Milos Belcevic, Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia
Milos Belcevic

Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia

Member since April 14, 2022
Milos is a highly adept product manager with 5+ years of experience serving diverse stakeholders and finding creative solutions to achieve product and company goals. He helped build, reshape, and grow numerous digital products in the healthtech, fintech, edtech, IP, HR, and HSE industries. Organizations he's worked with ranged from innovative startups to established international corporations.
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Project Highlights




  • Senior Product Manager

    2022 - PRESENT
    Clarivate Analytics
    • Promoted to senior product manager in less than six months. Reorganized the planning cycles, product-related events, and artifacts, set strategic KPIs, and managed the backlog, internal body of knowledge, and stakeholder relationships.
    • Supported relationships with more than 10 teams interacting with the API-based product, setting up collaboration processes and feedback loops, along with organizing, updating, and co-creating the knowledge base.
    • Took part in organization-wide initiatives such as providing mentorship, knowledge sharing, and colleague resource groups.
  • Product Owner

    2022 - 2022
    Clarivate Analytics
    • Worked as a product owner on an internal team in charge of API and middleware powering shared capabilities across a portfolio of 10+ IP management software, handling millions of records and used by Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Harvard.
    • Owned the product backlog, aligning the sprint-based incremental delivery with quarterly and yearly goals, and collaborating closely with engineering, delivery, and business stakeholders.
    • Introduced and led product-related agile events for a team of 20 members, such as sprint planning, review, backlog refinement, and alignments.
  • Product Manager—Product Discovery for VR-enabled Therapy Solution

    2022 - 2022
    • Researched the best tech solutions and approaches to implement VR in remote and in-person patient treatments.
    • Worked intensively with the founder to help with the ideation and validation of product vision and scope.
    • Prepared an extensive product requirements document (PRD) with a solution description, user types and roles, user flow and UX, product and technology fit, high-level roadmap features breakdown, and suggested team requirements.
  • Product Manager—Payment Collection Feature

    2021 - 2021
    Graphium Health
    • Conducted intensive work on the (pre-)payment collection feature to expand the current offering, implemented in over 350 facilities in the US, with over 250 unique integrations.
    • Cooperated with and interviewed diverse stakeholders, such as anesthesia providers and medical experts, to gain feedback and shape and document the feature.
    • Documented the feature fully, including value proposition, scoping, roadmap, user stories, the data model, basic mockups, and user flow.
  • Product Manager

    2020 - 2021
    • Led distributed, cross-functional agile teams of 4-8 members serving different B2B and B2C organizations. Managed app development clients from various industries, including two of the company's top five clients.
    • Collaborated closely with new startup founders to scope out the MVP and prepare the complete product requirements document and high-objective roadmap with a quick turnover.
    • Worked for established organizations on new product and feature initiatives, utilizing experimentation, rapid prototyping, and low- and no-code solutions to gain user feedback and launch fast.
  • Senior Product Owner

    2020 - 2020
    • Managed multiple B2C web products and apps for support-related services in different industries like travel, legal, moving, and tech support.
    • Explored new revenue streams and launched new services.
    • Developed mockups, improved user flow, and revamped and re-designed new products and price models.
    • Worked closely with the customer success department to improve the product offering and internal tools.
    • Coached junior product owners and empowered them for the role.
  • Product Owner

    2020 - 2020
    MIT Startup Nanoramic® Laboratories
    • Owned several modules for in-house ERP and worked with executive stakeholders for each area, including IPMS, HR, HSE, capacity planning, and accounting.
    • Rehauled and refined the backlog to support the new mission and vision, closely working with the CEO.
    • Led a distributed product development team of 15-20 people. Facilitated all major product-related meetings on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • COO

    2017 - 2019
    Opinodo ApS
    • Set up the team and all major processes. Around 80% of my work focused on developing the Opinodo ecosystem and maximizing value around online surveys/market research B2B and B2C platforms we have been developing.
    • Achieved five-time more growth in complete surveys per month. Three new market research partners integrated, and over ten countries launched with three times higher earnings per active user.
    • Worked closely with co-founders to effectively manage the product vision, roadmap, and strategy for the whole organization. Found new revenue streams, expanded the existing ecosystem and drove product/market fit and business model innovation.
  • Product Marketing and BizDev Consultant

    2015 - 2017
    Freelance Clients
    • Handled the product launch, product, and content marketing for B2C and C2C eCommerce startups, such as Letgo, the largest marketplace for used goods, Cuponation, the ruling coupon site in Europe, and Delticom, Europe's largest eCommerce for tires.
    • Collaborated closely with internal and external cross-functional marketing teams.
    • Led teams of five to ten members, depending on the project.
  • SEO Manager

    2014 - 2015
    • Assisted in ranking competitive pages on the top of Google for Norway and Denmark.
    • Collaborated closely with the internal team, including development, design, copywriting, and external marketing agencies.
    • Increased the conversion rate, decreased the bounce rate, and the overall performance of main pages.

