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Kevin Mansfield

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
Toptal Member Since
December 10, 2019

Kevin has over fifteen years of experience in product design, management, leadership, and strategy—leading various projects within eCommerce, B2C, and B2B organizations. He's worked with Fortune 500s market leaders through fledgling startups, focusing on customer value to drive business growth. Well-versed in all Agile frameworks, Kevin builds product teams that focus on outcomes.

Project Highlights

JustRide eTicketing platform
Initiated a greenfield project to build a multi-tenanted eTicketing SaaS platform that could support transport agencies.
Racing Post | Digital B2C
Led the digital transformation of a legacy print business.
ATG | New eCommerce Site
I was retained to evaluate the ATG digital landscape and make recommendations that would drive rapid growth.


Work Experience

Chief Product Officer

2018 - 2022
Nomos One
  • Performed a chief product officer role for a B2B SaaS business, rapidly transitioning it from startup to market leader in its space.
  • Reported to the CEO as a part of the executive team and was in charge of product and technology strategy, operations, compliance, and personnel.
  • Focused on change by introducing processes and management, leading the business through the rapid scaling phase.
  • Led the long-term roadmap planning and formalized decision-making through a cross-functional product council process.
  • Planned, proposed, and led a replatforming project.
  • Migrated from monolithic architecture to a microservices model.
  • Enabled scaled delivery through parallel development practices.
  • Introduced formalized Agile development processes, namely Scrum, and established outcome-focused development streams.
  • Pioneered a customer-centered continuous discovery program.

Digital Consultant, Transformation

2018 - 2018
Ambassador Theatre Group
  • Worked as an independent consultant to evaluate the ATG digital landscape and make recommendations that would drive improvement and business growth.
  • Defined a vision with measurable short- and long-term customer value objectives, a discovery and delivery cycle, and an execution plan.
  • Achieved the following key results: eCommerce transactions of more than £300,000 per annum, eCommerce conversion of a greater than 16% increase YoY, and eCommerce GTV of £30 million YoY.
  • Introduced a customer-led innovation process to determine growth opportunities.
  • Delivered a new eCommerce website project from start to finish within 10 weeks.
  • Interviewed and hired a UX designer, retained a customer insight agency, and defined customer jobs to be done.
  • Implemented a web platform migration focused on a consumer journey sales conversion.
  • Established a singular responsive mobile-first approach.
  • Built a React client application and aligned the web framework approach across the business portfolio.

Head of Product and Innovation

2016 - 2018
Racing Post
  • Led the digital transformation of a traditional-print business.
  • Implemented and owned a centralized product management discipline across all streams, including web, mobile, API, data, and UX.
  • Aligned all aspects of the business through a product council, holding to account the product strategy through a repeatable framework.
  • Achieved the following key growth results: a more than 70% gross transaction value and a customer conversion rate above 50%. I also increased the net promoter score from -9 to +24.
  • Grew the business through a focused digital strategy based on customer-led innovation.
  • Made technology a driver of business rather than a service, as it was earlier.
  • Introduced profit and loss (P&L) reporting for product lines and performed a product development cost-benefit analysis and roadmap ROI forecasting and reporting.
  • Aligned siloed business operations through a cross-functional product council process and introduced a product and technology governance group.
  • Achieved operational cost savings of £250,000 per annum and a B2B data syndication growth of 18% YoY.

Head of Product, International Resale

2016 - 2017
  • Played a key role in one of the largest growing sectors within the Ticketmaster business—ticket resales.
  • Oversaw the acquisition of Seatwave into the resale portfolio, enabling expansion across 10 European markets.
  • Led the business expansion and consolidated its growth on the UK market, growing it by £30 million YoY to produce £100 million in gross transactional value.
  • Achieved a YoY GTV growth of 40% and a monthly customer-transaction rate of +99% (from 26,000 to 52,600). Increased the number of customer visits per month by +130% (from 2.9 million to 4.9 million).
  • Oversaw the acquisition and integration of the Seatwave business within Ticketmaster and led the product strategy and roadmap definition.
  • Led product vision and strategy, business unit P&L reporting, and sales conversion forecast modeling.
  • Implemented product planning, cost-benefit analysis, KPI tracking and reporting, and software development process management.
  • Identified and researched market opportunities and managed stakeholders.
  • Managed my team through prioritization, goal setting, and process refinement.
  • Integrated an acquired platform into the European markets with primary Ticketmaster platforms.

