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Michael Lipari

Verified Expert  in Product Management

Product Manager

Flower Mound, TX, United States
Toptal Member Since
July 29, 2019

For 20 years, Mike has driven revenue by developing innovative software and service solutions. His diverse experience in healthcare, consulting, supply chain, CPG, and pharma has led to the development of a new innovation model; greatly improving new product success. After designing a SaaS solution for shared electronic medical records at Healthvision, Mike has worked as a freelance innovation expert to drive growth for software clients.

Project Highlights

SaaS Content Management Product Innovation
Within 18 months of launch, we had 25% of all hospitals in the United States using one of our new Cloud-based solutions.
Agile Product Development Processes
Reengineered business processes, decreased development cycle time by 15%, and streamlined product delivery.
AI In Analytics
Designed a first-of-its-kind services pricing analytics solution leveraging MicroStrategy machine learning tools.


Work Experience

Founder, Principal

2008 - PRESENT
  • Developed a new product innovation process, moving the client’s organization from a Waterfall process to an Agile process, reducing cycle time, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Designed and created a new analytics solution for evaluating the pricing of third-party services for hospitals utilizing a MicroStrategy desktop and mobile platform which led to doubling of revenue over a 24 month period.
  • Led the development of analytics and consulting solutions for a leading supply chain company, which drove $30 million in incremental sales.
  • Increased customer conversions by 100% for early childhood development centers by designing applications that moved potential customers who learned about the centers on social media to becoming paid customers.
  • Hired, coached, and trained a team of eight product managers for a client while acting as vice president of product management.
  • Led the product management and product marketing function during Salesforce implementation, and acted as the voice of the internal stakeholder for these roles within the organization.

Senior Vice President of Product Management

1998 - 2007
Healthvision, Inc.
  • Consolidated and integrated product management, development, and operations across the organization leading to 10% resource savings while improving cycle times by 15%.
  • Designed and launched a new SaaS content management solution that allowed hospitals to build and manage their consumer and patient websites. Within 18 months, 25% of hospitals in the US were utilizing the product.
  • Led product management in a new startup to develop a line of consumer, patient, and clinical solutions that allowed us to grow from startup to $24 million in two years.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with 20 vendors, realizing $12 million in new revenue for the company.
  • Identified and negotiated the acquisition of an e-prescribing business, generating $3 million in incremental revenue.
  • Led a cross-functional team of 51 employees, including product management, product marketing, development, operations, and customer support.
  • Promoted 50% of the team to new roles and responsibilities at Healthvision, which increased employee retention within my team to over 90%.

SaaS Content Management Product Innovation


Within 18 months of launch, we had 25% of all hospitals in the United States using one of our new Cloud-based solutions.

Healthvision, a new startup, had developed a concept for a consumer and patient communications platform for their hospital customers. I was hired to drive innovation and lead new product development. We worked with our customers to understand their needs, and what products and services would meet those needs. In the first 12 months, we had refined the concept, developed prototypes, and partnered with development to create a Cloud-based software solution which was launched into the test market. After three months in the test market, we refined the solution and launched nationally.

Services Innovation


Trained fifteen new consultants and rolled out the service to 800 hospital systems. Grew revenue by $10 million.

Novation, a hospital operations consulting organization, had developed a new consulting service to help customers optimize their contracts with their service providers (e.g., IT services, legal services facilities maintenance services, food service, linens, and many other areas). After successfully deploying the service with several hospital clients, the organization needed to hire and ramp up their delivery team. I was hired to productize the service. We worked with the service delivery team to define standard processes, templates, and training so that the organization could roll out the service across a new team of 15 consultants.

Market Segmentation Drives Innovation


New offering increased client satisfaction across the board and sales of the portfolio grew by 10%.

Novation, a leading healthcare supply chain company, provided contracting services to lower the cost of supplies and goods used by hospitals. The company offered two levels of service, standard pre-negotiated contracts and custom contracting, a consulting service where they negotiated on behalf of individual organizations. With their custom contracting services, they found that in approximately 75% of cases, they could get significant savings of between 25%-40%. For the other 25% of the time, the savings was between 10% and 20%, leading to client dissatisfaction. I was hired to segment the market and understand what drove the difference in savings and client satisfaction. By segmenting the market based on physician engagement and leadership within the hospital, we were able to develop a second low touch custom option that provided 25% of clients the same 10%-25% cost reduction but at a much lower cost to the client.

Patient Communication Solution


Over 1600 hospitals were leveraging Healthvision products to connect their patients with aggregate traffic similar to WebMD.

As the internet and social media were changing the way marketing was done in healthcare, Healthvision developed software solutions that helped hospitals communicate with their consumers and patients. With the advent of WebMD, local hospitals were losing consumers to a national player as they searched for health information.