Project History

  • In-house ERP for MIT Startup Nanoramic® Laboratories
    Owned several modules for in-house ERP and worked with stakeholders for each area, including IPMS, HR, and accounting. Rehauled and refined the backlog to support the new vision, collaborating with the CEO. I also led a product team of 15-20 people.

    Starting at MIT in 2009, Nanoramic Labs is a unique R&D company applying deep tech to some of the most significant problems the industry faces—energy storage and thermal management—by developing cutting-edge materials, structures, and processes based on carbon composites.

    The company received more than $12 million in grant funding and government awards from NASA, the Department of Energy, AFWERX (the innovation arm of the Department of Air Force), and more.

  • EdTech Platform Redesign and New Features Discovery
    Led discovery sessions and planning for the overall platform redesign and new feature initiatives, including AI tutor. Helped form and coach the cross-functional product team, set up and drive OKRs, and mentor and coach the in-house product lead.

    Campster is an online learning platform with over 500,000 users in seven countries in Europe and Asia. They focus on community-driven learning and collaboration, gamification, and AI to solve motivation and improve learning outcomes.

    Campster's learning methodology is based on the research of one of the founders, an Oxford PhD. The startup received grants from several European and national funds for digital innovation, such as EBRD.

  • Ecosystem of Three Platforms for Market Research
    Achieved a 5-times growth in completed surveys per month, integrated three new market research partners, launched the product in 10+ countries, and accomplished 3-times higher earnings per active user (survey respondent).

    I was the COO at a Danish startup focused on market research, email marketing, and online surveys. This startup has a presence in over 15 European markets and hundreds of thousands of complete survey interviews.

    I worked on expanding the product offering and ecosystem: a B2B platform for market research agencies to manage and run their survey campaigns, a B2B platform for online publishers to recruit survey respondents, and a B2C platform for the respondents to register, take surveys, and earn rewards.

  • Payment-related Feature for a Healthtech SaaS
    Led the research and planning for the new feature initiative.

    Graphium Health is a leading provider of anesthesia electronic medical record software and billing functionality, implemented in over 400 facilities in the U.S. with 250+ unique integrations.

    At the time of my engagement, there was no billing and payment collection feature, and executive stakeholders decided to explore this opportunity.

    I worked closely with founders, medical professionals, and tech leads to help prioritize and scope out the MVP and prepare all key elements for the initiative, such as user flow, data model, and basic UI/UX.

  • Product Discovery for a VR-based Mental Health Product
    Prepared an extensive PRD with solution description, user types and roles, user flow and UX, product and technology fit, high-level roadmap, features breakdown, and suggested team requirements for MVP and long-term product goals.

    I worked intensively with the founder to scope out and envision a VR-enabled solution for patient treatment in-person and remote through mobile apps and patient and therapist portals.

    Researched best solutions, highlighted tradeoffs and benefits of different approaches, and laid out the foundation for further product development.

  • API and MW Enabling Shared Capabilities Across 10+ Apps with Millions of Records
    Oversaw API and MW powering shared capabilities across a portfolio of 10+ IP management software solutions, handling millions of records and being used by the likes of Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Harvard.

    As a senior product manager on the team, I owned the product backlog, led all product-related agile events for the team of 20 members, aligned the sprint-based on quarterly and yearly goals, and collaborated closely with engineering, delivery, and business stakeholders.


  • Master's Degree in Engineering Management
    2017 - 2019
    Singidunum University - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication
    2016 - 2017
    Rome Business School - Rome, Italy


  • Senior Product Manager Certification™
    AUGUST 2022 - AUGUST 2024
    Product School
  • Certified AI Product Manager
    JUNE 2022 - PRESENT
  • Certified Data Product Manager
  • Certified Kanban Professional
    Kanban University
  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) – Product Owner
    Scrum Alliance
  • Certified LeSS Practitioner
    LeSS Company
  • Certified Scrum Master
    APRIL 2018 - PRESENT
    Scrum Alliance
  • Certified E-business and Internet Marketing Manager
    IT Academy Belgrade

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