Himanshu Gupta, Product Manager in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Himanshu Gupta

Product Manager in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Member since February 8, 2019
Himanshu is an independent consultant in product management, strategy, market research, and financial analysis—working for clients across the world. Along with his past work consistently receiving accolades, he also has an MBA from ESADE (a top 20 business school) and, for the past several years, has worked in various multinational corporations primarily in operations, product design, and project management.
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  • Product Manager | Management Consultant

    2015 - PRESENT
    Independent Consulting
    • Worked on independent projects related to product management and related areas such as market research, product research, analytics, and financial analysis.
    • Worked for clients and companies of different sizes from startups to Fortune 500 firms that were spread across various industries.
    • Managed international remote teams made up of designers and developers.
    • Built wireframes for clients, designers, and developers.
    • Vetted and finalized software development vendors.
    • Conceptualized different ways in which a service or business process could be digitized.
    • Researched similar products in the market.
    • Estimated the number of customers expected for new products based on web traffic and conversion rates for similar products.
    • Prioritized features and wrote detailed specifications/epics and user stories/feature descriptions.
    • Constructed pricing models and financial trackers.
    • Developed a business process for a new digital service.
    • Built and implemented user surveys.
    • Developed dashboards using different types of software.
  • Product Designer | Product Manager

    2008 - 2013
    Crompton Greaves
    • Acted as a product designer and product manager for five years on a physical product called Transformers. Held extremely high responsibility with each project worth $2 million to $15 million.
    • Regularly interacted with industrial clients to understand requirements, discuss technical aspects, and obtain feedback on product drawings.
    • Completed technical designs of 25+ Transformer projects using design and analysis software.
    • Managed teams of 3-5 designers for various projects.
    • Coordinated with other functions such as procurement, manufacturing, quality during product manufacturing to ensure timely completion and the quality of the product.
    • Coordinated with service function during product installation to support product installation and get product feedback.
    • Led a team of three experts to develop an innovative product—the first “Boltless Frame Transformer”—for Crompton Greaves. This product opened doors to potential new market segment worth US$ 30 million for the company.
    • Reduced the design lead time by 30% by initiating a project on automation of a part of the design process.
    • Led a team to innovate the company’s product offering for a $40 million project for an American utility—resulting in a sleek product and a reduction of emergency response time by 35% during transportation.
    • Filed one patent application and two design registration applications related to product design.
    • Earned Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.
  • Quality Engineer

    2006 - 2008
    General Electric — Grid Solutions
    • Oversaw and was responsible for the in-house quality and export quality in the manufacturing plant.
    • Proactively developed a dashboard for functional data analytics called “Quality Performance Measurement System” that gave a consistent view of quality, supply chain operations, and financials by using over 30 metrics such as rejection rate, vendor rankings, cost of poor quality, detection funnel, and more.
    • Initiated and implemented a cross-functional process of handling parts rejected on account of poor quality, resulting in a 56.3% drop in the rejection rate.
    • Implemented a drawing record maintenance system for the instant retrieval of drawings during shop floor emergencies.
    • Researched and finalized inspection equipment to be purchased.
    • Liaised with material testing laboratories for raw material testing.

Project History

  • Digitization of a Professional Services Firm
    Led the design and development of the first iteration of 3 apps and completed detailed prototypes of the next iteration.

    This project was for a Dutch professional services firm which mainly occupied the company formation space.

    I worked in the capacity of a product manager, helping them decide whether the digital applications should be developed after studying the internal and external processes of the firm. I concluded that the features should be developed in collaboration with the senior management of the firm.

    I also acted as the project manager during the design and development phase, managing a total of five remote international teams of designers and/or developers.

    I completed the MVPs of three different applications, geared towards different kinds of customers and partners of the firm. Then, I also completed detailed prototypes of the next iterations of the two apps, keeping an especially strong focus on design and user interface.

    This was a long project spanning more than 18 months but with breaks in between.

