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Janna Fuller

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Tokyo, Japan
Toptal Member Since
March 3, 2022

Janna is a product leader with a robust design, marketing, and business background and experience building products, teams, and processes from scratch for early to late-stage startups. She worked as head of product for Coins.ph, a Philippine e-wallet and cryptocurrency fintech acquired by Gojek (now GoTo), and Zemble, an Australian B2B SaaS startup targeting insurance claims management. Janna's consulting work has spanned entertainment, fine art, and microbiology industries.

Project Highlights

Rebrand for a B2B SaaS Company
Led the company rebrand, including creating a new name (Zemble), defining brand voice and style, copywriting, and sourcing and collaborating with designers and illustrators on logo design and brand illustration.
Western Union Remittance Partnership for Philippine E-wallet
Partnered with Western Union to launch a product enabling Filipinos working abroad to remit money directly to Coins.ph e-wallets from 200+ countries.
Instrumenting a Large Fintech Product for Data-driven Growth
Established product analytics practices at Coins.ph, fueling product-driven growth to 10 million+ users and hundreds of thousands of daily transactions. Advanced from product designer to head of product.


Work Experience

Senior Manager

2022 - PRESENT
Fujitsu Launchpad
  • Leveraged early-stage startup and product development expertise to strategize plans for Fujitsu Launchpad to build sustainable businesses and generate new revenue sources efficiently.
  • Designed program structure and methodologies for a new intrapreneur program focused on building new SaaS businesses, leveraging emerging technologies, and diversifying company revenue.
  • Coached teams of intrapreneurs working on conceptualizing innovative business models and building software for diverse industries, including construction, healthcare, and hospitality.

Product Lead (Consultant)

2022 - 2022
  • Drove development of a digital asset (NFT) platform for fan collectibles. Defined requirements and rollout strategy and led design and engineering teams to execute while collaborating with the sales team on product marketing for creator acquisition.
  • Developed a product vision and strategy for a fan club platform, aiming to propel ecosystem growth for Zaiko beyond its core event ticketing product. Designed gamified product mechanics to drive fan engagement and wireframed the full platform UX.
  • Set up real-time product analytics, conducting an end-to-end project including tool selection, event/property structuring, and technical collaboration on instrumentation. Built dashboards and taught teams to analyze and identify actionable insights.
  • Established product development processes for Zaiko's design and engineering teams, including roadmap development, requirements scoping, design reviews, specifications writing, technical handoff and collaboration, and business acceptance reviews.

Head of Product

2020 - 2021
  • Developed a product strategy and roadmap to reimagine and overhaul the startup's MVP into a scalable, modular SaaS product primed for expansion as a configurable platform for mapping and executing complex business processes.
  • Guided the design and engineering team to execute the revamped product, which was not yet launched upon my departure.
  • Led a complete company rebrand, including creating a new name (Zemble), defining the brand voice and style, copywriting, and sourcing and collaborating with in-house and freelance designers and illustrators on logo design and brand illustration.
  • Hired a product design team and defined product objectives and processes to drive user growth and revenue. Collaborated in hiring and building the engineering team and implementing cross-functional product development practices.
  • Synthesized insights from ongoing customer collaborations (primarily insurers) to create a universal product foundation to suit a myriad of business needs, regulatory requirements, stakeholder networks, and organizational hierarchies.

Head of Product

2016 - 2020
  • Defined and drove quarterly and annual product roadmaps and strategy, working cross-functionally with all department heads to set priorities for customer-facing features, partner tools, and internal systems.
  • Led the launch of new products, including Western Union remittances, InstaPay/PESONet network integration for instant transfers to and from all Philippine banks, streaming credits purchases, tollway RFID card top-ups, and hotel and flight booking.
  • Designed, supported the development and launch, and analyzed the performance of new products, including Beep card top-ups via NFC for Metro Manila public transit, multiple new cryptocurrencies, and a multi-region app for Thailand market expansion.
  • Ideated, designed, and collaborated with developers to launch a Facebook Messenger bot; an extended prepaid load offering, including popular load packages, international load, and saved numbers; and updated P2P payment features.
  • Oversaw all product categories, driving a constant stream of iterations based on continuous monitoring of product metrics, qualitative feedback, and business needs.
  • Set up product analytics to track metrics across all product categories and conversion funnels for all product flows, regularly assessing the highest-impact optimizations and executing rapidly on findings.
  • Hired and led the product design and management team to execute product objectives to drive organizational KPIs.
  • Conducted ongoing user, market, and competitor research: executed A/B testing, gathered qualitative customer feedback, and implemented findings to improve the user experience.

