the design and development teams. I also designed a custom 3D content production pipeline to showcase the modernization and artistic vision of the client, allow for fast project iterations, and support real-time AR.

    App usage led to the complete success of the presentation.

  • VR Hysteroscopy Simulation
    Designed and led the development of all major aspects of the solution - product, visual, interaction, and user experience. Introduced the complex two-handed medical equipment into an interactive VR environment.

    A medical device company wanted to create a portable solution to educate healthcare professionals on the benefits and usability of use cases of a novel fluid management system and hysteroscopy device.

    Product Solution:
    Immersive and fully interactive VR application showcasing two main scenarios of hysteroscopy procedures - polyp and fibroids removal that allows people to conduct the procedure in the virtual experience.

    It was difficult to transfer a two-handed hysteroscope to the VR environment.

    My Role:
    I started with the prototype of the core interactivity of the two-handed hysteroscope in virtual reality. After UX was fully implemented and polished, the 3D operating room and patient were added.

    During the course of the project, I visited real procedures, worked with the PM of the medical device and the inventor of the novel fluid management system, as well as led the team of developers and 3D artists.

    The product was first shown during ESGE 2019 and has been used in workshops and public events since then, allowing the company to save the logistics cost of bringing bulky equipment.

  • CV Powered Medical Screening App
    Led the design, development, and rollout of the screening app for healthcare professionals within EMEA region.

    A medical device company wanted to support healthcare professionals (HCP) using their product and provide means to effortlessly perform critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) screening.

    Product Solution:
    A computer vision-powered medical screening app for CCHD screening application designed as an extension to a pulse oximetry medial device.

    The app was designed and deployed to the EMEA region with the other regions supported via region-specific data collection, different screening protocols, and content adaptations.

    The key app benefit is the ability to automatically collect SpO2 values using CV algorithms. In this algorithm, no data leaves the mobile device and all calculations are done in the app, making the screening process reliable and secure.

    The main challenge was to design the app and data architecture to resolve legal compliance while still providing the functionality needed.

    My Role:
    I led the app design, development, and rollout of the app. I also worked closely with enterprise IT and marketing departments to facilitate the app approval and deployment processes.

    The app is used by HPCs across different regions and has been updated with new protocols and languages a number of times.

  • VR Physical Medicine App
    Designed a spatial rehabilitation solution with dexterity measurement, dynamic interaction, and haptic systems based on the standalone VR headset capabilities.

    The client has a gym with rehabilitation and physical medicine disciplines for elderly people with Parkinson's disease and wanted to allow their customers to continue training remotely with boxing-inspired exercises.

    Product Solution:
    The VR Physical medicine app is a spatial rehabilitation solution that mimics the virtual gym environment and is designed specifically to meet the needs of people with Parkinson's.

    The app has in-VR dexterity measurement functionality to determine the user's ability to perform physical exercises and adjust the difficulty level of the embedded scenarios accordingly.

    The app was designed as a spatial prototype and rapidly evolved into a functional white boxing prototype for the Oculus Quest 2 standalone VR headset.

    The main challenge of the design is how to address people dexterity taking their condition and automatically adjust the in-VR scenarios.

    My Role:
    I designed the complete solution for Oculus Quest 2 portable headset, designed and tuned a spatial XR prototype, led the development and design teams.

    The XR prototype was a huge success, and a full version of the application is in active development.

  • AR Avatar — Live Streaming Platform
    Led the design and development of the live motion capture and AR avatar streaming platform.

    The client develops and manufactures a portable motion capture suit and wanted to showcase the strengths of their suit in a fully mobile way during 5G-enabled events worldwide.

    Product Solution:
    AR Avatar is a live streaming platform for connecting live motion capture from multiple performers to mobile AR-powered devices worldwide.

    The solution was designed to handle multiple performers and events running all over the globe at the same time. It had a custom data transfer protocol for simultaneous motion capture, facial capture, and voice transmission.

    The most challenging part of the solution was the technological design of routing and mapping server-side architecture.

    My Role:
    I led the product team to design and develop a custom platform in time for its debut and to update it to support multiple simultaneous events.

    The solution was first introduced as a part of AT&T Shape 2019.

  • AR Medical Products Lineup
    Led the design and development of the multiple apps based on the AR Medical Products' lineup app for healthcare professionals (HCP) and sales reps.

    A medical device company wanted to present a new lineup of products that were set to be released using a novel and interactive way.

    Product Solution:
    An AR application for mobile devices allows sales reps to showcase the 3D interactive and animated medical products using share screen video calls and during one-on-one meetings with the customers.

    The app features tracheostomy products and related items for intensive care units and operating rooms for a wide range of use cases.

    The AR capabilities of the app allow users to see the products on a real scale and showcase product features like materials used, suction system, different sizes, disposable elements, camera, and light systems, etc. Interactive animations display step-by-step installation and calibration of the selected products.