  • Feedback Analysis of Online Reviews
    Analyzed product reviews in detail to identify and quantify key themes and important takeaways.

    The client was one of the world’s largest visitor attraction operators.

    I analyzed several user feedback sets for this company and provided insights about the user experience—focusing on how it could be improved. The analysis included sentiment analysis, historical analysis, word clouds, and so on.

  • Consumer App Consulting
    Served as a product management consultant for a consumer-facing iOS app.

    This project was for a European company looking to launch its app in the German market, followed by selected other markets. The app was a health and fitness app, focused more on fitness and the social component. In this project, I helped the company in metrics, product roadmap, and related areas.

    I advised them on the metrics to track in the initial phase and in the later stages. Based on the company’s objectives, I also developed a product roadmap for them. I also recommended marketing activities, prepared a high-level feature prioritization, scanned user feedback of other similar apps, and identified insights around monetization based on market research.

  • Reporting System for a Healthcare Clinic
    Developed a reporting and visualization system for a plastic surgeon's clinic.

    I developed an end-to-end solution that provides business insights to the clinic. As part of the project and with the clinic's founder, I identified the metrics needed, the appropriate way to visualize them, and the calculations that need to be done. I then put in place a system to record the raw data via paper forms and electronic forms. Finally, in the front end, a Google Data Studio based visualization system was put in place.

    The visualization system was developed for the founder and individual employees of the clinic.

  • Ad Spot Analysis
    Developed the insightful analytics for a digital video agency.

    This project was for a New Zealand-based digital video agency. The project involved building a Tableau-based online system that provided a set of graphs that helped visualize the impact of a TV advertisement.

    The system connected to Big Query, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics in the back end. Information related to new advertisements automatically showed up in the Tableau-based online system. The charts had enough filters and other interactive elements to visualize the information effectively in different ways. Datasets were joined as well as blended to achieve different objectives.

  • Strategy for an HR Product | Applicant Tracking System
    Researched and provided product recommendations for a new product to be developed.

    This project was for a Hawaii-based professional staffing firm. The client wanted to build their own applicant tracking system (ATS).

    I researched the ATS market, compared the features of selected ATS, and provided product recommendations to them.

  • Product Economics for a Startup
    Researched and built financial models for each service being offered by this startup.

    This project was for a German startup that wanted to provide legal services online.

    I researched the legal services space by looking at similar service providers and estimating online traffic, conversion rates, and product economics for this startup.

  • eCommerce Platform Prototype
    Developed a prototype for an eCommerce platform.

    This project was for a Brazilian entrepreneur looking to enter the European market. I developed a prototype for an eCommerce platform where horse owners could sell horses and others could buy them.

  • Sales Funnel Dashboard for a CEO
    Developed a sales and marketing dashboard for a European professional services firm.

    Here, I developed a dashboard that focused on the sales funnel of an European professional services firm. In addition, there were also some financial and operational metrics.

    The dashboard was first made in Google Sheets and was fully automated from data retrieval to visualizations update to sending emails to the CEO, using different cloud-based software. The same dashboard was much later developed in Tableau.

  • Researching Health and Nutrition Apps
    Conducted competitive research on different healthcare apps having a nutrition component in them.

    The client was a digital healthcare startup based in the US and I researched different apps in the nutrition space.

    The research covered areas such as the features of the apps, the popularity of the apps and the company behind the app.

    We assessed a wide range of apps for the project—some focused on food logging, some on photo journaling, some on fitness, some made by healthcare providers, others by app developers, some by wearable manufacturers, and others by digital startups.

  • UX and Competitive Research for Mobile and Web Apps
    Conducted competitive research for a Seattle-based Fortune 500 firm.

    This project involved user experience and competitive research on more than ten products within the password manager space. Later, we completed a similar type of research for more than 20 products in the online privacy space.

    The research included looking at the product features, product business model, product design and usability, product performance, and company details. The deliverables were in the form of Airtable and a professional slide deck.

  • Edtech Pricing Model
    Developed a pricing model for a company in the education technology space.