Director of Product

2012 - 2015
  • Hired as the employee number one in the Justride team to build, a platform to buy tickets for public transport anytime, anywhere, or simply tap your phone to travel.
  • Established a greenfield project to build a multi-tenanted e-ticketing platform that could support a transport agency of any size.
  • Owned all aspects of the product, from architecture through UX to client management.
  • Grew a development team as the project grew, going from zero to the first live customer from Boston, MA, in seven months.
  • Promoted to the director of product after two years, growing the development team to 20, including developers, product managers, UX designers, and QAs.
  • Served as a team member of the senior management, continuing my work with the Justride platform.
  • Expanded the product globally to support transit agencies in New York, Boston, San Diego, and Nassau.
  • Led the product vision and strategy, product roadmap, development team line management, and client liaison management.
  • Managed the RFP/RFI process for potential new clients—mainly US transit agencies—and the product development lifecycle.
  • Oversaw the budget and resources and translated the business needs into application solutions.

Product Manager of Mobile and Innovation

2007 - 2012
  • Served as the product lead and initiated an iPhone application using minimal development resources for the Marktplaats mobile program in May 2010.
  • Proved the concept and extended the development team and mobile product.
  • Hired teams for iOS, Android, and mobile web development.
  • Grew to 5% of total traffic adoption within 12 months.
  • Launched a daily deals platform as a direct Groupon competitor.
  • Started a group deal project using a small development team.
  • Built a full working demo and pitched a business case to the management team.
  • Developed the first version from ideation to release within three months. The first release went live in the Netherlands in January 2011 and became a key business unit contributing to an eight-figure YoY revenue.
  • Worked on standalone woman's buying and selling fashion vertical.
  • Designed and built a full working demo using the WordPress CMS framework.

IFRS16 Lease Accounting Module

Led the product planning and architecture design for an IFRS16-compliant lease accounting module.

I worked with accounting SMEs, business analysts, development team, and QA engineers to define the product requirements for a lease accounting product.

Tasks Accomplished:
• Ensured that all product features were in line with the IFRS16 financial reporting standard.
• Defined over 1,200 accounting scenarios that were also formulated into automated tests (TDD).
• Established a microservices architecture.
• Hired the development team.

JustRide eTicketing platform

Initiated a greenfield project to build a multi-tenanted eTicketing SaaS platform that could support transport agencies.

Owning all aspects of the product from architecture through UX, I worked closely with transit customers to define the product needs and assemble a development team. We progressed from whiteboard to first live city (Boston MBTA) in seven months.

Over the ensuing two years, I pursued a market penetration strategy and scaled the development team—resulting in expanding the product globally to support transit agencies in US (New York, Boston, San Diego, Nassau), Greece (Athens), and the UK (London).

Today the platform supports over 40 global transit agencies.

Racing Post | Digital B2C

Led the digital transformation of a legacy print business.

I was hired as part of the business's need to grow its digital capability as the legacy (print) side of the business was in decline.

The business was private equity-owned with a finite investment and exit cycle. The need for a digital growth plan in order for the business to succeed within that cycle was clear.

During the initialization phase of this digital transformation, I focused on three broad business areas: customer experience, operational process, and business models to determine the opportunities.

I led a strategy discovery process to understand the single customer view, market sizing, and growth opportunities.

These activities led to a transformative vision for digital growth, focusing B2C investment in growing an affiliate transaction model and B2B on data syndication and SaaS offerings.

eBay and Marktplaats Mobile App

Produced a PoC in six weeks, scaled to Android and mobile web, saw a 5% increase of all marketplace visits within 12 months.

Marktplaats Mobile Program

As a product lead, I began the iPhone application from scratch in May 2010 with minimal development resources or experience (one full-time developer).

Tasks Accomplished:
• Delivered five full iOS version releases.
• Developed with Android; started and launched the first application in July 2011.
• Developed for the mobile web.

ATG | New eCommerce Site

I was retained to evaluate the ATG digital landscape and make recommendations that would drive rapid growth.

Following an analytical site audit and customer experience analysis, a vital aspect of the rapid growth plan was an upgrade project of the eCommerce ticketing platform.

I set out metricized outcomes aimed at improving the customer conversion flow. Our goal was to increase the web usability score and lower the bounce rate through a customer-led iterative design program.

• Achieved a site conversion rate of more than 16%.
• Implemented a full site upgrade within ten weeks (start to finish).
• Established and followed a singular responsive mobile-first approach.

Key Aspects of the Project:
• Developed a React-based client application.
• Implemented a customer-centered design thinking approach.
• Hired a UX designer.
• Retained a customer insight agency.
• Defined customer jobs to be done.
• Established the success metrics.