    One of the challenges was the design of the extendable software platform to be used for other medical solutions within the company.

    My Role:
    I designed the solution and led the design and development of multiple apps based on the created platform.

    The app was deployed to EMEA region sales representatives corporate tablets and consequentially released as a web tool and mobile app to be used by HCP.

  • Streaming Platform and Royalty Distribution System
    Designed and implemented a royalty distribution system as a part of a content streaming and distribution solution for an LA-based all-in-one data platform for content distributors.

    The client needed a substitution for the existing semi-manual royalty processing toolset to facilitate integration into the platform and support the growing business.

    Product Solution:
    An independent, fully automated solution for content owners, accountants, customers, and third parties that provides transparency to the complex royalty calculations process.

    It is built atop the secure data lake, tightly integrated with the upstream client-facing portal, and supports automated processing of the majority of the content distribution platforms reports. Royalty calculations are done within the system itself and allow for monthly/quarterly payouts, client balance accounts, distribution fees, profit sharing, tax withholding, and platform-specific items.

    The existing royalty calculation and reporting system had to stay operational while the new system was developed and integrated.

    My Role:
    I designed and iterated on a system UX, worked with the head of product, CTO, and technical and accounting teams on requirements elicitation, roadmap, and product architecture, and managed the distributed development team.

    All stakeholders successfully validated the solution and integrated it into a parent platform.

  • Media Platform and Content Distribution Solution
    Led the development of a multi-platform streaming app and distribution channel for independent filmmakers.

    The client had a vision for a content distribution platform dedicated to independently produced films and TV and needed full production supervision.

    Product Solution:
    A content management and distribution platform for filmmakers and audiences on the web and mobile. It has two major components: a community for the content creators and audience to interact and communicate and a complete set of tools for independent filmmakers to promote and deliver their content.

    The platform has a set of distinct features like virtual cinema, dynamic films catalog, live comments, chat, recommendation system, etc.

    The initial investment was limited, so the most relevant subset of the platform was selected for MVP development.

    My Role:
    I acted as a product manager, leading the cross-functional distributed development team and working closely with the design team and key stakeholders to shape and implement VMP on time and within budget.

    The solution MVP was successfully developed and presented to investors and filmmakers in 2022.

  • Enterprise Tool for Data Science and Analytics
    Guided a team of BAs and QAs to execute, document, and validate the major product release.

    The company is a publicly traded entity and is in constant need of releasing major updates to the software. The current release cycle introduced major changes and capabilities to the platform, yet it had to be released on time.

    A cross-functional team of BAs, QAs, and TPMs was gathered to design and document the process features, requirements, tests, and usage caveats to have a fully validated major update released.

    The documentation and requirements at hand were not on par with the functionality, so all the steps had to be validated and checked to ensure supreme deliverables.

    I was on board as a TPM and guided the team of BAs and QAs to work on a specific part of the product.

    The major release was conducted on time and with full confidence in the validated functionality.

  • Location-based Marketing Platform for Brands
    Established a software development department and the software development process in the company.

    The company struggled with software development and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of technical aspects to tackle both internally and when working with clients.

    I established iterative software development cycles, hired missing team members, created and implemented an organizational structure for the whole development team, and made the product roadmap for the next 6-12 months.

    The company has multiple fast-paced ongoing integration projects at any given time, so balancing the dev team efforts between integration support and solution development was challenging.

    I stepped in as an intermediate Head of Product and TPM, taking development, sales technical support, and organization processes under control.

    The company development team has shifted from short-term reactive planning to long-term strategic thinking, and the team's velocity has more than doubled over six months.

  • Product Manager and Game Designer for a Metaverse Blockchain Project
    Led the project from start up until the successful MVP launch, worked with key stakeholders, development teams, and management.

    The company had only a project manager and needed to fill in the gaps in product management, game design, and UI, as well as expand the initial ideas and concepts while scaling up the production team.

    I stepped in as a Product Manager and established a viable workflow to keep up with the public roadmap and target deadlines, worked with the new team members, and created spatial prototypes and interactive guidance materials to gain development speed and allow team growth.

    The company was actively hiring developers to execute the production plan, so all the internal materials had to be clear and well organized to support newcomers and answer all key questions of the management.

    My core responsibilities included a mix of technical product management and design roles. Yet, I made additional efforts in spatial prototyping and game design that helped establish a solid MVP.

    Despite all the internal and external challenges, the company released the MVP with almost no delay. It continued to build up the full-fledged product based on the created materials and designs.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration
    2016 - 2018
    Kyiv School of Economics - Ukraine
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration
    2016 - 2017
    School of HRM - Ukraine
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2002 - 2007
    Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University - Ukraine


  • Maya 2015 Certified Professional
  • 3ds Max 2015 Certified Professional

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