    For this project, I developed a model that simulated the effect of different pricing combinations on the revenue for a San Francisco-based edtech company.

  • Technology Hiring Insights | Data Visualization
    Identified hiring insights in the technology space.

    On this project, I analyzed the job requirements for 40+ technology firms using programming tools (R), web scrapping apps, and visualization software.

    A number of hiring insights, both at the firm level and at the industry level were identified based on this analysis. Most of the insights were also visualized using visualization software such as Tableau and Power BI. This project was for a Canadian marketing firm whose CEO is also a public speaker.

  • Estimating Market Size for a Food Tech Startup
    Performed a market sizing analysis, helping the London-based firm to receive £1.1 million from two investment funds.

    Here, I estimated the market size—on the supply side as well as on the demand side—for a London-based food tech company. This food tech company was a food platform that connected customers and food suppliers. The company was looking to expand to other cities in Europe. The research helped them receive £1.1 million in seed funding from two investment funds.

  • 3PL Competitive Research | eCommerce
    Conducted competitive research in the third-party logistics space.

    I researched different third-party logistics providers that served the eCommerce industry in the US and abroad. For each 3PL provider, I gathered competitive intelligence such as services, warehouse capacity, key industries served, digital presence, contact details, and so on—covered over 75 logistics providers.

  • Sales and Inventory Tracker | eCommerce, Apparel, Fashion | Manufacturing
    Developed a spreadsheet-based sales and inventory tracking system for an eCommerce startup.

    The front end consisted of an inventory tracker sheet that showed the balance inventory for each SKU at the end of the day. The sales for the corresponding SKU could also be seen. A consolidated dashboard provided key metrics such as sales, revenue, top-selling products, percentage of returns, and a few other metrics.

    The back end consisted of sales data from Shopify and an inventory update tab.

  • Assessing the Impact of Automation
    Quantified the impact of a particular type of automation on several industries.

    I assessed the impact of robotic automation on a number of industries and sub-industries such as eCommerce, electronics, agriculture, apparel, manufacturing, and so on for a Palo Alto-based future technologies think tank.

  • eCommerce Product Research
    Advised a US-based entrepreneur on attractive product categories for the eCommerce business.

    Here, I researched and estimated the revenue, sales, customer satisfaction, and so on for different eCommerce product categories for a US-based entrepreneur. As part of this, I also analyzed large data sets of Amazon data. All these resulted in a set of recommendations related to different product categories to start a business in.

  • Process Maps
    The process maps bought forth several operational issues that had not been thought of prior to undertaking the exercise.

    This project was for a German startup in the online legal services space. It involved building process maps for each of the three online services the startup intended to offer. The process maps were developed in a swimlane format, clearly identify the department/person responsible for the activity.

  • Fintech Research
    Researched the fintech space for a technology consulting firm.

    The client for this project was a technology consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco with few offices outside the US as well.

    In this project, I researched the US fintech space in-depth—covering areas such as market size, different segments, geographical differences, investment scenario, thought leaders, leading players, engineer demand, and more. This not only involved research but also making estimations based on researching and analyzing the data.

  • Business Case for a Sugar Factory
    Prepared a business case for restarting a closed sugar factory

    A Canadian Factory Operations Executive wanted to restart a sugar factory based in Haiti so that it helps the local economy. For this, a business proposal had to be submitted and presented to the authorities.

    First, a financial model for restarting the factory was built and the economics understood. The final part involved preparing a presentation incorporating key data from the financial model. The presentation also summarized the technical, market, operational and social feasibility of the factory restart plan.

    This was a very good learning experience for me as this was an industry I was totally unfamiliar with. I had to understand it in-depth to be able to do this project.

  • Financial Model for a Mobile Accessories Startup
    Prepared the financial model, slide deck and product road-map for presenting to the management committee

    This project was a Middle-Eastern based family office. The venture arm of the family office was looking to launch a mobile accessories brand in the Middle-East, followed by other countries.