My team developed services that helped hospitals utilize internet tools to market to their consumers and convert healthcare content consumers into patients. The solutions included prescribed content based on their diagnosis, lab tests, and prescription drugs. The solutions drove local area consumers to their content websites to gather medically approved material and then converted them to patients through patient communication tools.

Agile Product Development Processes


Reengineered business processes, decreased development cycle time by 15%, and streamlined product delivery.

Healthvision had entered the health information exchange market as a leader with Cloud-based solutions. As the market matured, the organization was faced with margin compression, requiring us to operate more efficiently to deliver new products and innovation with fewer resources. As the leader of the strategic planning and product management, I developed a plan that would allow us to reduce our new product development cycle times, and improve organizational performance. We consolidated the Technical Development team and Operations team under Product Management to streamline resource allocations and decision-making. We also moved the team to an Agile development process from the previous Waterfall process.

Pricing and Packaging of Software and Services


Uncovered the key drivers to pricing and packaging that allowed Vizient to deploy a new model that better met customer needs.

Vizient, a $600 million healthcare analytics and services company, had lost customers to new competitors that entered the market and provided a more a la carte pricing and packaging model. I was hired to work with Vizient's VP of Strategy and VP of Finance to develop and test new pricing models. After evaluating the impact of bundled pricing on other industries, including cable TV, we built an analytics model that allowed us to test pricing options with customers. The analysis tool allowed us to play what-if scenarios to understand the customer's propensity to purchase more services under an a la carte packaging and pricing option. We combined this tool with primary research to evaluate revenue changes at a customer level and across all customers. After completing testing, we rolled out new pricing and packaging models. The result was an increase in total revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Analytics and Services New Products


Grew new analytics business to over $50 million while advisory services drove a 15% increase in consulting revenue.

VHA had developed a supply chain consulting services business with revenues of $250 million. As the organization evaluated entering the analytics market, senior management was concerned about new business cannibalizing the existing business rather than being accretive. I was hired to work with the various business units to deliver solutions that would leverage the synergies across business. Working with the senior leaders of each business unit, we developed a vision for a new supply chain analytics combined with advisory services.
The new offering leveraged MicroStrategy analytics to provide both the consulting team and customers with insights into their supply chain cost relative to other customers in the same industry. Working with development, we turned the product concept into commercial products that included both the analytics software tools for customers, and a service offering that gave both the customers and the consulting team insights into a customers' performance. By combining software and service offerings, we made the product more valuable and also uncovered consulting opportunities for the consulting portion of the business.

AI In Analytics

Designed a first-of-its-kind services pricing analytics solution leveraging MicroStrategy machine learning tools.

Novation had created a consulting service which helped their hospital customers negotiate better pricing on key services such as food service, laundry services, elevator maintenance, data service, medical equipment, and testing device maintenance, to name a few. They wanted to gain better insights into what was driving pricing variations between customers. The issue with service pricing is that the drivers of price and costs are highly variable by category, and the suppliers do not share pricing levers. For example, in elevator maintenance, the cost varies based on the location of the building (rural versus urban) the type of elevator (mechanical versus hydraulic), the number of elevators per building, and the maintenance periods. By leveraging MicroStrategy analytics tools and their machine learning solutions, we were able to input hundreds of contracts for each service area and reverse-engineer pricing models that led to better and more advanced pricing negotiations with the service provider.
1987 - 1989

Master's Degree in Marketing and Finance

Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana, USA

1982 - 1986

Bachelor's Degree in English Literature

University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas, USA

1982 - 1986

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas, USA


Pragmatic Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing


Transformational Leadership

Stagen Leadership Institute


Front Line Leadership

Trinity Training and Development


Microsoft Project, Trello, Microsoft Visio, Word 2016, Jira

Industry Expertise

Food & Beverage, Healthcare, High-tech Startups, Nonprofits, Banking & Finance


Waterfall Development, Agile Product Management, HIPAA Compliance, Design Thinking, Requirements Analysis, Kanban, Six Sigma




Strategic Planning & Execution, Pricing Strategy, Pricing Models, Budgeting, Customer Research, Digital Health, Product Discovery, Business Consulting, Health IT, Process Modeling, Innovation Management, Project Lifecycle, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Critical Thinking, Product Marketing, Portfolio Management, Product Roadmaps, P&L Management, Startups, Startup Growth Strategy Development, Early-stage Startups, Business Analysis, Product Ownership, Finance, Customer Journeys, Customer Service, Feature Roadmaps, Feasibility Studies, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Development, Hiring, Journey Mapping, Personas, Pitch Preparation, Cloud, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Business Development, Brand Management, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Product Research, User Requirements, Requirements, User Stories, Medtech, Contact Centers, Cost Control, Due Diligence, GoDaddy, Google Ads, Google SEO, WordPress, Microsoft PowerPoint, SaaS, Windows, UX Design

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