UX Designer

2016 - 2016
True North Business Exchange (Now SMBX)
  • Created an animated mobile app promo demo to assist the company's founders in raising seed funding for a startup building a blockchain-based small business capital marketplace.
  • Designed the UX/UI for an iOS app and collaborated with engineers on the development requirements.
  • Collaborated with the founders on the product vision and roadmaps, incorporating the business, financial, and regulatory strategies.

Graduate Student Intern

2015 - 2015
Viadynamics (Innovation Consultancy)
  • Supported the launch of a West London hardware startup incubator through competitor and market research, strategic recommendations, training and curriculum design support, and graphic design.
  • Assisted in developing a branding seminar for a multinational corporation through user and market research, workshop design, and presentation content creation and design.
  • Conducted a competitive landscape assessment of the innovation consulting industry, resulting in recommendations for Viadynamics' internal strategic development.

Senior Business Analyst

2012 - 2014
  • Managed complex sourcing, production, and shipping for several product categories: cards and party with $350 million in annual retail receipts, Sonia Kashuk cosmetics, and Circo toys.
  • Conducted a pilot integration of United States and Canada sourcing, cosmetics inventory liability risk analysis, inventory flexibility negotiations with vendors, and expense reduction through decreased safety stock and expedited costs.
  • Trained a new business analyst who backfilled my role upon promotion to a different department.

Rebrand for a B2B SaaS Company


Led the company rebrand, including creating a new name (Zemble), defining brand voice and style, copywriting, and sourcing and collaborating with designers and illustrators on logo design and brand illustration.

Claimspace (the former company name) hired me to overhaul an existing MVP targeting claims management in the insurance industry. The MVP was earning revenue from a small enterprise userbase; the goal was to turn it into a reimagined SaaS product for small and medium-sized enterprises, built on a modular foundation and poised for significant growth.

Research revealed broader potential, expanding beyond insurance to other high-touch use cases involving stakeholder networks, such as complaints, compliance, and government processes. A new product strategy necessitated a new brand.

Working with the founders to define a mission and vision, I formulated a name upon which to hinge our identity. Zemble, from the word assemble, highlighted the new value proposition of bringing people, materials, and processes to a single place to get complex work done.

Building off the vision, I defined the Zemble voice and style, wrote copy for landing pages and other materials, sourced illustration and design talent, and collaborated on logo and brand illustration and landing page design and development. Supported by clear communications and social media collateral, the new brand was well-received by current and potential customers and investors.

Western Union Remittance Partnership for Philippine E-wallet


Partnered with Western Union to launch a product enabling Filipinos working abroad to remit money directly to Coins.ph e-wallets from 200+ countries.

I drove the end-to-end development and launch of a much-requested feature enabling users outside the Philippines to instantly remit funds to any Coins.ph wallet via Western Union. This product filled an essential gap for the tens of thousands of Coins.ph users working abroad who previously reverted to slower, more costly methods of remitting funds to their families.

I defined the business and regulatory requirements with internal business development, compliance, and legal colleagues and Western Union partners. I conceptualized and designed the Western Union product UI/UX, creating a seamless experience guiding users through both sides of the remittance process: sending funds via Western Union and then collecting the remittance instantly in the Coins.ph app. I worked closely with Coins.ph and Western Union engineering teams on technical specifications and development, leading the team through sprints, testing, and product rollout.

I also collaborated with the Coins.ph and Western Union marketing teams on the product launch, supporting the creation of videos, social media collateral, blog posts, paid advertising, and PR announcements. The product performed well and drove user base growth outside of the Philippines.

Instrumenting a Large Fintech Product for Data-driven Growth


Established product analytics practices at Coins.ph, fueling product-driven growth to 10 million+ users and hundreds of thousands of daily transactions. Advanced from product designer to head of product.