    I prepared an in-depth financial model for this company, after understanding their products, business model and the requirements. Along with this, I also researched and prepared a slide deck, containing the market potential, business case, product roadmap and marketing tactics

  • Student Club Market Size
    Estimated the market size and growth rates for student clubs in the United States.

    This project was for a startup that provided support and rewards to students actively engaged in college clubs.

    In this, I estimated the market size of student clubs both at the undergraduate level and the graduate level. Along with market size, we also estimated historical growth rates.

    I used multiple bottom-up approaches to size the market and used a "football field" approach to determine the final market size. All of the entire research and estimation work was converted to an investor-ready slide deck format. The slide deck also provided statistical backing for the sampling method used for the market size estimation.

  • Dashboard for a Law Firm
    Developed a business dashboard for a Chicago-based law firm

    I developed a Google Sheets-based dashboard that had sales, marketing, human resource, finance, and operational metrics for a Chicago-based law firm.

    The dashboard was fully automated and connected to multiple software in the back end: Google Sheets, Xero, Lawmatics, Clio, Zapier, and Google Analytics. The dashboard updated daily and sent weekly PDF snapshot emails to the CEO and top executives. We also prepared concise documentation of the dashboard.

  • Connected Car Research
    Researched the globally connected car space.

    On this, I researched the trends in the connected car space for the innovation team of a leading American automobile manufacturer.

  • Financial Analysis of a Large Telecom Company
    A financial assessment of the dividend paying ability of a leading Thai telecom company

    The end client was a London based mutual fund. One of their portfolio companies was a leading Thai telecom company.

    The mutual fund wanted to know whether the high dividend payout of the telecom company was sustainable or not. I assessed and prepared a report about the same. At a high level, the assessment involved looking at the telecom market dynamics, assessing the strengths of the company and analyzing the financials of the company.

  • Fundraising Strategy for an Autism Therapy Provider
    Developed a Social Return on Investment (ROI) model

    This project was for a Spanish Autism Therapy Provider. This NGO was developing its fundraising strategy. As part of the fundraising strategy, our team built financial models quantifying the benefits of investing or donating money to the NGO. Within the team, I had taken the responsibility of building 1 of the 3 models we came up with. This model was based on macroeconomic impact.

  • Solar Energy in Europe
    Analyzed the solar energy market in Europe for a London based family office

    This project involved researching the solar energy market in Europe, addressing the client's specific questions. The research was summarized by creating a professional report. The report looked at market outlook, solar panel pricing, the renewables subsidy regime, company profiles among other things.

  • Financial Analysis of an Energy M&A
    Performed DCF valuation of the proposed merger between Oil & Gas majors - Baker Hughes and Schlumberger

    This project was for a private investor. I evaluated the proposed merger between the two oil & gas companies, arriving at a fair value based on multiple approaches. The valuation was performed using 3 approaches - DCF Valuation, Comparables Valuation & Transaction Analysis.

  • Global Hybrid Renewables Research
    Delivered high quality research related to global renewables and power sector

    The client was the Paris-based division of a leading Fortune 50 industrial conglomerate.

    The research involved several aspects related to the global renewable energy scenario, such as:
    1. The grid system preparedness to handle fluctuating inputs to the grid
    2. Global renewable energy storage capacities
    3. Activities of large corporations in the renewable energy space
    4. Volatility in electricity pricing
    5. Regulatory policies and structures


  • Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
    2013 - 2015
    ESADE - Barcelona, Spain
  • Exchange Semester During MBA in during MBA
    2014 - 2014
    National University of Singapore - Singapore
  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    2002 - 2006
    VJTI, Mumbai University - Mumbai, India


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Specialization in Software Product Management
    University of Alberta & Coursera
  • Become a Product Manager
  • Leadership Training for Managers
    MAY 2016 - PRESENT
    Dale Carnegie Training
  • Finance Lab Certificate
    JUNE 2014 - PRESENT
    ESADE Business & Law School

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