Product Roadmap Management and Execution

Took the responsibility of core product roadmap for five months, including customer discovery, needs definition, sprint planning, product delivery, and QA, while the product director was focused on a new business initiative.

I worked closely with the director of product to define and actively manage product requirements. I collaborated with a cross-functional team of engineers and product designers to ensure clarity and quality of deliverables. Accountable for the execution of the product roadmap in collaboration with various areas of business, I partnered with key stakeholders and customers to capture detailed requirements, test hypotheses, and enable adoption and support. I executed launch plans, including pre- and post-launch testing, internal training, customer communications, and support processes in conjunction with product marketing, sales, customer success, and operations. I also led qualitative and quantitative research, product analysis, and market insights into product requirements, communicating the project's status and timelines to internal and external stakeholders. Finally, I regularly met with development and leadership teams to discuss deployments, ongoing projects, and next-stage considerations.
2017 - 2017

AltMBA Degree in Business Administration

Seth Godin's altMBA - Online (

1988 - 1992

O-level Qualifications in General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

Stewards Comprehensive Schools - Essex, England


GDPR Foundation

International Board for IT Governance


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance


Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC)

Scrum Alliance


Jira, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Basecamp, Slack, Zoom

Industry Expertise

Marketplaces, Entertainment & Leisure, Real Estate, Public Transportation, Event Ticketing


B2B2C, Agile, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), B2C, Agile Project Management, Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C), Scrum, Kanban, Test-driven Development (TDD), Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Agile Product Management, Data-driven Design, Requirements Analysis, Agile Workflow




Mobile Apps, Web, Customer Analysis, A/B Testing, eCommerce, Analytics, Product Vision, Digital Strategy, Business Cases, Opportunity Assessments, Stakeholder Management, Motivation, Communication, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Product Roadmaps, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Business to Consumer (B2C), Focus Groups, Team Leadership, Product Management, Digital Product Management, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Director of Product, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Roadmaps, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Feature Planning, User Experience (UX), Stakeholder Engagement, End-to-end Implementation (E2E), Scope Management, Product Requirements Documentation (PRD), User Stories, Product Discovery, Conversion, Feature Roadmaps, User Research, Product Strategy, Product Leadership, Product Growth, eCommerce UX, Feature Analysis, Websites, Documentation, Iteration Management, Product Enhancement, Software Implementation, Startups, Artificial Intelligence (AI), APIs, Scrum Coaching, iOS, Android, Cloud Platforms, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Google Ads, Monitoring, Mobile Payments, Payment APIs, Electronic Payments, eCommerce Payments, PCI DSS, Profit & Loss (P&L), Team Mentoring, People Management, Operations Management, Customer Discovery, Agile Coaching, SaaS, B2B, Windows, Cross-functional Collaboration, Android SDK, Software Project Management, Strategy, Platforms, Product Marketing, Go-to-market Plans, Product Launch, Market Research, Go-to-market Strategy, Voice of the Customer (VoC), Project Management, Website Redesign, UX Wireframes, Market Research & Analysis, Competitor Analysis & Profiling, Management Consulting, ROI, User Personas, User Interviews, WordPress, MVP Design, Project Timelines, Product Coach, Feature Prioritization, Data-driven Dashboards, Technical Requirements, Scrumban, Digital Transformation, Dashboard Design, Multimedia, Events, Web App Development, Revenue Modeling, Business Process Optimization, Complex Problem Solving, Fintech, Business Models, Financial Modeling, Web Applications, Market Opportunity Analysis, Business Strategy, Vendor Management, Feasibility Studies, Mobile Applications, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Data Analysis, Product Design, Digital Marketing, Discovery Workshops, Task Management, Product Descriptions, Conceptualization, Marketing, Ideation, Consulting, Brand Positioning, Launch Strategy, Digital Marketing Product Manager, Travel, Hotels & Lodging, Coaching, Business to Business (B2B), Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Process Flow (BPF), Product Conceptualization, Mockups, Two-sided Marketplaces, Business Planning, Wireframing, Pitch Decks, Finance, Project Planning, Legacy Software, App Store, Google Play Store, App Store Acceptance Process, Mobile App Development, Management, Planning, Market Fit, Technology Transfer, Digital, Product Planning, Analysis, Software, Agile Delivery, Web UX, Web Design, Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews, Backlog Management, Teams, Google, Microsoft, Native Mobile Apps, Mobile, Telemetry, Machine Learning, GDPR, Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF), Software Architecture, Machinery

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