I joined Coins.ph (then Series A) as a product designer. As I refined the UX and designed new features, I identified gaps in higher-level product strategy and management, especially working in a data-driven manner to fuel product growth.

I worked with engineers to instrument all product flows, a large and ongoing endeavor that expanded with each product update. We fed data into Segment and Amplitude, and I built a library of thousands of charts to regularly analyze conversion funnels, user metrics, engagement metrics, retention, segmentation, transaction counts and types, revenue, lifetime value, and more.

Working in a data-driven manner elevated the product development processes, enabling strong decisions based on understanding the impact of product metrics on company KPIs.

As I became the head of product and grew the team, data-driven product growth and regular experimentation were fundamental to our processes and decision-making. We broadened our scope to leverage data across the company, incorporating customer support, marketing, fraud prevention, compliance, and financial metrics into product analysis. This approach supported company growth to 10 million+ users and hundreds of thousands of daily transactions.

Digital Asset (NFT) Marketplace for a Japanese Entertainment Platform


Led the design and development of a digital asset marketplace for fan collectibles to enable Japanese entertainment startup Zaiko to diversify revenue and broaden its reach beyond its core ticketing product.

As a product consultant for Zaiko, a Japanese music and entertainment ticketing startup, I led the development of the Digitama.io digital asset (NFT) marketplace for creators and fans.

Digitama.io provides easy NFT creation tools and a marketplace for Japanese entertainers, musicians, and creators to provide unique digital assets for their fans. Building upon the popular Japanese idol tradition of chekis (signed Polaroid-style photos), creators can customize Digitama NFTs with frames and digital signatures or doodles.

Throughout the project, I established product development processes to support the design and engineering teams beyond my consulting tenure and coached on requirements scoping, design reviews, specifications writing, technical handoff, and business acceptance reviews.

To support the marketplace launch, I conducted market and competitor research, developed product marketing materials, defined creator acquisition and onboarding processes, and worked closely with the sales team to define target creator characteristics and pitch strategies.

The Digitama.io platform was launched shortly after the end of my consultancy with Zaiko, and the team is continuing to grow both the creator content volume and fan user base.
2014 - 2016

Master of Arts Degree in Global Innovation Design

Royal College of Art - London, England, UK

2014 - 2016

Master of Science Degree in Global Innovation Design

Imperial College London - London, England, UK

2015 - 2015

Study Abroad Semester for Royal College of Art and Imperial College London Degrees in Global Innovation Design

Keio University - Tokyo, Japan

2014 - 2014

Study Abroad Semester for Royal College of Art and Imperial College Degrees in Global Innovation Design

Pratt Institute - Brooklyn, NY, USA

2008 - 2012

Bachelor of Science in Business in International Business and Marketing

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University - Bloomington, IN, USA

2011 - 2011

Study Abroad Semester for Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Rouen Business School (Now NEOMA Business School) - Rouen, France


Jira, Confluence, Figma, Sketch, Illustrator CC, Atlassian, Atlassian Suite, After Effects CC, OmniGraffle, Premiere Pro CC, Google Analytics, Financial Data, Elastic, Asana, Trello, InVision


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Agile Product Management, B2C, Requirements Analysis, Human-centered Design (HCD), User Testing, Design Thinking, Agile, Agile UX, Usability Testing, Key Performance Metrics, Acceptance Testing, Agile Project Management, Scrum, Keyword Research, Rapid Prototyping, Marketplace Platforms, Gamification

