Kiefer Le Moigne, Product Manager in Los Angeles, CA, United States
Kiefer Le Moigne

Product Manager in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Member since August 23, 2019
For over a decade, Kiefer has led project and product management, from startups to multi-national corporations in the digital technology space. This has ranged from innovative concepts to large scale projects in eCommerce and media. Having worked across Shopify, WooCommerce, and native codebases, Kiefer has helped develop groundbreaking eCommerce projects and consumer-focused platforms that involved B2B and B2C customer journeys.
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Project Highlights




  • Product Director

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Designed the full wireframe from 'idea' into an executable MVP product roadmap for a digital payments application focused on cross-border micro-payments and gifting.
    • Executed business strategy for acquiring customers and converting into both receivers and senders of gifting.
    • Identified and Implemented API partners to minimize cost consumption during each transaction.
    • Converted initial MVP proposal into an executable roadmap for both iOS, web - consumer and web CMS platforms.
  • Advisor (Co-founder)

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Designed the payment network, which enabled cross-border transactions and localized wholesale currency conversions.
    • Designed the API network that connected traditional banks and private lenders to enable them to issue credit to our pre-verified clients.
    • Designed the approval process involving historic balances and integrated with over 20 API's to prevent fraud and money laundering.
    • Developed the consumer-facing mobile, desktop, and credit application products. This included balance view, rewards programs, and transaction operations.
    • Project managed five different card acquisition user groups ranging from HNWI to students, understand the targeting at both a marketing and legislation level in the USA, UK, and Australia.
  • Product Director

    2020 - 2020
    • Designed product roadmap for an innovative farmers market platform connecting food producers to consumers, businesses and foodbanks in order to reduce wastage in the supply chain.
    • Project managed the product roadmap including initial development, Shopify platform integration and future migration to a native solution.
    • Built the wireframes for mobile, web and cms platforms to manage inventory, develop sales channels and ensure minimal wastage from producers through to end consumer.
  • Project Manager - Investments

    2019 - 2020
    • Developed a framework to analyze investments in new technologies and benchmark potential acquisitions against needs for the various divisions of the business.
    • Managed a pipeline of potential acquisitions with various internal stakeholders in US, UK, AU. Standardized the needs from these stakeholders into a cohesive investment strategy.
    • Assessed the capabilities of the internal teams to understand what the potential success rates of integrating any acquisition into the company would be.
    • Researched and conducted interviews with potential acquisition companies to understand their make up and add information on them to the standardized benchmarking.
    • Presented a global investment potential report to a C-Suite board across Investments, Technology, Sales and Operational teams and made recommendations on acquisition targets.
  • Product Director

    2019 - 2019
    • Led the product direction and rebranding of a social media app that launched across web, iOS, and Android platforms.
    • Managed the ad platform integrations and the user journeys to optimize revenue generation, including the adding of subscription components.
  • Product Director

    2018 - 2018
    • Managed and designed a US real estate platform focused on managing the home buying process from search to document execution.
    • Worked with the flow for onboarding over 100,000 agents and managed the integration schedule for a number of government and private company APIs.
    • Managed the creation and development of over 200 screens that managed the total flow for a consumer and B2B business.
  • CEO and Founder

    2013 - 2018
    • Product managed the entire project across the web, iOS, and Android projects, including the use of external APIs. Pollen was a digital media platform focused on sharing video, photos and microblog posts, and curating a feed of your interests.
    • Managed server processes for the rapid growth of over 100,000 users in 24 hours. The business was launched in 2013 and worked with some of the largest names in media and entertainment including the likes of the DailyMail, Universal Music, Sony Music, Ministry of Sound, Conde Nast and others including celebrities and public figures.
  • Product Director

    2017 - 2017
    • Product managed the entire flow of front end, CMS, and back end for a manufacturing platform. This platform worked with thousands of manufacturers across the world and involved heavy payments integration, including an escrow style account to manage and secure payments between designers and manufacturers.
    • Created a 200 screen product flow that worked with KYC, compliance, and internal management systems.
  • Product Director

    2016 - 2016
    • Drove product management and design strategy for a unique venture-backed recruitment company that specialized in connecting candidates to jobs via friends' recommendations.
    • Planned the integration flow to HR systems and built out a strategy for acquiring customers and recommending candidates to employers.
  • Director, Digital and Marketing

    2011 - 2013
    Spencer Hart
    • Built a global web and retail platform, with currency exchange in eight currencies, and individual payment API integration.
    • Designed user stories with target customers and project managed all asset creation including photoshoots, video editing, platform UX, and direction.
    • Designed the brand system, colors, fonts, logo, and brand identity guidelines.
    • Syndicated and managed guidelines to all partners, including Mercedes-Benz, Selfridges, and Net-A-Porter, to name a few.

Project History

  • Enabling Companies to Communicate with Manufacturers Globally
    Led the product design and development of a manufacturing marketplace migrating from legacy code.

    I was recruited to manage and develop the project and product plan for a manufacturing business that was focused on enabling millions of designers and brands worldwide to communicate with manufacturers, regardless of the location, language, or skillset. This involved architecting a complete CRM with a payment solution (including escrow and commission models) alongside building the business model and mentoring the founder and senior team throughout sales strategies and development cycles.

    This project was weighed down by legacy code and years of mismanagement and switching agencies. I was brought on to update the product roadmap, fix outstanding issues, and migrate the codebase to a more stable and proper language for the task at hand. I managed a team of five in Eastern Europe as well as one in Sweden and two in London. I worked extensively in creating user journeys that focused on the creator and manufacturer with the staff as secondary, which was causing a block in growth before the changes were made.

  • Monetizing Time Spent on Social Media
    Led the design and development of the first iteration of a social media app used by over 100,000 users in the first 24 hours.

    I built a product team from scratch and managed the design and development of a social media app working with some of the world's largest brands and celebrities to share their content. I built out user acquisition flows which led to over 100,000 users in the first 24 hours and consistently high DAU and MAUs. I migrated the team from an agency background and worked with developers across three continents to achieve 24 hour-a-day work schedules.

  • Global Payments Remastered
    Led and project managed a global payments network that enabled people in every country of the world to access credit.

    The project focused on expatriates and immigrants that had moved abroad and found it difficult to access banking and credit services due to a lack of history or credit profile.

    I led a ground-up build integrating hundreds of API's and SDK's to manage cross-border credit checks and integrations with leading banks and debt providers to issue instant approvals and both co-branded and own branded credit cards. This included native mobile applications for consumers to view their purchases, collect rewards and manage spending.


  • Bachelor's degree in International Business
    2010 - 2012
    University of Westminster - London, UK

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