Industry Expertise

Life Insurance, Marketplaces


Blockchain, Zendesk, Blockchain Platforms


UX Design, Design, Innovation Strategy, Process Innovation, Product Design, Innovation, User Flows, Excel 365, Product Strategy, Product Roadmaps, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), Product Management, Product Analytics, Product Research, Quantitative User Research, UX Wireflows, Product Planning, Ideation, Brainstorming, Amplitude, Product Development, Product Delivery, Agile Product Delivery, User Metrics, User Conversion, Conversion-driven UX, Product Growth, Process Flows, Process Design, Use Case Analysis, Funnel Analysis, Funnel Optimization, Conversion Rate, Website Conversion, Business to Consumer (B2C), Feature Roadmaps, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Platform Design, New Product Development, Product Discovery, Quality Assurance (QA), Requirements & Specifications, Roadmaps, Sprint Planning, User Experience (UX), User Feedback, Digital, Startups, Early-stage Startups, Value Proposition, Value Proposition Design, Journey Mapping, User Journeys, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Strategy, Product Owner, Project Scoping, Conceptualization, Product Conceptualization, Functional Requirements, User Requirements, Design Requirements, Business Requirements, Product Launch, Product Vision, New Products, Metrics, UX Analysis, Data Analysis, Needs Analysis, UX Wireframes, Product Mapping, Concept Testing, Proof of Concept (POC), Digital Payments, Digital Product Management, Go-to-market Plans, Go-to-market Strategy, Growth, App Growth, Growth Strategy, Startup Growth Strategy Development, Mobile Applications, Market Research, Project Planning, Lean Startups, Go-to-market Optimization, Lean Product Manager, Lean Product Management, Lean Product Development, Backlog Management, Backlog Grooming, Mobile Apps, User Empathy, Product Strategy Consultant, Qualitative Research, Project Timelines, Scope, Scope of Work, Scope Management, Adobe CC, UI Design, System Design, Design Strategy, Writing & Editing, Analysis, Data Analytics, Market Research & Analysis, Competition Research, User Research, User Personas, Presentations, Wireframing, Wireframe to Product, QA Testing, Rebranding, Branding, Product Branding, Product Benchmarking, Brand Identity, Agile Sprints, App UI, UI Prototyping, UX Prototyping, SaaS, SaaS Design, SaaS Product Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), SaaS Product Marketing, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Presentation Design, Competitive Strategy, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Mobile Wallet, Fintech, Landing Pages, Landing Page Optimization, Southeast Asia, Asia, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Experience Design, Analytics, Project Management, Online Payments, Mobile Payments, Money Transfers, A/B Testing, Lean Experiments, Stakeholder Management, User Interviews, Customer Interviews, Emerging Markets, Growth Hacking, Growth Marketing Product Manager, Business to Business (B2B), Web App Development, Business Models, Business Strategy, Organizational Design, Structure & Organizational Design, Business Proposals, Lead Generation, Organic SEO, B2B, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Website QA, Software QA, Manual QA, QA Test Plan Management, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Business Acceptance Testing, Customer Acquisition, Acquisition Analysis, Lean Project Management, Content Marketing, Digital Branding, Growth Marketing, International Growth, Focus Groups, Messaging, Content Strategy, Content, Marketing Mix, Monetization, Monetization Models, Resource Allocation, Resource Management, Feasibility Studies, Market Fit, User Interface (UI), Asia-Pacific (APAC), Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy, Cost Analysis, Prototyping, Visual Design, Animation, Sketching, Marketing, International Commerce, Marketing Research & Analysis, Operations, Web Platforms, Partnership Strategies, Partner Management, B2B Partnerships, B2B Product Management, Hiring, Training, Team Mentoring, Mentorship & Coaching, Leadership, Brand Design, Copywriting, iOS, Android, Segment, Periscope Data, Demo Designs, Consulting, Graphic Design, Curriculum Design, Training Content, Business Consulting, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Payments, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Chatbot Conversation Design, Payment Networks, Chatbots, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conceptual Design, Experimental Design, Photoshop CC, Retail & Wholesale, Business Analysis, Forecasting, Sales Forecasting, Sourcing, Product Sourcing, Ethical Sourcing, Partnership Analysis, Mentorship, Excel Modeling, Fraud Prevention, Regulatory Compliance, Regulated Industries, P&C Insurance, Business, International Payments, Product Marketing, Digital Brand Identity, Notion, B2B Lead Generation, WP Engine, WordPress, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Two-sided Marketplaces, Multi-sided Marketplaces, Mobile Ticketing, Event Management Platforms, Beauty Products, Digital Goods, SEO Content, Japan, Webflow, Community Management, Social Networks, SEO Tools, Seos, Budgeting, Technical Hiring, Social Marketplaces, Miro, Fundraising, Startup Consulting, Program Design, Incubator Management

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